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Monday, October 6, 2014

poppy art quilt #2 ~

hi everyone ~

this finished piece is another take on using a big flower print to create an art quilt with just a splash of thread painting on it.  the bernina timeless quilts store sent me this big bold poppy  print, as well as a very dramatic graphic-styled black and white leaf print, which i used as the backdrop for the gorge poppies.  they only asked that i "just have fun" with them!  {and i did!}  

if you click this link it will take you straight to the class listing, showing the samples from which we're basing the class i'm teaching on november 8th!  i taught here a couple years ago, and i'm so excited to be asked to come back and teach another great stitching adventure at this lovely store!  

here is "poppy quilt #2, a bouquet."

this one has just a dab of bobbin play, and was fun for me to dabble in, too.  it features a tiny bit of thread painting to accent the poppies... a fun process to experiment with, but so easy because you have a great floral print design to work from, especially if this is your first rodeo - or, i mean, art quilt!
and i focused on the bobbin play action for the centers of the quilt, using superior thread company's razzle dazzle bobbin thread, in black and silvery gray, "antique" for the definition.  i also added dark red, "ruby slippers," razzle dazzle which is red and black twisted together, for some slight shadows and just a hint of shine on the leaves.  and i used the lovely and brilliant satiny-smooth magnifico thread in light pink, white, and dark red, as well as a splash of orange for all the thread painting. 

{love these poppies}!

i can't wait to share all the ways to play and have fun with threads, tension settings and artistic expression using some simple skills, beautiful fabric and textures! if you've wondered exactly how you might use these big, bright and bold prints, this is just one of many.  they certainly make for a wonderful exploration in thread play and free motion quilting.  

have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a sweet finish to my poppy art quilt ~

hi there ~

if you read yesterday's post...  you'll also know this is a class i'm looking forward to teaching in november 8m 10-4 pm at timeless quilts and friends sewing center in missoula, montana.  

so here we go with the rest of the "poppy" story, and how i finished it with a bit of thread play, free motion wordplay, and a sweet little binding finish.
tip:  don't over press the angelina fibers... they have a tendency to darken, and change colors.  it may be what you like... but then again... maybe not!

keep the thread play simple.  i wanted the poppy to be the star of the show, of course, but i also wanted to highlight it.  i chose thread colors that were darker, and lighter in the same color family as red/orange/pink.  then, i added black and white for sparkle and depth!

i chose not to quilt the background.  i spent all that time making this gorgeous patterned background, and i wanted it to just "be" ... and i love the result!

the addition of words was just a playful touch.  it would have been fine without too...
and a curvy bottom edge in a artistic shape, and finished with a lovely yarn, accomplished via free motion couching {bernina foot #43}.

a bit of turquoise "flourish" to add pop to this sweet little poppy art quilt!  

enJoy the blessings of the day ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poppy Perfection

Over the past weekend, new seeds I had planted late spring... popped up!  I was thrilled every morning to see a new color come to life!
Some have black stamens, some yellow...
Creamy, sherbert-like, pinky-corals... such fabulous shades!
Delicate, fluffy layers. It reminds me of.... phyllo-pastry-type dough! 
How I love the morning light!

Poppy Perfection.  
 Awesome God, you are!
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