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Thursday, August 7, 2014

the sweets...the sweetest, and the sweeter ~

hello and good summery august day to ya!

well our week "at the cabin" was filled with special, hilarious {and very silly}... and yet, refreshing, laughter! this girl here... she makes me belly laugh!
 my darling friend, miss christy... she makes me laugh so much, and so hard, that my tummy hurts!!! what a special treat it was to have her here with us this year! 

and we made large carry-all bags, too:

 and had a sweet time eating desserts, too!  this is a watermelon dessert made from raspberry sherbert with chocolate chips, pineapple sherbert for the rind, and lime sherbert for the outside of a watermelon. looked great!  tasted amazing!
 sweet friends:
 sweet water.  sweeter sunsets.  and the sweetest of memories. 

soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the mission mountains in a montana day of may ~

hi there!  that's a mouthful for a title, huh?  and it truly was a spectacular day, and weekend, in the western part of montana, lakeside at the flathead on finley point.  

celebrating this bride-to-be's birthday. 

making plans.  and making coffee. 
{see the post on rachel and weston ~ i took the engagement photos december 2013}
i planned the menu.  

and she planned the day she says "i do."  

and dreamed of a future with the one her soul has found, and loves.
she has beautiful choices to make for her bride's bouquet:

they are very beautiful. romantic.  old fashioned.  her colors are navy blue, taupe, coral, and peachy-pinks.  
and time to return home, driving along with the towering companionship of the springtime mission mountains:

can you see the ladies here? their long, slim bodies, hands posted on the waist, a curly skirt {dried leaves} and fluffy hairstyles?!
yes ~ stop! {so we did}  and we were richly rewarded with contrasting views, one to the east, and one to the west {below}.  

we do our best to take it all in.  and seeing all the gifts we can never fully see, because there are so many!  {amen}.

have a beautiful, full and "seeing the gifts" day.
{and will soon be showing the cabin rose quilt inspired by those flowers, too!}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Special Morning in Skidoo Bay ~ Flathead Lake

Oh My Gosh ~ {emphasis added!} I still get excited just writing about this awesome, spectacular, perfect morning on the water!  And it was our last morning at the cabin ~ and on the lake... and it sure decided to 'show off' for us!
So we headed into one my personal favorite places to sight-see...  "Skidoo Bay" on Finley Point, Flathead Lake.
It was an August morning where one dreams of what it might like to be a guest in a 'guest cabin!' {that would be me!} Yes - that house below is not the "main" house, but their guest house.  Basking in the warm sandy beach and hot sun, cooling off with a brisk dive into the deep, calm... cool, cool water....
But we had our own unique, kind of joyful, and sweet cooling celebration.  Lisa exemplifies it ~ perfectly!
Isn't she precious?!!  {yes - she is!}
So then it was mother and daughter picture time!  And I was only too happy to step up to the task! This is Rachel with her mom, Lisa.
Then Katie and Annette.
Then Katie shows us how real divers do it:

Oh yes!  You're practically perfect in every way!  {thank you Mary Poppins!}
Isn't she just a cutie?!!! 
Time for a serious consultation...these two young women are so funny together...
ready!  Set!  Jump!
and off to Montana State University they go... Go CATS!  {Rachel is a Senior on the Women's Basketball team this year}
And... time to come home, put the boat away, clean up and bask in the sweet, sweet refreshment of time at the Swan Cabin, 2012. 
And summer has begun to say it's goodbyes... what a beauty and we are grateful.  We're still praying for rain here in the west... and for relief for those going through Hurricane Isaac in the south.  

Thank you for being here... EnJOY and God Be With You.
Soli Deo Gloria.
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