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Monday, February 18, 2013

You Had Me At Hello ~

Hi there everyone ~ and welcome to Monday!  

My friend, Margaret Applin ~ {fabulous graphic artist ~ the one who lives in the "Land of Beautiful Stencil  Designs"} has a NEW line of stencils~!  Can I get a High Five?!  Yesss!  And when she asked if I would demo them... how quickly could I type YES?!  Her  brand new line of stencils, newly released from JOGGLES.COM  is here! 
The stencils arrived in the mail Friday and it was a treat to open up this happy mail package!  My fingers were itching to play.  So first thing after dinner... my fingers did the walking... the stencils, fabric and dyes did the talking! And everything... got really happy and very prettily stained!

I really do have a thing for leaves. {It's okay isn't it?!} ...  This is one of my favorites ~ shown on white cotton fabric.  It's kind of funny to me... I feel like these stencil designs should be at a high end fashion show; each design high-stepping like a fashion model, coming down the runway, to oohs and awwws of the crowd... as if it was a gorgeous gown... {well they ARE!}.  I know, I know ~ perhaps I have an over-active imagination?  lol  
And on to "dancing with the stars!"  I'm really so pleased with these s.e.i. tumble dyes.  A wonderful product which really holds it's color, and is perfect to use through stencils!  This is a spray dye, which I used spraying through the stencil first.  

I flip the stencil over, and then brayer the top of the stencil to make sure all that luscious color is not wasted.  Then... a few extra spritz's later... I put a new color through the stencil.  A double-layering effect if you will.

This is another favorite; I just dig this color combo, seen below.  Periwinkle blue-purple and a bright yellow.  And just a few splats of a neon pink that poked in!
 Here's a photo series showing my progress as I sprayed, flipped, brayered, and sprayed again. Fun fun fun!
 Flipped, brayered, sprayed again:
 And spraying my way into a blissful pastel version:

Here's the packaging Margaret designed!  {Nicely done, Margi!}
She's such a talent.  Congratulations! 

I really had a lot of fun playing... and now to go cut, slash, print, press and sew.  Hey ~ did you notice that url in the picture above?  It's http://Joggles.com/Tutorials for video demos on stencil applications. 
Whoot whoot! Have fun checking it out, and see you back here for some projects I'll have finished~ layers... layers... and mixed media on fabric!


Monday, February 4, 2013

February ~ "Heart's Afire" ~

Hello friends; Happy Monday!

Here's my prelude to "March Madness" ~ Heart Madness! {lol} what do you think?  While it's not March, it's time for hearts!  Even tho I love watching college basketball, and especially "March Madness." Playing basketball was a major factor in keeping me focused, and motivated in my high school years.  I went on to play college ball {in Montana} for a couple years, and still love to watch this game!  {Go MSU Bobcats Women's Team!}  
My little bit of playtime began with these stencils.  Did you notice they seem to be the hot new art supply, this year?
These two  designed by my friend, designer-extraordinare, Margaret Applin.
I've replenished my supply of s.e.i. tumble dyes, and ... several hours, and lots of messy hands and fingernails, later, here are my results...
 Bright!  {pretty} SPRING colors.  I can't seem to do much of anything else, these days! 
 And today, we actually have lots of sunshine, melting snow and ice, a light, fresh breeze, and a {hint} of spring in the air!
 My biggest challenge?  Staying focused from printing to printing!  I get so excited about the color play... that I forget what I'm spraying sometimes.
 But even so... when things get a little sloppy with the build up of spray on the stencil, there is no 'bad' print; not in my playbook!
 These are all winners, but I like the one above, where it shows a hint of shadowing in the negative space.  BUT!  I love this 'blue n white' print below {lots!}.
 You can see where the white fabric is a 'white on white' print... lovely texture underneath... but very subtle.
 And then this one! Again, I not only love the fun, upbeat spring pastel palette, but the hint of shadow in the background of the negative space.
 Then... a surprise twist of boldness and high contrast ~ I think I like this one best!

 While I'm not sure where these yummy little hearts will go in another project, I have one big question for ya'll:  which one do you like best?  Have any of you tried Margaret's new line of stencils, yet?

I have a couple ideas for making some collages, or artsy quilts with these... but my weekend, as fabulous as it was, is done!  

Have a great week, everyone!  Salute ~ Baltimore Ravens! Coach Harbaugh is a class act, as is Ray Lewis. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Terri Stegmiller's Stencil Blog Hop ~ Give-Away!

Hello sweet friends!  

Are you excited?  You should be... it's the "Terri-Terrific" Stencil Blog Hop ~ yay!

If you don't know it already, Terri truly is a wonderful Artist.  {with a capital "A"}!  I am so excited~so blessed, to be part of 'showing off' her newly designed stencils in the Blog Hop!  I've long been a fan of her style, whether it's quilts, {her adorable kittens}, paintin, and now her stencils!  I'm showing two designs; the first of which is "Flowers 20."
Stencil Girl Products presents "Flower 20" from designer Terri Stegmiller
Cute, isn't it?  So here's the first thing I did; I sprayed a light yellow s.e.i. tumble dye spray-dye through the stencil, onto some plain ol white fabric. 
Now, enter two of my favorite color combos; lime green and turquoise blue!
Now don't let that bright yellow spray dye color go to waste on the top of the stencil.  Flip the stencil over, and using a brayer, roll gently over the top of the stencil, transferring the color once again, in a reverse image of the flower stencil.
Cool beans!  And with the stencil flipped over, spray a bit more color {I used the lime green and the blue colors here}, and overlapped the design on the previous yellow printed surface.  Beautiful! 
Here's the second stencil: "Antennas Stencil L119"
This is how it looks, just simply layering it, on top of the previous printed fabric with the flower stencil:
And of course I kept on going, layering the stencil and dyes...  Did you know you can see a video of this process also, on Terri's blog?  You can! The video "Stenciled Fabric Surfaces" is here, under her "tutorials" category on the blog.  This is her blog link.  I'm pretty sure you can get your own party started with her video as inspiration, too!

Continuing to play with color, I switched to several different fabrics; batiks, hand-dyed's, cotton sateens, and printed 'white-on-white' commercial fabrics, {and even cotton velvet}.  {Yup ~ a hurricane came through my studio}.  Pictured below is one of my favorites! 

I stenciled the flower design to a piece of pale pink, dotted batik fabric {below}.  I really like the 'double your fun' with graphical design elements in other pieces of printed, commercial fabrics.  The dots really pop.
I experimented with my FW Inks, too.  These inks really are a fabulous product, which I also learned about from reading Terri's blog.  {have I said what a terrific Artist she is?!} They really look good through the stencil.  I diluted the ink a little bit even, and it still looks so great.  I just used a small black foam brush for application, dabbing it in an 'up and down' motion.  You don't want your brush soaked... go easy, and apply in several light applications.
I think it's rich-looking; love the 'not so perfect' print the best!  Note that I'm using the FW inks in their Pearlescent medium.  Soooo beautiful!  {Idea:  these would look so cool cut out and appliqued ~ I will be showing those tomorrow!}
and this one is quite charming too, especially with the black text fabric:

 and... my MOST favorite of the FW ink prints {so far!}... this one, shown below.  Look at the background; the layering is subtle, but this base fabric was a bright pink, {with text in white} and I added yellow, and a dash of purple blues in the antenna stencil first... then proceeded with the FW inks in a couple different tones of white pearl, pink pearl, and a dash of blue-purple.  Love!  {I mean LOVE!}
I brought out a piece of my hand-dyed fabric... knowing the spray colors wouldn't always show against such a bright dyed piece, but hey ~ what the heck? I like to try the unexpected ... cuz ya just never know how much you might {unexpectedly} like it {or don't} until you try!  And I do like it!  It's gives the subtle print a little bit of added texture, and I really like that.
And this is the cotton sateen sample: {are you tired of seeing my play action, yet?}  I hope not... the good stuff's comin' ~ i promise!
Flowers and Antenna stencil printed onto white commercial fabric with S.E.I. Tumble Dyes
All of Terri's new designs are available for purchase, from Stencil Girl Products.  Be sure to visit all the other artists participating in the Stencil Blog Hop.  You can enter for more chances to win some of Terri's great stencils! KICKOFF Sunday:  Jan. 20 - Terri Stegmiller
Monday: Jan. 21 - Leslie McNeil, {Flowers and Antennas}
Tuesday: Jan. 22 - Deborah Boschert, {Waves & Spinners}

Wednesday: Jan. 23 - Margaret Applin, {Leaves & Squiggles}
Thursday: Jan. 24 - Brenda Gael Smith, {Sign Posts, Curvy Fronds}
Friday: Jan. 25 - Vicki Welsh, {Striped Circles & Straight Fronds}
Saturday: Jan. 26 - LuAnn Kessi, {Tire Tracks & Slices}
Sunday: Jan. 27 - Sue Bleiweiss, {Broken Circles & X-12}

 Leave a comment here for a chance to win this set of charmers {flowers and antenna}.  Comments will remain open for one week; until Jan 27th. 
Winner posted here on January 28th!

To be eligible to win you must provide contact information if you don't have your email associated with your comment ID.
Have fun and prepare to be inspired... have you got your HOP ON yet?  {don't wait for Easter!}  
But wait!  There's more! {does this sound like an infommercial?}...  
 I {really do} have more!  {and no shipping and handling charges!} lol
I will give away several of my "custom fabric" quilted pieces, too. 
  In the meantime, {hint hint} you may want to go to my  
and become a fan by liking that page. 
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