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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pickin' & Grinnin'

Mind if I get  a bit personal?

How do you... pick?  I mean ~ RIP?  I mean, you know, the frog song: 'Rip-it, RIP-it?!'

Or if it suits your style, maybe you sing to the good ol' Hee Haw ditty with the cute little blonde girl?  You know, the one with her bouncy pageboy haircut, and smiley-happy-face, a big toothy grin, and she would say, "I'm a grinnin'" and then Roy Clark would chime in, saying "And I'm a pickin'!  Whatever...  either way works for me.  It's how I keep myself entertained while "I'm a pickin." Yup... doesn't take much!

Most of you probably already knew this handy little tip, but I just found out.  Perhaps I was told years ago... sometimes things don't stick as I would like them to!  Enough said!

I dearly love to quilt words... but it is truly one of the hardest things for me to do, mentally, and while quilting, too.  It can be really difficult for my mind to stay with the letters, the correct spelling... and order of words once I 'get into the zone' of  free motioning.  Yup.  It's a multi-task of great proportion for me personally!  So in my latest quilt project "Store Up Treasures" I found I had to rip ~ TWICE!  Ugh. Once because the tension was messed up.. and second, because I MESSED UP! 

Anyway! Recently, I was shown that the easiest way to remove stitches, which is to start pickin' from the back-side of the project, first.  And if you should snag a fiber, instead of a thread, it's on the wrong side, and won't show, (or at least not so much). 
I had thread tension issues on the back side of stitching the words on this piece "Store Up Treasures."   And I don't like it much.  Stitching is going along just fine, but then I switch threads, and sometimes my tension is too tight all of a sudden.  On my 830 machine, it usually means I may have accidentally threaded my tension discs for for the embroidery module.  Sometimes it just gets tight for no good reason.  And I think almost everyone experiences this once in a while. And I do a couple things to troubleshoot and correct it:  

1. I always re-thread the machine.  If that doesn't solve the issue, then:
2.  Re-thread my bobbin case.
3. And most importantly:  test out my stitching on a piece of sample fabric. Either do that... or:
4. Start the frog song again! 

Once you do yer pickin' from the back, you can do yer grinnin' when the front stitches practically just fall off! 

Til next time, I'm laughing (at myself)... and loving... out loud.  LLOL!  Thanks for stopping by!

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