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Sunday, April 21, 2013

{New} Puppy Love ~

hi there~!

no... we are not getting another dog ~ {but i want to!}  

these are the latest pics from the litter that was born six weeks ago ~ brothers and sisters to our Georgia!

i promised to take some pics and post a few to facebook... trying to get the word out, and hopefully help find some good ranch-style homes for these sweet-tempered border collie pups! 

boy was it fun!  {i swear i could live on puppy dog kisses!} lol

now this is quite the face... {see below} i call him "yoda"  {may the border collie force be with you!}  lol!  he is quite a character... don't let the face fool ya!  he actually has two blue eyes, and you can see them much better in the last photo on the post. he has a spot on his head, too. what a handful he is going to be!  {his little nose was dirty with sawdust!}

they are sweet, friendly, and soooo funny!  i have such a good time!!  oh gosh... my hubby patiently waited while i took many, many pictures!
and take a look at this doll face ~ sweet, newborn baby calf born in the snowstorm the night before... getting warmed up in the same shop where the pups are.  i call it "early border collie training!"

some will be smooth coated, and others long. 
sam, the mom... taking it easy!  she has raised some very healthy, and good-lookin' pups.  they are so so chubby!!!  and such shiny coats. 

it was a tail-waggin' good ol' time!!!  {and yes.... they're all for sale!}  all eight!

well... weekend fun over.  time to get back to work!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring loves ~

hi everybody ~ how's it comin' in the spring department in your 'neck of the woods?'

our weather has been just a tad bit unsteady ~just like a new born calf~
 and just as serious {at times} as a mamma cow!

the snow drifts are thinning ~ much like the long winter coat from the cattle as the fence does double duty!  

 these were all taken on easter... it was a gorgeous spring day...
 spider, the {mostly retired} old cattle horse is taking it easy... nonchalantly ~ which is what spring seems to be doing on most days.  taking it's sweet time...
it's all good... and so spectacular.
 and nothing quite as sweet as a new bunch of baby pups!  {border collies}, that is!  same mom and pop as our sweet georgia girl.  there is eight in this litter.  anyone want a pup?  i know how you can get one {or two!}  lol  {seriously though ~ i do!}  i call this picture the 'puppy wars' ~ taken at easter when they were only 3 weeks old.  how cute is that?  uhhh well, it will only get cuter... gotta get back out there soon... now they are five weeks old!  already biting each other, playing and testing who's boss...
 speaking of easter... we had a BLAST.  sweet, sweet time on the ranch.  here's a shot of the easter egg hunt!  lisa {the older kid} trying to beat the {youngers} to the goodies!  what joy and laughter.

 precious memories!  

what a beautiful easter at the swan ranch.  thank you thank you thank you!!!!
 and before we know it ~ summer will be here.  but in the meantime, we can enjoy all that sweet newness of life!  cold, snow... blowing.  bring it on.  spring is comin' down the pipe, and we're ready for it!!
 as we left the ranch, this new baby just happened to be by the road, and i was lucky to get close enough to snap this picture without spooking the momma. 

ahhh... spring!  so glad you are here... 
even though you change your mind so very often!
we're so thankful ~
have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Winter's Day Walk at the Swan Ranch ~

Happy Sunday all!

I'm behind... {what else is new?!}... but wanted to share with you a few pictures I took on my Christmas walk, on the Swan Ranch, where we were for a beautiful day of celebration, food, family, friendships, and more...

Crisp, new-fallen snow.  Gorgeous light.  Spectacular scenery.  A perfect Christmas Gift for a photographer... and a photographer's soul ...
Exactly what I needed...
More than a breath of 'fresh air' ... but some quiet time, to worship, but more than that... to listen... too. 

And an unexpected chance to experiment with the lens and point it at the sun, and capture {or at least attempt to} the drama of the shadows of late afternoon light and sparkly snow...
... down at the frozen little creek bed...that leads to a green hay pasture in the height of summer's lushness ...i bet I couldn't have walked down there in that season without lots of mosquitos and water sloshing!  Winter allows one to get to places... you never think about in the warm seasons...
and to take in the views of the far off summer cattle pastures high above you can't hardly get to now ...  i love the contrast of seasons, and what one gives... and the other does not...
to appreciate the mystery.  The simplicity and solitary of a winter's day... something summer doesn't always do.
Ia. 1:18 "though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool."  {one of my most favorite verses}
Winter highlights the beautiful bones -- the structure, of the trees...

... and to my wonder, even the jets made a cross against the winter's blue sky.  The sign of the True Gift of Christmas.  A gift indeed.
... and the sign of eternal life to come... especially in the dreary winter's midnight soul when everything seems darker and barren ~ but it's not.
A wonderful blessing everywhere you could lay eyes on.  I hope and pray, and have faith you are right where you need to be...
in His Hands.
~Soli Deo Gloria~

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Memories ~

Hi there, everyone!  

We have had a sweet, beautiful, and WHITE Christmas, this year.  Oh my.  Crisp and cold! 

This is my beautiful niece, Samantha {Sam} ~ out on Lake Francis, ice fishing with my son, Adam, on Christmas Eve.  Perfect ice fishing weather! And... no doubt about it ~ Sam took advantage of the perfect opportunity in which she claims credit for this 'catch of the day,' posting 'her' prize fish photo on Adam's facebook page. {LOL}  Funny girl! Sam is in her second year of nursing school, and very much enjoying her Christmas vacation time!
 Me with a couple of my favorite nieces:
And below is Adam's 2012 Christmas card, taken with his red Border Collie, "Reece," from the back yard of his ranch.  This valley is known as Kibbey Canyon, in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains. 

Below:  Adam having a 'moment' with his Aunt Kay!  {my little sister}.
Christmas Day we headed out to the Swan Ranch to be with our friend's John and Annette, and  a very wonderful, White Christmas!  

Still chilly... but oh my, did I enjoy a wintery walk around the ranch before we sat down for dinner. Sweet!  I have some photographs I'm pretty excited about... will share more soon.   
We are thankful to celebrate Jesus' birthday with such good friends and family.  

A sweet and BEAUTIFUL~ Happy Christmas Day!
I hope yours was, too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Swan Ranch

A place I delight to go and visit.  The Swan Ranch.

 A wide-open yard frames the Mountains.
A raw beauty all it's own.
They do enjoy a quaint garden and  wide open spaces right from their yard, and every window of their home.  

Husband and wife work side by side. It's "The Home Place" where generations have lived; children are married.  

 Friends gather, come rain or shine, branding or vaccinations... or weddings!
Daughter Kirsten's dream wedding on the Ranch
A tradition of coming together to make a Life.  Or  begin a new one. 
Daughter Kirsten
John and Son David Schipf
 And lovely snapshots of the country girls all dressed up.
Rachel and Katie
And of friends who come alongside to lend a helping hand...  
My sweet husband
A hard-working, heritage-rich, piece of good ol' Montana ranch land... cattle country.
Charolais cross calves
Calves are so much fun to photograph. So curious. 
 And they will come to you... real close... if you are patient and still, waiting for just the right moment... LOVE those eyelashes.  I want them!
The helpers bring them down to the corrals...
Making a life from the land. And more.  Much more.
I thank God for John and Annette.  Amen.

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