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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

autumn paisley ~ a stenciled, quilted runner ~ giveaway

hello everyone ~
i've been happily ensconced, practicing a basic feather, warming up for more! 

the piece below is a large, runner-sized piece of hand dyed gradient from vicki welsh.  it's called "navajo" and i love this color way .. perfect for our autumn holiday, and i thin this piece is a great beginning to setting a dining table for thanksgiving, and beyond!

now let me say a word about hand dyed fabrics. 
compared to the current cost of batiks, now about $13.00 to $13.50 a yard; a hand dyed fabric is priced at $18 a yard.  i'd say that's quite a great price especially when you consider the hours involved, the care in ensuring they are colorfast, and of course, by buying you are supporting an artist, who very much depends and relies on our support to continue investing and producing beautiful products.  
vicki is truly an ARTIST in my book!  
she's a true craftsman, like many are, but i cannot tell you how much i enjoy going to what i now call, "my vicki stash" of hand dyed, custom created, beauties!!

and that is what i did ... therefore, enter into the scene of "autumn paisley!"
now this is not exactly new to me.  in an earlier piece with the same gradient base fabric, i created a poppy art quilt, and i loved that overall look so much, i decided to stencil {with a sweet Rebecca Baer paisley stencil}, using my paintstiks, to create a much larger piece. 

autumn paisley is also listed in my etsy store

needless to say, i had a great time!  
{in case i forget to tell ya!}

do you love hand dyed fabric?
have you ever purchased any?
would you like to win some? 
if so...

i am giving a piece of it away ~ 1/4 yard of this beautiful navajo gradient created by the fabulous hands of vicki.
yes, i really am. 

just leave me a comment ... anything you'd like.
i'd love to hear from you!
and if you'd like, go visit vicki's etsy store.  you can view the gradients i drool over, right here!
winner announced next Monday, November 3rd.
blessings on your day!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Good morning from a beautiful, cold & snowy Montana this morning!  We've had about 6 new inches of snow, and it's been blowing and all that stuff.... but I'm so psyched ~ it's weekend time ~ thank goodness.  And time to announce a winner of the Rebecca Baer give-a-way ~ yay! 

First, though, here is a picture I took from my iPhone, through my office window, where my desk sits.  I posted this to my facebook account yesterday, as the skies began to clear from our recent storm:
Contrast to the picture taken below of my son, AJ, on the swather, cutting his hay ground in the dusky light from last summer.  Beautiful picture... I just loved looking at this warm summer scene this morning, and thought some of you might like it too?
... and fun news ~ what I hope will be a good reason for y'all to come on and enter another give-a-way, to celebrate a brand new line of stencils produced by Stencil Girl Products, designed by my North Dakota art friend, and fabulous artist, TERRI STEGMILLER!  {woot woot!}.  I'm so excited to be a part of this ... blog hop starts January 20th with Terri!  {don'tcha dare miss it!} A week-long party of terrific give-a-ways, and artsy fun from lots of artists, and my part starts January 21st.  

And... last, but definitely not least!  What a treat for me to read all your lovely comments from the Rebecca Baer stencil give-a-way!  So fun! And did you see Rebecca's fun blog, too? Rebecca's Artful Living Blog. I now have it listed in my sidebar of blogs I follow, so I hope you will check it out.  She is a super-talented lady. 
So here we go:  I used the random generator here... I hope you are all as excited as me to see who won!
Congratulations to all!  Please contact me as soon as possible with your addresses, so I can send your prize to you. 
 Have a great weekend... 
I'm off to get my hands dirty! {lol}
 Soli Deo Gloria!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rebecca Baer ~ Give~a~Way

Hi everyone!  

Been playin' hard, starting Friday evening, first thing home from work!  This is the first of my give-a-ways for JANUARY ... 2013~ Yay!

There's many pics here... and many prizes!  I'm giving this Table Runner away:
 It is simply pieced, and simply quilted... It's a bit more poofy~fluffy, as it's not heavily quilted, but I hope you will think it's sweet and charming as I do.  Size:  9.5" wide by 23" long.  {It's way cuter in 'real' life}  It's also a definite turn toward a spring color palette, too!  I had a fun time thinking of the words I wanted to quilt into it, and I think they are all great ones to take into this Grand New Year...
I was so blessed to begin these blocks by using this elegant stencil design, courtesy of Rebecca Baer, who sent the stencil to me, along with a couple others.  And one to GIVE AWAY to one lucky reader!  This is the Paisley Swirl...  one thing about Rebecca's designs, they are incredibly CLASSIC!  I love her style.

 My first application for color was to use S.E.i. Tumble Dye's; a spray bottle type of dye. I only have a few colors, but that is definitely part of the fun, to make your own!
 I love this intricate design...
and then ... a second layer through the stencil, of Lumiere fabric paint.  {I love layers!}
 Time to get fun and messy!  {Pardon the not-so-pretty hands!}
 Ooohh  ~ this is pretty!  I was excited when I lifted up the stencil to see this total design with the fabric come to light:
 and this one... more subtle, but also serenely elegant:
 and yes... this one, too... with a touch of gold.
 Scrumptdillyiscious! The top layer is with the stencil called "Strokework" {go see her site - you're gonna find lots to love!}
I  made small crosses from the fabrics, too.  These can either hang on a wall, or be used as a bookmark. {great for a variety of occasions} ~ I've giving away THREE of them:
"love... never... ends" is quilted into this cross

Here's a shot of the hand-painted fabric I already had made a couple summers ago... just happened to be a terrific complement to the stenciled fabric blocks.  I didn't plan it that way, but was tickled to see it worked out great:
 and here's the pretty stencils I've been experimenting with.  I love this houndstooth design, and can't wait to use it on some paper and canvases, too!
 And this lovely too: {terrific quilting design inspiration here}...
And here's the one we're giving away:
 Five prizes.  Table Runner. Three crosses, and the stencil.

Here's the scoop on entering the give-a-way:  

Leave a comment.  For a second entry, become a follower of the blog, or share this post any way you'd like on social media, and let me know how you did it.  For a third entry, you can let us know what is your favorite design by visiting Rebecca's online store.

Winners announced next Friday! Thanks so much for hanging in with me in the new year... so blessed to be a small part of your world, and happy to look forward to 2013 with you all.

Soli  Deo Gloria~
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