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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Applin of My Eye ~

I got my little freckled faced fingers good and painty for a little bit last weekend ~ printing on fabrics this time --- funny little moments of joy, as I oooh and aww over these gorgeous colors, textures, and future possibilities!  Naturally, I turn to one of my favorite Stars of the Big Screen - The Thermofax Screen, that is!  {is there any other kind?} Enter stage right:  Margaret Applin.
Margaret makes swirly screens that twirl and whirl  around my fiber artist heart!  And I'm still on a "white" paint kind of thing.  It just sparkles, {i think} ~ especially on a hand dyed fabric.
But of course, why not try other ideas of color? Color, Color, Color.  Mixing up blues, pinks and yellows, greens and turquoises.
The most challenging thing for me with thermofax screens is to remember which side is which!  I sometimes forget to lay the screen down on the 'right' side - the (previously) unpainted side, so to speak.  You know what I'm going to say, right?  Yes, I uh, didn't do that ... and the print above is the result.  Kind of cool, though, isn't it?  It's like painting it twice, in one fell swoop!  Hmmm... interesting!  Perhaps I've found something ELSE I like about this technique!
I never tire of swirls.  And I so love to quilt them.   Of course, I'm not done quite yet. But I wanted to share just a bit of a teaser that I find quite exciting, so here's my screen-printed "Applin-of-my-Eye" flower!  (forgive the pun, Margaret!)
This has been a fun project.  I like the white... and the black thread on this piece so far. Not sure when I will finish this up ~ but I am loving 'the getting there' and will post more details... soon!

I truly hope you are enjoying a fruitful, restful, and joyful, and perhaps... a swirl-ful summer?  Cuz that is what it seems like.  Swirling and whirling about me, faster than water splashing out of Georgia's pool!  {and that's a alot of splashin'!}

EnJOY the getting there, and put a few swirls in your life!
P.S.  You can visit Margaret's Etsy store or her blog to find out more.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ahh ~ How Sweet It Is to Screen Print!

With some of my Christmas $ - I bought a few screens from Margaret Applin, on her Etsy shop!

 And I have to tell you ~ this screening stuff was ALOT of fun for me.  I had the funnest Saturday just playing, making messes, and printing fabric every which way but loose! 
 Using the screen that features old fashioned hand writing (it's not meant to be readable), I mixed some green paint together, and think this is the just the right addition to the pink fabric base previously printed with the Gelli plate.  And I like it very much!  And so I brought out my the antique lace stash, received from my MIL a couple years ago... and decided it was going to be a part of this piece, too.  A bit of old and new... borrowed and blue! Just like going to a sewing studio wedding!
 It's stored in the coolest box - actually it's a Walt Whitman candy box from the 1960's!  

And finally, I remembered to take a picture of the doilie that inspired this piece to begin with. I spread Decolourant on my Gelli printing plate, and then pressed this doilie into it, laid my pink fabric on top, and the print you see in this piece (above) is what started this whole ball rolling!  Note:  It's sitting on some fabric I also played with; using lime green Decolourant and my rubber stamps.  Fun!
 And then, I added purple-blue piece of my hand-dyed fabric, screened with another thermofax screen I purchased from Margaret, added to the top as a border.  The remainder of the piece is seen below, as well as the pretty ribbon, and knit lace fabric I embellished it with.
 I am so doggone excited about it!!  Love this white screen print on the purple-blue... and I think it's just the right amount of 'pop' accent! I screened it and then cut it to fit my top piece of fabric. 
 Fabric close-up called for: it's so DANG COOL!!!  
Beautiful and inspiring. 
I had the best time!
I didn't realize it wasn't completely dry (go figure!) so part of the white shows on the pink, (bottom left of picture) and this happened when I sewed it on.  This doesn't bother me in the least -- just thought I'd tell ya in case you are wondering! 
 I also used this piece of fabric to finish off one of the blue snowflake pieces, one of which will be given away in my monthly "Blog Love" for January. Another post for another day ~ soon!  As well as all the other fabric I printed yesterday!  Wow! Too soon the weekend is over, and I am back to teaching on Monday nights at the Bernina store tomorrow... so it will be awhile before I have enough time to do more, but it was a BLAST!
There's no snow in Great Falls... it's been an incredibly mild and warm, and (WINDY) winter... so I'm happily creating a few snowflakes in my studio with fabric.  No need to cuddle up with these!

Have a great week!
Thanks for 'popping' in to see my newest adventure! 
Be sure to check out Margaret's inspiring blog, too:  

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