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Friday, February 7, 2014

machine quilting made easy ~

hear ye, hear ye:  "people out there ~ quilters and lovers of free motion:"

this is one of of the best free motion quilting book ~ everrrr!!

{hands down!}

and just to {partly} illustrate how valuable, popular, and how good this book is, it's still being published!  which is unusual in the quilting world.  i can't remember how many re-printings this book has, but it's been lots.  i still love turning to this book, and have have been using it, and also teaching and recommending it, for a decade.  it's truly a gem!

author maurine noble, title: "machine quilting made easy!"
 mine is well worn, highlighted, and best of all ~ sweetly used! the photo below illustrates how to begin with a sampler of quilting machine motifs:
 and another book from author kathy sandbach, from the "show me how to quilt" books i posted about yesterday.  these patterns are just so lovely, especially... the flowers.

while these two, and yesterday's as well, are just a few of my favorites, the one from maurine noble ~ is a must have, {and inexpensive, too}.  i promise, if you want to learn free motion... this is "the one" to purchase. great value. fantastic, basic information. cool fmq styles. great tips. it's not a 'pretty' book - but it's all you will probably ever really need! {get it!} ... at $11.36 at amazon, it's money well spent!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

show me how ~ free motion quilting books

hi all ~

when i was first learning free motion, I purchased books.  and many of them were not so helpful!  {and i didn't appreciate spending my $ on them!}  at that time, there was no internet, nor blogs... or actually, local access to good teachers who were teaching free motion.  {which was one of the major reasons i became one}.

the books that are the subject of today's post are ones that i still recommend today, taking them to classes I teach, too. in that light, here are two of my favorites.  {oh yes, i have more} but just a couple for today, which I feel are worthwhile...

first up ~ "my little book of machine quilting designs" by laura heine, of fiberworks, a wonderful quilt shop in billings.  i did a search on her online site but was unable to determine whether she still markets this book she created.  i'm sure if you call them... you can check on it.  but the great news is that you can create your own, very simply, by doodling on blank pages, or ideas of any kind ~ and saving them in a notebook {as i have done ~ view here and here!}

laura has another nice book, which i also bought, called "color fusion."  and i think it's a great resource, too.

the cover of "my little book"  below:

and a few designs from inside:
great ideas!
simply done:
another favorite, by kathy sandbach, "show me how to machine quilt" is cool, for a couple reasons.  first, there are really fun, interesting, and simple designs, as well.  but then the book illustrates a full quilt, with a "faded" image, and the designs are shown,  {see below images} for free motion quilting: 

it's still available ~ you can find it on amazon, here. she has written three books; they are are available on amazon, all you need do is search her name, and they will come up so you can check them all out! {i have all of them!}
this is the "faded" image of a whole quilt and the motifs are illustrated on each section within that quilt pattern:
and more designs:
and great tips!  {you do have machine quilting gloves, right?} 
these three books are just several of my top twenty list! 

they are still great resources and because we all have limited $'s, i recognize that many of these choices are certainly personal but ~ i wished i would have had someone to point me in the right direction {and saved me some bucks!}

anyway,  i have TWO of Laura's "little book of designs" {the first book, above}, and i'm going to give one away!  just comment today, {be sure to leave an email if you are no-reply} and i'll post a winner next friday, February 14th! {happy valentine's day!}

and...stay tuned!  i have more to share on books, so i hope you'll come back and check it all out.

blessings ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration for a Resource Notebook

More from my 'spring cleaning' - it's never-ending, really!  Anyway, besides keeping a notebook of my drawings and sketches, I also keep a separate resource notebook full of inspiration I find.  It contains pages from magazines, quilting patterns, photographs, clothing, miscellaneous ads or anything that grabs my attention. As I'm sure many of you are aware... inspiration is everywhere!

It usually causes my hubby's head to turn when he hears me ripping out those catalog pages!  And they are full of the latest colors, seasonal palettes and inspiration galore. 

I keep them in plastic sleeves, and or cut/paste them onto white sheets of paper and then tuck into the sleeves.
Have you noticed the creative designs and colors from tissue boxes these days?  I can't bear to throw them out... so they get tucked into plastic protector sheets, and placed in my notebook.  They are great patterns in and of themselves, not to mention free motion ideas!
Home decorating and quilting fabrics are closely related, and often go hand-in-hand with the fashion world, too.  Applique... felting... color play combinations...it's endless!

My "Resource Notebooks" help me manage the bulk and storage of favorite patterns and color ideas, keeping the cost of doing so to a bare minimum.  I simply cannot keep all the magazines from year to year .... and if I have to go through a big stack of them to find something I thought I saw 'awhile ago' - I simply won't. I just don't have the time luxury and it's frustrating when I can't  find what I want when I want it.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't some mags that I do like to keep completely intact, like Quilting Arts.  
Now, they also offer free downloads of lots of terrific projects.  So I've begun a new notebook started just for my QA project downloads which feature everything from binding techniques to painting, embellishing and more.

So I tear out my favorites --- whether I'll do them or not is another story... but that way I can organize them .. and thumb through them for ideas when I feel a bit low on inspiration. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Through The Needle

 Recently, I've been re-organizing my resources into notebooks - finally just cleaned up the chaos and I have found several extra items that I will be giving away to commenters in the near future as the first-ever "MarveLes" give-a-way! Since it's usually no more than a couple commenters... you should have a great chance!

So you may recall my latest posts about the Bernina magazine "Through The Needle."  I realized I didn't give the link, so I've given it below.   And in my re-organizing, I found an issue from a couple months ago, which contains some great information about PAINTSTIKS!  So for all of you who were part of the paintstiks classes I taught this last week at Gallery 16 and at The Silver Thimble, I hope you will go to the website below and check out Issue No. 4 for this great article and free pattern!

This mag is a favorite, not only because it's a Bernina resource, but it's also full of great ideas, tips and information, regardless of what machine you may own.  The best part is that it's FREE online!  While I was kind of disappointed at first that they would no longer print the mag, I have enjoyed getting it delivered into my email, and an extra step is that I have to print them, organize/save them differently.
All you need to do is sign up for them on their website at  http://www.throughtheneedle.com/issues.html to download all the issues. 

You will be given two different ways to download, and my favorite is the pdf file.  I thought I would snap a few pictures of the latest from Issue 5:

Fun, new embroidery pattern and they give you ALL the DETAILS 
on the 'how-tos' for the most success and fun! 
I love reading the specifics... the exact stitch number, width and length dimensions to use, as well as tension adjustments and placement hints for everything from decorative stitches to embroidery techniques.

Don't forget to take advantage of the coupon specials for April and May. YAY!

And I'm looking forward to seeing the dimensional flower embroidery in the next issue!  Blessings to you; have a great week y'all!
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