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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Spring Fling with Terri Stegmiller Stencils ~

Hello sweet friends~Happy, Happy Friday!

I've been in the mood for flowers...    Could it be that I'm thinking about  s p r i n g ?  {hmmm... maybe!}

But even more exciting... {yes it has to be more exciting as it's only January}... is Terri Stegmiller's cute CUTE NEW stencils, and I've been P L A Y I N G in my studio... {boy is it ever a big mess}... but this is what I did with some of the fabrics I stenciled.  I put it together with some commercial fabric, and made a fun, SPRING FLING table runner.
To start, I cut three rectangles, from each of two different fabrics; these are approximately 4" wide x 11" long... you can cut them into any length {or width} as you like, however.  Now take two of those pairs/rectangles, one of each fabric; stack them, one on top of the other, right sides facing up.
Now all you need to do is  g e n t l y  cut a soft curve, using your rotary cutter, slicing gently but smoothly, through both of the fabrics.  Remove the bottom fabric, and you will see both fabric pieces have the same matching curve; {picture above}. Now put wrong sides together, {no pinning here}, and stitch them up, using a 1/4" seam, gently curving the edges {not too much} as you stitch.  A 1/4" is not vital here, {so don't worry about it}... it's just simple piecing, as you see below:

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of that process... so... once you have the curves stitched, then stitch all of the paired {curved} blocks together.   Press the seam allowances to one side.  After pressing, it's a good idea to square up your blocks once they are sewn {or you could do it prior to stitching them all, too} because stitching curves usually puts things out of 'alignment' ~ so make them square once more, using your rulers.  I squared up my piece once all blocks were sewn, as one long rectangle.
Now add a border, quilt it, and finish with binding! I chose to quilt around the flowers ~ simple and pretty, so they would 'pop out.' As you can see, it's pretty much a fling for spring, is it not?!
The cute little flower print is produced using Terri's "flower 20" stencil, made by Stencil Girl Products.  You can have a chance to win two of her darling stencils in the blog hop... my part begins next Monday, January 21st, but Terri will 'get the party started' this Sunday, January 20th!  There's lots of terrific artists involved, and I can't wait to see their ideas, too!
Can you say 'i love stencils' really fast, three times in a row?  lol!  {I can!}

... so how do you like the stencil so far?  Isn't it completely charming?  I ... L O V E  it!  {and I have another to show you, too!}
And I've got more play-results  to share: layering, dye, paint, product info, hints, and tips for making your own custom look using stencils.
Linking up with STUDIO JRU today, too! 
{it really is time to get the Spring Fling Party started!}
and have a TERRIFIC weekend {3 days for me!}
Soli Deo Gloria

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