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Friday, November 28, 2014

SOUL.FULL watercolor and quiet sketching ~

happy thanksgiving ~ always {and still!}
i am enjoying some quiet moments of study, reflection... and a bit of sketchy and happy 
art play with watercolors
as i was happily ensconced in a little online class i signed up for through jeanne oliver's website, entitled Soul.Full.  

what is the real challenge for me?
well... {so glad you asked?!}
 once again... to let go.
that nasty little idol of perfection.
to embrace imperfect circles
shaky handwriting
squiggley lines
just plain ol'
{once again}
let go.
and embrace the process
don't second guess, critize, or be afraid
and to just
enJOY the process of color and creating.

"bless the Lord, O my soul, 
and all that is within me, bless his holy name!"
{psalm 103:1}

Soli Deo Gloria ~
blessings abundant to you all
in His hands,

Monday, June 30, 2014

from my sketchbook ~ a wise woman

hi everyone ~

have you tried to squeeze too much "to-do" into "too-little" time?  and then perhaps found you created {more} drama when things didn't go according to your time line?

the time God has given us is so very precious.  i pray i {and we} will treat it as the precious gift it is, each moment. 

soli deo gloria!

Friday, November 1, 2013

fear not ~ sketchbook love

greetings on the first of november ~

we all know ~ life is full of challenges.   particularly as i contemplate "what's next" in the decisions i must make for a depressed and addiction-oriented parent ~ my mom. now struggling with confusion, physical limitations, medications and many ongoing emotional issues, which she has had for as long as i can remember...  

"fear not" ~ i've been told those two words are mentioned 365 times in the word of God. 

not surprising.  that's one for every day of the year..  

and for every moment in this life.

these words command my attention in my watercolor sketchbook.  this page expresses the color story and lettering ~ strong and bold ~ to convey the fullness of the command it really is ~ that live-it-now and keep-it-deep-in-your-heart-so-you-never-forget-it kind of command.

be strong.

and courageous. very courageous. 

and so i get to know more of what it takes to walk by faith.  i am grateful to know that when i place all the burdens ~ the questions, the frustration, bitterness and disappointments in the bigness of His caring and gracious palm of His hand, that there is nothing He does not already know, cannot handle, and does not already have a plan for.  there is nothing He will not see me through! 

there is peace when i think on those things. 

be fearless. {not reckless}.

nothing more.  

nothing less.

it's a wonderful, hope-filled and fearless day!  Thank God.

and in the studio with friends today.


Friday, September 27, 2013

friday prayer ~ sketchbook

happy friday!!!  so looking forward to the fall weekend.. i cannot wait to get out into the montana autumn day and explore.  happy~happy!

in the meantime, i was out early this morning to capture the beautiful light and shadows...

i hope you enjoy the prayer ~ courtesy of max lucado.


yes... and amen.

joining in the studio on studio friday with i believe in love.  

yes... yes i do!!  i hope you'll join jen on the in the studio blog of my lovely friend jennifer, from studio jru!! 

blessings to all of you ~ enJOY your day!
with His abundant love ~

Friday, August 16, 2013

child's play with gelli prints

hey there ~

i love making gelli-printed papers. the whole process is fascinating just playing with the color and textures... then there's the challenge of  actually using those pretty prints in some type of artistic expression.  this time, i cut them up into petal shapes and glued them into my sketchbook, using gel medium.  

and who doesn't like to cut, glue and paste?  it's just good, clean, child's play!   i hope i never grow out of the joy of this simple, and timeless activity!    

i added  black pen highlights in a lighter, more fine-tip of a permanent black ink pen, and white dot centers with a sharpie white paint pen.

the background is just a watercolor wash; a combination of peerless watercolor paper and a dab or two of twinkling h2o's, too.

and while these petals are all flat, i think it would be more visually interesting to ruffle, tear, and crumple some to make wrinkles and extra texture.  next time!

i finished these two pages by adding a phrase written by one of my favorite authors and christian writers, max lucado. 

it's time for a little lake vacation with my favorite girls ever at the swan family cabin on flathead lake.  we are sooo blessed to have this week together.  what a special treat. i've packed my fave recipe book {i love to cook/bake for them}, some reading, my gelli plate, paints, and all kinds of fun art supplies for us to play with for just a little slice of heaven on earth for the week...
i wonder if i packed too much art stuff? {just maybe!}


Friday, July 19, 2013

sketchbook fun ~ jeremiah 29:13

happy friday dear readers ~

adding washi tape to my sketchbook is just plain ol' "fun in the summer-time sun!"  


Friday, June 28, 2013

define yourself ~ from my sektchbook

good morning glories!!!

this is one of my favorite journal~watercolor pages... just a lot of bright, bold color laid down this way and that.  i am trying to be more deliberate about leaving white space, and i'm getting {only slightly} better about it.   i used a very large, bold, chisel-tipped black sharpie pen for the initial writing of letters, and outlining them black, raised ink, using the sakura glaze pen, and then doodling silver sparklies with a metallic gelly roll pen in the background of the page. 

it's one of my personal favorites.  and my hope ~ my prayer ~ is that you {beloved} will enjoy it too... 

define yourself radically as one beloved by God.
this is the true self
every other identity is an illusion.
Brennan Manning
Mercy Ministries 

i've committed it to memory.  
i hope you will too ~ know ~ and keep it ~
captured deep in your heart!
soli deo gloria!
joining up with the in the studio crowd here! 
happy happy friday ~ vacation  here i come!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

new paper collage ~

hi ~

what do you get when you cross a gelli printing plate... old paper ... fabric...  thermofax screens... paints ... paper, angelina film, silver leaf foil, and black pen?  {alot of fun for sure...}

wish i had a cute joke ... but i don't!  so it's not a mystery ~ but it is a brand new collaged piece i've been playing with.  this one is approximately 9/x12" size, and i started with a piece of bristol paper as the base.

 i began with my gelli printing plate, and made some prints, using acrylic paints, and an old fashioned journal page with gorgeous writing in it.  i then adhered it to the bristol paper.

then, i turned to some prints i've made with thermofax screens {made by Margaret Applin}, with just black paint on white fabric.  i cut it out, and stitched it to the previously printed {and dried} paper page using black thread.
 i added more paint to the page, and to the flowers themselves.   this time it was twinkling h2o's.  i played on the page, making doodles using a black pitt pen.  i added bits of torn paper too, and cut up some previously printed gelli printed paper and added it under the flowers for some pattern interest.  those were adhered with decopauge medium, including a coat over the fabric flowers, too.  i figured that will keep the white fabric from getting dirty, grimy and gray.... keeping them bright and white on the page for good contrast.   i also added white paint dots with a paint brush, as well as extra black motifs with a pen.
i used jones tones foiling in lime green, and a couple pieces of real silver leaf, too.  both are super easy to do, whether on fabric or paper.
this piece is completely frameable ~ at least that is my hope.  i have to test it out, and make sure.
paint... drip... drop and that's how i roll!  fun fun fun. so what do you think?  i haven't decided whether to add words... am thinking just to leave well enough alone!

thanks for dropping in!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

a confident woman ~ from my sketchbook

good friday to you all!

i'm looking ahead at a three day weekend... the day off... a badly needed haircut, a nice birthday dinner for my husband, the beautiful scent of the apple trees in our yard blooming... and maybe even some warm weather!!!  woot woot!
it's also my husband's birthday... our anniversary ... and mother's day.  just a trifecta of weekend activities!

here's a favorite quote from a book written by author renee swope ~ a confident woman ~ which i illustrated in my sketchbook.  it features peerless watercolors {love them!}.  and my moleskine watercolor journal, and a border from my gelli prints!  love it!  i used a sakura glaze pen for the writing. 

"a confident woman knows that even
when she falls, 
she does not have to stay down.
she can reach
for God's hand
rise again." 
so true.  thank you Lord.  
happy weekend everyone, and happy mothers day!
and... we have a new link up for in the studio ... here!  
come join up!

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