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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

our montana rocky mountain front ~ boots ~ gates n' patriots ~

morning pardner!

take off those boots!  and ... decorate a fence post or two!

not unusual, i've seen it done before... but it is always fun to see...   boots nailed to a fencepost for a little country humor, and ... just a bit of decorative impact?!!  you bet i had to stop and take a few shots of this amusing rural scene. 

and then we came to the old north trail sign in our journey, which i'd never seen before.  very cool!

"where nomadic tribes crossed  the bering strait 10,000 years b.c. from foreign lands and traveled south to cnetral america to father the indian race, i was called "The Travois Trail" by the indians, and later pondera trail {pronounced 'pawn-da-ray'} by the outlaws and other travelers."

pretty dang cool sign, huh?
 and once again, another surprise along the backroads.

amusing that it is still preserved, and impressive, and yes, even a little bit tender, i think.  to consider what dreams this little piece of homestead and it's gate may have represented in this harsh climate and challenging landscape...

yes. yes i would!  i'd love a private drive like this one... 
very much!

oh my montana... and america the beautiful! how very blessed we are to live in this country.

soli deo gloria

Monday, June 8, 2015

a spring day in montana rocky mountain front ~ 2015

hi there ~

west.  go west! 

springtime in the rockies ~ always an adventure!  after so much beautiful rain, we, thankfully ~ had a warm day where there was a break in the clouds and it was time to hit the backroads once again! so we headed to the {eastern} side of our montana mountain west.  west of home ~ west to the rocky mountain front for a picnic!

i hope you enjoy the images i took of this spectacular day... while they {always} fall far short of the real thing, it was a sweet day of fresh air to be able to get out and about in big sky country.  we always choose, when we can, the muddy one-laner, loner roads...

wild flowers, craggy posts, croaky toads, and beyond blue, big big skies at every turn... 

this was where we stopped for a bit of lunch, and a spot in the road, and in the sunshine with the company and musical croaking of frogs in a small pond nearby.  a perfect place for a picnic!  

soli deo gloria.
"we give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks!  for Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near." 
psalm 75:1

Friday, October 4, 2013

just a little powdered sugar ~

hello and good friday morning to ya!

it's hard to top getting into the mountains on any day {unless it's a blizzard, then it's not so easy} lol. 

it was a spectacular day, last weekend, as we headed west, and while it started out bright and sunny on the 'east side' {as we call it} it was quite different once we crossed the rocky mountain front to the western side of montana. i'll save those pics for another day, and they are beautiful in their own right, even in rain and fog!

i was so excited to return to the rocky mountain front for a gorgeous fall day. we were here in the spring, but autumn... it's just another big sky gulp of awesomeness! 

 the picture below doesn't do it justice in the least, but see that bit of green strip up on the slope?  ... we really wanted to "go there."  perhaps ~ someday we will!  
and below, is close to the same area where we stopped for our picnic lunch this past spring, only then, the high prairie was showing off a dazzling array of prolific yellow {wild} daisy-like flower bunches.  click here if you'd like to take a tour to back to springtime in the rocky mountain front!
now just wide-open vistas of golden goodness of harvest and hay bales.

oh... those mountaintops!  

and i was struck by the contrast and similarity of the white-faced cattle with those beautiful 'white-faced' mountaintops in the background, too!
and while we don't have large eye-fulls of a variety of autumn trees for color, the wide-open spaces and bits of color are there for anyone to find... if we will only stop, look, and  breathe it in...
 to give thanks in every moment and each discovery...
to find the beauty in every step... 

{much like a stairway to heaven don't you think?!}

  and i love that, too.  
it's just a little bit of "powdered sugar" 
on top of a sweet autumn.
thank you Awesome God!
joining in the studio friday 
there's some sweet... birthday treats and ideas {check it out}
soli deo gloria

Monday, June 24, 2013

late spring in rocky mountain front ~

hi friends ~ happy monday~ !

well, here's the last of our trip into the rocky mountains, and we traveled approximately 12.5 miles on a gravel road, well maintained for the most part!

i always love the contrast of spring green with spring snow ~ that is ~ as long as it's high up on the mountain!
and i love the rustic cross-fence ... it's rather timeless.
and a sign about bear country.  can't help but think:  
"here's your sign!"
although i kind of wonder what 'bear resistant' really means, or how it is interpreted by some? hmmm...
{just a thought!}
and this was the landscape 12.5 miles in; remnants of a  forest fire from several years ago... and those mountains appear to go on forever ~ this is essentially a look into the bob marshall wilderness; a very big BIG area. {over 1 million acres} {we were in the augusta/choteau area to the right}
many years ago, i rode my horse on a camping trip we took through "the bob" with family, led by my uncle; it was a wonderful time.
this road led into the blackleaf canyon area... i was sad that the sun went behind a cloud when we drove by the water... it was amazingly clear and tinted green with the spring runoff.
this is "indian head rock" ~ do you see him?

 here's a group of horses we think belonged to one of the guest ranches in the area.  several of the horses had bells on their halters. it a really pleasant, sweet, tinkling sound.  i assume to not only keep track of the herd, but likely to warn off bears, mountain lions, or other predators.

 these pics were taken in an area of the rocky mountain front designated the "pine butte nature conservancy" and it's stunning beauty is evident.  we looked them up on the internet; it's around $2200 per person, per week to stay and explore, camp, horseback rides, hike, etc.    gorgeous, isn't it?

and this scene below of flowers is one of my all-time favorites {so far!}... love love the purple with the yellow and white with the backdrop and moody skies of the mountains ~ pretty well sums up a perfect spring day.  it was taken near the hiking  access to what is known as "ear mountain."  we gotta get back there after it opens on july 1st.  this late access date allows the wildlife to mother their new babies, and protect the delicate environment, and all that stuff.
and with the day fading, as well as the light, we headed home with a wonderful memory of a landscape we love dearly.  can't wait to go back!!!

thanks for coming along for our montana ride into the rocky mountain front! {loved havin' you!}

have a great week!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

on to egg mountain ~ rocky mountain front

hi folks ~

we never made it to "egg mountain" ~  we chose to take another trail instead, into the "ear mountain" area... but it was a fabulous view from the top of this overlook.  we will just have to go back and take in the dinosaur tour another day!
 i was surprised at how i had forgotten some of this history of the paleontologists, and that the maiasaura was the state fossil of montana... guess that tells ya that dino's are not my kind of high interest subject!!
sure did love seeing all the delicate spring flowers everywhere.  this looks like a wild rose type.
 and we took a quick little break at the campground at eureka lake.  not hardly a breeze, and the water was super clear - very nice.
 and the bright sun!  how do you like our self portrait?!! i'm winkin' at ya!! lol
and that vista of row upon row of mountains ~ so much to see...
 and ah yeah... i have a thing for these cross fences!  i just love their form and traditional look  in the landscape. they definitely have character, and special 'old-fashioned' look.
more to come... thanks for staying on the ride with us!  if you haven't seen some of our glorious views, i hope you can take a few minutes to check it out here, and here over the past couple days.  happy saturday!  tomorrow's winner of the vicki welsh gradient fabric giveaway announced tomorrow!
soli deo gloria!
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