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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas memories ~ wild and sweet montana

hello!  our christmas ~ full of all things bright and beautiful, with the love of God and family making it always extra magical and sweet... 

we headed out to the swan ranch once again, and enjoyed a treasured day among friends and family. although the snow storm made things "interesting" {always!} it was breathtaking, per usual amazing creation by God's hand...

i've been enjoying being able to get out and about and take a few photos... especially when the frost hit a few days ago, and of course, always a treasure for me to get out to the ranch and take a few photos.

i made a first-time ever new appetizer, in the pretty deliciousness of a handmade pomegranate cheese ball, and it was fabulous!  {i got the recipe from pinterest ya know}.  totally worth it, and we loved it enough, i think it may become a new traditional favorite!

and a new baby this year to the swan family, with a bit of a cowboy flair and ride on his new pony!  he's only four months old, but of course, he commands quite a bit of attention {and a photographer, too!!}

brian and i headed west to visit family in washington, and battered down and through a few more snowy storms, and many icy snowpacked roads, but it was a good trip, and we enjoyed our trip together tremendously.

so ... i've compiled a bit of a photo journal of our christmas days together {and in all kinds of montana weather!}...  

i hope and pray your days were all wonder memorable, quiet, wild, and sweet and filled with treasures of time with those you love.

i love the old cottonwoods against the dramatic beauty of the evening's setting sun on the mountain peaks

brian "breaking the trail" for his photographer wife!  what a guy!! xo 

not a bad view of the rocky mountain front through the car window!
our lovely and dramatic roger's pass of montana.  temperature?  -6 with a windchill of about -25 i'm guessing.
it was rockin!

a bit of a stretch break at lookout pass
happy new year!
be blessed each and every day.
with much love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

rachel's big day ~ wedded bliss

rachel and weston's marriage day ~ 

it was a perfect day!  slightly cooler temps, a light breeze at about 4 miles per hour {= no mosquitos!}...  with slightly cloudy skies, and soft diffused light!  

 there's the beautiful wedding planner!

 sparkling cider for all ~ the olders and the youngers!

footnote:  and the beautiful mother-to-be wedding planner {cousin to the bride}... she got married in this same spot... in what you could definitely say less than ideal conditions {cold, rainy, windy}... but just look at the laughter and love on her face!
 just a few years ago... and the weather was {quite a bit} less than perfect on that september day, but it didn't stop this sweet couple from enjoying their special day one little bit!

a legacy of love and promise 
future generations to come.
thank you Lord, for the gift of marriage.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

{New} Puppy Love ~

hi there~!

no... we are not getting another dog ~ {but i want to!}  

these are the latest pics from the litter that was born six weeks ago ~ brothers and sisters to our Georgia!

i promised to take some pics and post a few to facebook... trying to get the word out, and hopefully help find some good ranch-style homes for these sweet-tempered border collie pups! 

boy was it fun!  {i swear i could live on puppy dog kisses!} lol

now this is quite the face... {see below} i call him "yoda"  {may the border collie force be with you!}  lol!  he is quite a character... don't let the face fool ya!  he actually has two blue eyes, and you can see them much better in the last photo on the post. he has a spot on his head, too. what a handful he is going to be!  {his little nose was dirty with sawdust!}

they are sweet, friendly, and soooo funny!  i have such a good time!!  oh gosh... my hubby patiently waited while i took many, many pictures!
and take a look at this doll face ~ sweet, newborn baby calf born in the snowstorm the night before... getting warmed up in the same shop where the pups are.  i call it "early border collie training!"

some will be smooth coated, and others long. 
sam, the mom... taking it easy!  she has raised some very healthy, and good-lookin' pups.  they are so so chubby!!!  and such shiny coats. 

it was a tail-waggin' good ol' time!!!  {and yes.... they're all for sale!}  all eight!

well... weekend fun over.  time to get back to work!

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