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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Hope Quilt ~ Winners !

Thank you ALL so much for your sweet support, prayers and participation in the Quilt Raffle for Rowan!  What a blessing you are!  

Dee and Susie; a couple who lives in Highwood, MT, won the "Hope" quilt.  They were absolutely thrilled,and are looking forward to cuddling up with it and their grandchildren together!  CONGRATS!

Now to the rest of the prizes, as drawn by my co-worker, Miss Megan, totally random, ya know!  We draw jury names quite often, so we're both quite good at this!  lol

Prize 1: Winner of Soul Blossom No. 3:  Barb Neiwert (Idaho)
Prize 2: Winner of Summer embroidery CD's:  Linda Sue (Texas)
Prize 3: Winner of Amy Butler Bag with patterns: Debbie Crystal (California)
Prize 4: Winner of Embroidery Joanie Carl (Great Falls)
Prize #5: Winner of three Patterns: Kimberly Dill (Texas)
While we don't have a final total yet, we are hopeful that we raised well over over $1000 for the Flaten Family!  
I will be getting the prizes out to you by this weekend!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous, giving hearts, and God Bless You All for your lovely, and most beautiful prayers for Rowan and his family... please don't stop!  They need them so very much as they put this battle in the Lord's hands.

With much love and a grateful heart~

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Austyn Update and Rowan

Praises!!!  Just look at that sweet face! This is Miss Austyn Mae who has been home here in Great Falls for a whole two months, now!
Some of you have written and asked me whether there was information about Austyn, who was born with a cancerous tumor in her leg, and underwent chemotherapy for several months.  Austyn was life-flighted out of Great Falls to Seattle.  Recently, Austyn's Mom,  Justine, wrote as an update on Austyn, dated last Friday, June 15th:
 "A little update on Austyn Mae. We been home now for 2 months and it feels amazing for life to be normal :) Austyn is growing up so fast. She now weights 14 lbs! She is rolling over, blowing bubbles and screeching. She is such a happy baby and the love of our lives! We go back to Seattle July 3rd for a checkup. When they removed the tumor there were still cancer cells left behind but there's a good chance it won't metastasize or regrow. Amen! But it's still a little scary and prayers are greatly appreciated :) thanks for all the support thus far and we will keep up to date!"

THANK YOU Father God, for all you do, both seen, and unseen.  

And thank you for your prayers for this sweet, young family.  Please continue to keep Baby Rowan; aka "Rowan the Fighter" (see his facebook page under that name, or click link above) in your prayers, too.  What a blessing and treasure of love we share together when we pray together... no matter who it is. 
Rowan is, as far as I know, still undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but this was an update posted on Rowan's Facebook page June 1st:  "So about an hour before Rowan was scheduled to start TPN, Justin thought he seemed hungry so he gave him a bottle. Our little fighter hasn't looked back since. There have been no instances of nausea or vomiting since that time and he is eating about double what he usually does and gaining all of his weight back. We are so glad that he avoided TPN and extremely grateful for your prayers! Thank you so much for praying for Rowan, within hours of my post he did a complete 180."
 Rowan recently celebrated his first birthday!

If you'd like to send a card to the family, here is an address where they are staying in Denver while Rowan is undergoing chemo treatment"
Brent's Place
C/O The Flatens, Apt 202
11980 East 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80010
And Raffle tickets are still available! But only until June 23rd, (through the blog only) - you can still buy them locally from me.  We will raffle the quilt on June 30th, in Highwood Montana, at the Centennial Celebration. I am giving away a few extra prizes, for all those who buy raffle tickets from me, through the blog... and I can assure you there will be MORE surprise prizes!  If you missed my post on the "Hope Quilt" for Rowan, please see it here for more details, and also, raffle info posted on Friday, May 25th, click here! 

Thank you for ALL your prayers!  
Thank you Abba Father for your healing touch, grace and mercy, and endless love.  Amen.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hope Quilt for Rowan

The quilting is finished. 
I laid the quilt out on the studio floor and pinned it to the pieced minkee backing fabric.  It does not have batting in it, which means it won't be really heavy or bulky, but will remain pliable, soft and cuddly
In my opinion, using a walking foot and a ballpoint needle is the best way to piece the stretchy minkee fabrics together for the back.
As for thread, I chose a bright golden variegated yellow, in YLI Variations, a 100% polyester, 35 weight, in both top and bobbin for the free motion quilting, with a 90/14 Microtex needle.
 I began quilting it two days ago, and when I came downstairs the next morning, Nicki, our black kitty seemed to think it was really soft and cuddly too! Love her green eyes and those long, elegant white whiskers!
I want to mention here, it isn't the easiest way (or my most favorite) to free motion quilt a quilt with this minkee fabric on the back.  However,  I chose to do it as most everyone who has ever received a quilt in this combination loves it.  This is the first one I've made that is so large, and in which I attempted this type of free motion without a batting in the middle.    
I employed my straight stitch plate, and made sure to engage my safety function, by choosing the symbol to match the plate I put on the machine.  I didn't start it out this way, but quickly found out it was needed.  The straight stitch plate will help keep the stitching from being real wobbly looking, due to the nap and thickness of the minkee fabric.  On my machine, you can choose from three different stitch plates.  I choose the 0mm picture, for this machine.
I ended up using 3 new microtex needles, as they dull rather quickly with minkee fabric, and 8 bobbins later, and about 12 hours later, having used a full spool of thread, and more, I was done.
I deliberately left the quilting as loose and wide open with soft swirls, which also emulate the pattern in the blue border fabric.  I felt this type of quilting motif was the best choice, keeping this twin-sized quilt feeling soft and supple, and also because it would have taken three times longer to quilt it! The word "hope" is also quilted  in many places throughout. And since this was rather short notice, I needed to quilt it quickly. It needs to be displayed locally in Highwood and Ft. Benton communities by next week, so we can sell the raffle tickets for it.  Did you see my Quilt Raffle and Giveaway post?  Check it out here if you missed it!!

I stitched a yellow binding from a batik fabric.  I cut my binding 2.5" wide, and used a 3/8" for seam allowance, to allow it to be folded over the thick minkee fabric backing.  The binding will be hand stitched by my friend, Lisa, which she will do this weekend. Thanks so much Lisa!!
In HOPE.  
Thank you for supporting Rowan
(click his name to check the his webpage)
Thank you for your prayers.
Linking up with Studio JRU today!
Soli Deo Gloria

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's T I M E ~ Quilt Raffle for Rowan The Fighter

Meet "Yellow Brick Road" -- a twin size quilt top I made over ten years ago!  (Where does that t-i-m-e go?!)

I don't know why I didn't get it quilted ~ but I know  ... it was meant for such a time as this.
That time is NOW.  Time to get it out, unfolded, pressed, batted and quilted.  In hope for Rowan... in faith and prayers for healing for this little boy, Rowan, or as he is being known now as, "Rowan the Fighter."
Romans 4:18 teaches us about the faith of Abraham, where it says: "In hope he believed against hope, that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been told..."
From My Sketchbook...
Time to Rally for Rowan!  And Raffle!  This twin-size quilt is part of a local effort, as community members; as the Body of Christ, as we all come together to help Rowan and his family through this time of medical, financial and prayer needs.
Rowan and his family live in a small farm and ranch community of Highwood, Montana, the home of less than 200 people (I'm guessing). 

Rowan was diagnosed with a rapid onset of Acute Myeloid leukemia (AML) on April 17, 2012, . The cancer is in his bones, lungs, spinal fluid, the fluid around his brain and most of his other internal organs. At this time his heart shows to be one of the only things still cancer free.Rowan is undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the Colorado Children's Hospital in Denver.  Rowan's family is clinging to their faith and HOPE in GOD during this difficult time and as their little boy bravely fights the battle.  See updates about Rowan posted on Rowan's Facebook page  
For those of you who purchase raffle tickets from me, I am offering the prizes detailed below, from which I will choose FIVE names. 

Prize #2: Two Embroidery CD's; one is fun summer patterns, and the other is a beautiful alphabet.

 Prize #3: An Amy Butler Bag I made including two bag patterns:

Prize #4: An OESD CD of Embroidery Expressions Spring Collection of 22 designs:
Prize #5: A collection of three patterns; table runners, pillow and wall hanging. 

And... you never know... I may add another prize (or two) depending on the response!

Here are the Details:  

1.  Only those who buy raffle tickets are eligible for this giveaway.  Tickets are $3.00 each, or 4 for $10.00. No amount is too small...To enter the raffle and the MarveLes Giveaway, please write your check (no cash, please), to "Rowan the Fighter"  and send it to me: Leslie McNeil at 2805 6th Ave No, Great Falls, MT  59401.  In order for you to be entered into the raffle on time, I must receive your check by JUNE 25, 2012.
2. I will fill out the raffle ticket for you, and promise to get it in the raffle drawing for you, too.

3.  The drawing for the "Yellow Brick Road" Quilt for Rowan will happen at the Highwood  Community 100-year celebration on JUNE 30th.
4.  I will post the winner of the Quilt Raffle, as well as winners of ALL of the "MarveLes" Prizes on July 1st, or as soon thereafter as possible.

5.  If you prefer not participate in the raffle or the giveaway, you may also donate directly by sending your check to Rowan Flaten at P.O. Box 7, Highwood, MT  59450.

And most importantly, won't you pray for this child and his family? And THANK YOU!

"Thank you Lord for the gift of precious baby Rowan.  We thank you his sweet smile, for his family, friends, and all those who love him, and for the sweet moments you've given all of them, in caring for him, loving him, and praying for him.  We ask in confidence, and hope, that the Doctors and all those who care for Rowan have your wisdom, and we ask for a miracle in healing for this sweet child.  May his Mom and Dad and all their family have the strength they need to meet each new day as they turn their hearts towards you. We ask it in your Son's precious name, Jesus.  Amen."
From my Sketchbook...
"One day at a time sweet Jesus
That's all I'm askin' of you
Just give me the strength
to do every day what I have to do."
Soli Deo Gloria!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Spring Fling

We had such a fun weekend celebrating family, puppy love, and garden seeds... and perfect 75 degree weather with bright sunshine and a very light breeze.  Perfect! 
Georgia had a great time playing with AJ!

 And thanks to my sweet husband, we got our garden boxes filled with new garden soil, and all ready for planting.  And then had a grand time planting beets, carrots, peas, and herbs.  We're going to get some tomato plants and onions, planted soon. 

 And just a few flowers ~ although their fate will most definitely be in the *mouth* of a black and white puppy in her terrible two's!
No sewing for three whole days for me!  It was good to take a break.  I have several new things started, including a twin-size quilt I've made and will quilt *soon* as a fund raiser-raffle for little  "Rowan The Fighter." a ten-month old baby boy who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. 

I will have details posted about this quilt and Rowan, later this week.  In conjunction with the raffle, I'm going to have a special give-a-way of one of my quilted items for those who buy raffle tickets on the quilt! Please come back later this week and check it out! 

Love and blessings ~ have a great week!
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