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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Quilty ~ as Charged!"

That title courtesy of Robin; her blog is called "Quilty as Charged."  Really appealed to me, since I work in a federal courtroom, in the criminal section... hmmm!  LOL!
 And I'm GROWN with LOVE... from the Everlasting God.  Glad to be home to celebrate and enJOY our home, together.  And to sew, quilt, and eat PIZZA!  Yay!
Can't wait to use this embossed 'writing' on a lovely hand dyed deep-pink velvet!
By the way, I only know Robin through her comments made made to my blog. And so, I couldn't help myself, Robin.  It's a fabulous title!  So please visit her site, to see how you can sign up for some freebies... you know how ya'll love winning fabric! 
"Pretty Blurry Lights" by Leslie Ann McNeil ~ 2010

 I won't be doing a 2011 highlight, except what I need to do to keep the gray hair at bay in my once bright red-gold blonde head! LOL!  (picture below!)   And,  I am also excited about this cool, blurry picture!  It just makes me happy.  Exploring my camera functions... and who knew out of focus could be so IN?!  Love that!  Exciting!  Yes... it doesn't take alot!
"Cherish Memories" Heart Bookmark and Keepsake available in my Etsy shop

I do want to extend to each of you, New Year greetings... to say how much I cherish you all, your creativity, and how I feel so blessed, & excited to start a new year --- and just plain blown away by the goodness of God. The One who is the Everlasting God.  The awesome plans He has for each of us!  The gifts of friendships that have been bestowed upon me... through this blog, and more... the creativeness, the goodness and mercy that flows from Him, and comes back again so we can give it and pass it on... to others.  Yup!  No no, it is not ours to keep.  It is a gift to pass on, and this is part of keeping Christmas in our hearts!
I am still learning... still growing, and still... learning to BE STILL before God!  Gosh, I am ever so grateful He is a God of Second Chances... make that ALOT of chances.
 So let's go to "INFINITY and BEYOND" --- and do some dancing into the new year ~ together!

Leslie Ann Cushing ~ Age 1 ~ April 1959
 Soli Deo Gloria!

LOVE...and more to come, God-willing in 2012!  
and not just RING-it-in --- this New Year.

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