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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cravin' Some Patchwork and WINNERS!

Good Wednesday Morning everyone!

First things, first!
I used random.org to pick two winners from the 13 commenters for the pin give-a-way I posted yesterday.  I cannot figure out how to capture the image... so you'll just have to trust me.  And since it's my blog... well, it's still my call!  LOL.  

Anyway---on to the winner of RED POSY:
Commenter #1 is DONNA! 
Thank you so much for commenting, and reading the blog.  It's a blessing and honor to send it on to you. 
EnJOY~! Please contact me with your address, k?

Commenter #3 was Teresa in Music City! 
Love it that you are a 'heart' person!  Congrats!  Thank you - I'm singing "Mr. Bluebird songs" for you! 

But I am also singing songs of praise as I am so APPRECIATIVE of all you.  I am blessed to hear from all of you, contest or not!  And to those who asked questions about the techniques and processes I use to make these pins - I will work on that!  Thanks for asking!  I will gather some 'stuff' and take some pictures {hopefully soon} that will show the ideas I put into these pins.  
Sew... part of my Sunday Simpatico last Sunday... (I found out that is the proper spelling of simpatico through merriam-webster.com!)  Yay. Love spelling... but I like it with the Sympatico better!  Suits my creative interpretation, I guess!  Am thinking 'symphony' when I think of Sunday... and Sympatico - together!  Okay, that's probably enough of that!
These are the "Jamaican" flowers I printed last summer... they didn't make the cut for the postcards... so I decided to put them into some wonky patchwork.  I adore these colors.  They really do make me happy.  And I was craving some traditional piecing-patchwork.  And it felt good to use up some scraps and 'floaters' as I call them... those pieces that don't have a HOME to belong to yet and are floating around my studio!!!
Some wild colors huh!  The borders are hand-dyed fabrics I purchased... I wished I had more of that purple green that is featured on two sides, but alas... that was the end of it when I cut it, so I went with what I had...
and now to decide what to quilt on it.  Those pretty little Jamaican flowers are begging for more attention!  

EnJOY the day!
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