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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

a little flower and a whole lotta peace ~ watercolor

a new 8" x 10" original watercolor, {newly listed in the etsy shop} too:

yesss... still lovin' my microbeads!  and the mighty power of a simple black "dot" ~ and a squiggly line ~ of any kind. 

i used the white signo uniball pen um-153, a pitt pen, or unipen, microbeads from both martha stewart and michaels craft store brands, and twinkling h2o's on strathmore hot press watercolor paper.

inspiration: from the word of the Lord, the Book of Numbers 6:24-25.

i love the bright spring color {go figure} and I'm dreaming spring, big time! 

soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the sparrow ~ from my sketchbook

hi there ~

looking forward to seeing the spring sparrows... and while they haven't quite made an appearance in our yard yet... they surely have made an appearance in my sketchbook!

{thank goodness!}

and while i'm at it...

every sparrow needs a little bit of glamor, right?  let's just call it ... frost!

yes!  i know so, too!

sweet spring... sweet spring ~ not to worry, 
for we are ready for you to spring into action!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

springing forward in watercolor bliss ~

hi there all ~

ever hear that classic ol' western phrase, "rode hard, and put away wet?"  that would pretty much sum up this past work-week!  

and at least i am truly dry ~ and fortunate i am not having to cope with flooding and ice jams that have been the very hard and challenging "norm" for so many of my fellow citizens in montana this past week.  

however... the good side is that is sooo much warmer!  and as the snow and ice melts, the wind blows {and blows}.  soon, we'll be dried out in no time, {hopefully}.  

all in God's own good time...

and i dream of springtime ~ at least my imagining of it in a blooming spring garden, expressed in 5x7" watercolors.

hope you're in "bloom" no matter the season ~ 
and in every purpose under heaven ~
{bring it on!}
soli deo gloria!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

walking the line{s} ~

hello lovelies ~ 

i think i've finally begun to realize i don't always enjoy "coloring within the lines" ... and in saying that, i also recognize that it was one of those 'under the radar' suggestions that became "the rule" i remember growing up with from early childhood when our main art tools were coloring books and crayons.

it's time to break some of those barriers, and as i've said before here on the blog ~  just because i can! after all this is art.  this is freedom.  it's not like i'm breaking any laws!  

so i continue to "go out... and see what i can see!"

from my large, moleskine 8.5" x 12" journal...  a study {of sorts} ~ in contemporary feather play with watercolors, specifically, the twinkling h20's.

what is it i learn? 

sometimes ~ lines are merely suggestions. 
sometimes ~ lines are fun.  
sometimes ~ it's fun to draw them
other times ~ it's fun to let them draw me in.
sometimes ~ it's fun to just ignore them 

this is art!  there's lots of choices, but none of them...

have. to. box. me. in.

this may make sense {or not} to some of you, whether you quilt, draw, paint, or love art. but this much i know.  it's an exploration of the learning process that i find fresh, fun, and fascinating.  

and i think this little watercolor "feather" study will be fascinating to look back upon, as i ponder how i may want to turn it into thread play...

can't wait to get started on another exploration!  


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

his love ~ watercolor

hello ~ 

first, i want to let you all know of a "boo-boo" in my earlier post with the prayer as i inaccurately quoted the wrong author! {darn it}. it was not written by susie larson, but was written instead by author emily freeman, from "chatting at the sky" {it's a wonderful blog and website ~ i hope you click on the link and visit it soon!}  

ok... so this is one of my practice "lettering" doodle-type pieces ... and i often practice these as i'm listening to radio, tv, or even while i'm in the courtroom sometimes... it's one of those things i started doing as a young adult, {to keep awake!}... but these days, i find it is almost a meditation of sorts, as it also helps me concentrate, and listen better. hmm...  

the result is a pencil drawing, pictured below, on a large 8.5" x 11" inch piece of paper, which also serves as a way to improve my "muscle memory" ~ in order to transfer hand writing on paper, to the quilted fabric.  i love lettering~writing.  it's always been something i have been drawn to {forgive the pun!} lol  

so i've stored these little practice pieces in a folder, and i pulled one out recently, and decided to illustrate it on a piece of  11"x14" piece of hot press watercolor paper over the last weekend.  i just needed to do something to relax, and unwind after teaching on saturday. 
 and then adding the pen work.  i like to use pitt pens, or uni pens.  {sharpie pens tend to spread on watercolor paper}.
 and some watercolor action:
 and i purposely re-wet the pink/purple flowers to make the color bleed, but i'm not sure i like that look...  {or more likely i need to learn {and practice} that particular technique, just a tad bit more...

 and some bead action...

below: framed in my living room, on one of those inexpensive, clip-up and frameless... frames.  it has glass on it {therefore the glare}.  but it's an inexpensive way to frame, and display. i purchased it at michaels for $7.99 i believe.
{His love never... ends}  
soli deo gloria

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{hot off the press} ~ large feather prints ~

hi there ~

as i've explored the "land of watercolor," i've begun to understand the differences between types of paper; "cold press"  and "hot press" specifically. 

in my limited experience, only cold press paper is available locally, and seems to have the most selection, as well, either online, or in a crafty store. what I love about hot press is the texture is definitely a higher grade, and much smoother, and seems to warp just a little bit less than the cold...  and personally, i like it far better.  the cold press has a rougher surface, but it also performs pretty well, overall, and all of my cards you've seen on the blog have been cold press.

now ~ these "feathered" watercolor pieces are 11x14" ~ hot press paper.  one of the features that has strong appeal for me personally in using hot press paper, is that  it's much easier to write  s m o o t h l y  on it, too, giving me a crisp edge, and no need to worry about bumpy paper when I write.  that's worth the price of admission, as the hot press is a bit more expensive, as well.

{of course, there are microbeads on a couple of these pieces}.

and... i continue with my fascination of feathers ~ in various color combos, types, and adding my love of lettering. 

and ... they are newly listed in my shop, too. 

have a great day ~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

hope ~ pray ~ soar ~ {in watercolors, on cards} ~ & in my heart!

happy weekend to you all ~ love my "long" weekends.  this happens to be three days for me, with president's day off this monday {thank goodness!}... an extra day is surely a blessing that i could live with every week! they are such a solace to my time at home... 

you're probably tired of my cards... but  i have to say ~ i love making them!  it's very fun to send them on to friends, and i have a nice stack now, that are quite fun to personalize. i swear ~ i'm like a kid in a candy shop only instead, it's a box full of white, pristine cards, and lovely pots of color, a brush, and a black pen... {and yes, the fussy microbeads!} 

enJoy ~

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