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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day in the Country ~ Gibson Dam ~ Part Two

Here is more of our little day in the country from almost a month ago, now ~ continued! Summer is leaving us so quickly, it seems.  Anyway, Brian took this shot of us, as we were standing above the Gibson Dam.  I love it!  He did a good job with the photo shoot, didn't he?  It may be one of the last pics of me in glasses?  We shall see by Thursday, hopefully, when I go for my check-up.  Feeling so much better now... I'm ready to rock n roll soon!  Its not that easy for me to 'be quiet and still' --- something I truly need to work on. 

Below: a more open shot of the surrounding mountains and the dam.  This dam was built specifically to create irrigation for the farmers and ranchers down on the open prairie in the Fairfield, Sun River and Fort Shaw areas, and more.  The water level is starting to recede... it will be amazing at how low this little dam will get.
And I always enjoy {trying} to get a creative picture of the lichen on the big boulders... and I'm fascinated with that color of rusty orange... I'm thinking about future inspirations!
and a lovely sage green color, which is not a color I gravitate towards.  I have been thinking how I should challenge myself to some new colorways in art.
Love-love the diamond pattern and spikey texture of this new baby pine cone!  Wouldn't this make a fun stamp, or screen? Or just a drawing, or design in free motion somehow? 

I've always enjoyed taking pictures of this flower.  It would be fun to draw and play with some of my new watercolors...  Purple.  Another color I don't often play with.
I just may become a fan of this purple color, every time I look at this flower picture, I wonder why I don't think use it in my art more?  Hm.  Food for thought...
Thanks so much for all of your kind comments, sweet thoughts and prayers.  I need them!  And... I cherish them, even more

Thankful to God for all of you! Amen.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rocky Mountain Front ~ Montana

Some things I don't believe I will ever tire of... Sunflowers~
 Old Fences~
Clear Blue Skies~
 And Big Sky Country.  Especially across the Rocky Mountain Front.  This is a day trip we took a couple weekends ago, heading west along the Front, into the Sun River Canyon, and Gibson Dam, which is likely the only viable source of water for this incredibly large and irrigated rural area, known for it's quality alfalfa hay and spectacular wheat & barley production.
 The area shown pictured above is the famous Elk Winter Range, and a Montana State-regulated refuge.  Like many places across America, we have had a dry, dry, summer, as you can see from the landscape.  Hay prices are skyrocketing, as well as most everything else these days. {pretty soon we won't be able to afford corn chips?!}
There's just a bare hint of green left facing north, as we got closer to the Mountains.
Beautiful wildflowers~ 

We love traveling the beautiful back roads of Montana.  I have more pictures {surprise!} of our Day in the Country!

EnJOY your day --- in the country... or not!
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