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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

eucharisteo life ~ expressed in a watercolor sketch

hi friends ~

i recently took a springtime class "saturday mornings" from the demure, charming, and very creative artist, junelle jacobsen.   this sketch was something she developed in acrylic paint, but i was more in the mood for the lightness of watercolor.  

and it's a new favorite because of the beauty of discovering this word, through the book, "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp. i'm reading it through on my second time around. some things are just that good.



"one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp

~ eucharisteo ~
a full life of thanksgiving, grace and joy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

sketchbook ~ now is the time to worship

hi everyone ~

this particular watercolor is based on a sympathy card i received when mom passed away last december, which featured this image. 

it was a beautiful card to receive... and i embraced it. 

i do have a fascination with arches, windows, and chapels, and even gravestones with fascinating architectural details. 

so the card inspired me to try my hand in my own version, and in that doing... became a part of my worship.  it's not just for church.  although that corporate blessing is not to be undermined by self-convenient, self-serving worship.  it is a blessing, our corporate worship in raising our voices up to the Father we love and who loves us ~ together.  it builds upon the foundation of our faith.  it builds us up.  edifies and strengthens.  and it is glad praise we offer in thanksgiving.  in all days.  


this card reminded me. and as i added the words to my card, the song that was singing in my head... 

"come.  Now is the time to worship.
come, now the time to give your heart.
come, just as you are, to worship.
come, just as you are, before your God.

because any time is a good time.  whether you are happy, or sad, sick or healthy, but even moreso... when you don't feel like it!  and i think sometimes grief can do that to a person.  

but that is exactly when i think {know} i need it the most.

i'm so grateful for those who came alongside me in mine, and lifted me up in prayer and gratefulness...

so... now is the time. to give thanks and worship the One who heals, loves, and gives us all we need.

now ~ now is the time to give your heart.

~ soli deo gloria ~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

sketchbook ~ livin' on a prayer

hey friends ~

here's a bit of a sketch and a prayer. 
or a prayer and a sketch.

i like that.

or... {if you need further inspiration, you can rock out to bon jovi's song "livin' on a prayer!"} lol

in my recent memory ~ albeit 'sketchy' {forgive the pun?}... i recently saw a geranium somewhere... maybe it was from a stamp in a catalog... regardless, the image stayed with me, and this is what i ended up with:

it's one of my favorite sketches.  and i'm finding that when think about it, and break it down to simple shapes... guess what? it's pretty simple!  

the geranium was sketched out, with pencil, very, very lightly. i began by drawing a very basic, large round shape, added a stem,  & leaves... and then filled in that round "ball" shape with mini flowers and other small petal shapes.  you may notice that some are even heart-shaped, and some are just round circles.  

i began with a light pink wash in places, and then added medium pink, and a bright green, highlighted with black pen and the signo white pen... and just a touch! {of the gelly roll glitter pens!}  the last thing was to apply a light blue wash around the perimeter, and let it dry.  i wrote the prayer, which is accomplished with the uni-ball signo pen.  you can't really see it... but i like that. 

simply yours ~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

feathering my nest again ~ watercolor mixed media

hi there ~ 

i'm so glad it's the end of my work-week, and ready to jump into the weekend  

this is a larger piece i have wanted to do for a long time.  and my heart has loved the process.  

it's a sketched piece created in a large-scale moleskine journal, size 8.5" x 12." and i'm loving the bigger venue...  i guess because i'm just like a kid with a favorite coloring book, and i always did enjoy those larger drawings... more to color in!  

this detailed feather is hand-drawn with a black pen, then watercolored with blues, purples, greens, and a bit of yellow, then a bit of white and black for contrast.  i added {more} sparkle, by using a gelly roll sparkle pen, and some microbeads... both in silver and black.  

i love it. not only the color, but the style.  and the microbeads! i can't seem to get enough of those little darlings and their beautiful, shiny textures. 

i don't know if it is "completely" finished yet.  i added a few more details in the last picture.  now the question is whether or not i will add words... and i think... i might?!

have a great weekend!  i have much catching up to do, and that includes a good cleaning up in the studio and house, and lots of blog writing.  i have much to share ... some great free motion quilting books, and a stash of 'beginner' quilts which i was able to photograph recently when i visited a friend's home.

have a blessed weekend ~
and joining my "in the studio" friends with jen price here:

Friday, January 17, 2014

sketchbook ~ the art of discipline

hello sweet readers ~

have i told you lately...

how much i love sewing. quilting. coloring. drawing. doodling. writing?

but did you know?

... they don't necessarily come 'naturally' ~

even more importantly, did you know...

"the narrow gate"  ~ watercolor card
... they are disciplines? 

bear with me in delving into the nuances of the word "discipline" pretty please?  typically, we tend to view discipline  as a harsh punishment. however, websters dictionary, in the fullness of the definition, describes it as: 

~ instruction.
~ a field of study
~ training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties, or moral character
~ control gained by enforcing {i say reinforcing} obedience or order
~ orderly or a prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior
~ self-control
~ a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity

the making. building. learning. perfecting, and creating of anything ~ {like art} ~ is a discipline. truly and surely just as each of us breathes oxygen!  

it isn't as much a matter of "talent" ~ but of habit.  willingness. study, time, and patience. {yes, definitely patience!}

the art of creating is a many-splendored {and disciplined} thing!  
ongoing mixed media sunflower
i have found the daily practice of a craft, in finding and relying on a working knowledge, building upon a basic rudimentary skill, {no matter what you do} is what makes it more of a discipline ~ and many times, turns it into an exploration.  do you love it?  {that certainly helps ~ but is not required}.  do you naturally gravitate towards something?  probably. that's a key, for sure. 

but anyone... can learn to do almost anything.  we definitely have our strengths... but most of it is {cultivating} a discipline. think of it as planting seeds...

just as pertinent and applicable in art, as it is in a relationship with God, prayer time, our friends, or a work ethic. 

and i emphasize the word:  developing ~ {aka discipline}.

i never thought i could draw, much less do a simplistic watercolor.  but i enjoy it... not because i practice, but because i've cultivated it... it may not go much farther.  

and that's okay.  there is much joy in just trying.  in discovery. but there is {more} ~ way more... to enjoy in the discipline. 
as with everything, in all we do ~ art, work, or discipline... just begin.  

and do it the best you can.

blessings on your weekend!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sketchbook ~ more than a conqueror in a pink daisy

happy daisy.

love this sketchbook page.  lots of healing in doodling, playing with color.  texture.  ideas.  and prayer.

... nothing to fear. more than a conqueror.  might in Him!

... every reason for faith.

thank God.

have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

Friday, June 28, 2013

define yourself ~ from my sektchbook

good morning glories!!!

this is one of my favorite journal~watercolor pages... just a lot of bright, bold color laid down this way and that.  i am trying to be more deliberate about leaving white space, and i'm getting {only slightly} better about it.   i used a very large, bold, chisel-tipped black sharpie pen for the initial writing of letters, and outlining them black, raised ink, using the sakura glaze pen, and then doodling silver sparklies with a metallic gelly roll pen in the background of the page. 

it's one of my personal favorites.  and my hope ~ my prayer ~ is that you {beloved} will enjoy it too... 

define yourself radically as one beloved by God.
this is the true self
every other identity is an illusion.
Brennan Manning
Mercy Ministries 

i've committed it to memory.  
i hope you will too ~ know ~ and keep it ~
captured deep in your heart!
soli deo gloria!
joining up with the in the studio crowd here! 
happy happy friday ~ vacation  here i come!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Cards for My Dad ~ {and winner}

My Dad celebrated his 80th Birthday this past weekend, and we travelled to Billings to help him celebrate with other family members. Only three of Dad's kids could make the party, but this is the picture of us:
Dad, Grandson Adam (my youngest), my brother Ken, Me, my brother Rob

I wanted to make him something I thought he might use, so I made a half-dozen Christmas cards. It's the only thing I could think of that I think he would enjoy, and use.  Especially since he's a watercolor artist himself.
 But I had to figure out to make them into actual mailing cards, as I watercolored these using a 6x6" watercolor paper pad I had purchased earlier this summer.  So I checked out Michaels Crafts, to find some kind of cardstock/envelope package that would make them into cards. They had nothing to fit, so I purchased a pack of plain brown ones, and had to cut the paintings to fit.

 So it worked out okay... I guess.  I do really like the square look, but no one seems to make cards that size, so ... we'll punt, as they say!

 I added a bit of glitter with my silver gelly roll pen.  This is a very subtle look, but I like it.  I also added spatters of watercolor, and the sketchy watercolor frame to each print.  I almost love doing that more than making the trees!  So here's some close-up shots, so you can see that pretty glittery-glow...

The inspiration for these came from a class I recently took, from Christy Tomlinson's website, by artist Junelle Jacobsen.  I enjoyed it so much!   

We had such a wonderful time with  Dad and family~lots of laughs, and some story-telling videos of their time growing up on the homestead!  {so funny ~ at least to us!} Good times!  Unfortunately someone messed up {that would be me} and FORGOT her camera!  These are taken from the ipad... Thanks Uncle Dave!
And the winner of the Christmas Mug Rug is commenter #12... drawn by my sweet husband.  And that would be... Jennifer!  Congratulations!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!  I have MORE to give away... some things I have made, but also some from other artists!  Come on back, ya hear?!
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