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Thursday, November 13, 2014

a whole latte two good dogs ~ georgia and savannah

we had our coldest night so far {-15 or so} and a slight breeze, in the november polar vortex, brrr... it's cold out there!  but after today... it is going to warm up.  that would be warming up alatte... or alittle?!!

good thing there is hot coffee {latte}, and warm doggies! and they do love their coffee!!  lol  {they really only get a sip or two!}

and... they wait patiently. {sorta}
hey missy!  whatcha got there?
oh yes...they can smell the vanilla and the milk!  pretty please mom?!
when i've had my sips... it their turn.  and for those {dogs} without long, narrow noses... there is always the incredible long licking tongue of a border collie!  gracious!
does georgia's face give her desperation away?!  lol  ahhh... we humans know that same 'gimme coffee ~ then we'll talk' don't we?
and we learn to take turns...

savannah's tongue isn't quite as amazing {or long}, but what one lacks in tongue length, is made up in nose length!

here's to a day with a couple good dogs, a {one} cup of coffee... and a warm home.

i'm thankful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

sweet summer days ~ my top ten list this week!

hi friends...

sweet... sweet summer!

and just a word of hi, and happy labor day!  i hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.  thanks for all the cool stories on the giveaway post.  if you haven't entered, please do!  it doesn't have to be a story, ya know.  just one word.  or two.  or three... or whatever!  

and you just never know what ELSE i may throw in?!

in the meantime ~

what i love about retirement {these are only the top ten list of 1000 gifts this week!}

1.  playing with the pups early mornings {it's never too early for a dip in the pool!} lol
2.  cleaning house whenever i want!
3.  opening up the windows and enjoying the beautiful summer air all day long in the house and in the studio!
4.  eating lunch whenever i... want to!
5.  making good homemade treats and meal planning
6.  keeping up on the laundry! lol
7.  picking fresh tomatoes and zucchini in the warm morning sun
8.  watching the "ten dollar dinners" {just once a day} by melissa d'arabian on the food network!  {love it!}
9.  listening to christian radio broadcasts all day if i want to!
10.  reading a super thick book, a new one by diana gabaldon {it's 5 inches thick i swear!}  and taking my very own... sweet time.
11.  bonus!  sewing!  planning classes.  and more... sewing and quilting!!

"there's a tomato thief in the garden...  did you see her?"

oh yes... missy savanah... i see "her" all right!
have you ever seen a tomato-pickin' dog?
maybe a tomato-eatin' dog...
but one that actually picks them off the vine and eats them?
it's a first for me!
georgia is not impressed, however!!!
but then again, she has a one-track...
or make that two track mind.
and ball.

who me?
happy beautiful summery days, indeed!  
tomato thiefs and psycho border collies included!
i'm a blessed little camper girl right at home!
blessings on your day, and holiday!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

dog whispers ~

hey everybody ~

i've been happily committed to wedding decorations, but in the meantime... perhaps you will indulge me in a little bit of a "canine update" on the blog today! {yup ~ we've gone to the dogs!} lol

this is sweet savannah.  our little shetland sheepdog dog is a funny girl, too. she's even quite quirky! and very athletic, as well as quite sweet-tempered.  she also watches over georgia ~ very much like a big sister, except she's half her size!  ain't that the way it goes?!  but she also doesn't take anything from her either!  so ~ don't mess with this sweet little toughie!  
and they have convos all the time!  it's pretty funny to watch.  and i don't think georgia would be a very happy dog without another very intelligent dog to keep her company. that's just how it is with these super smart, working breeds... they either need a job, or someone to entertain them! 
and of course... who can resist captioning these photos with anything but "dog whispers!" "you take the sheep on the west, and i'll go to the east... we'll meet there, and then herd 'em all into the pens, and those sheep won't even know what happened until the farmer shuts the gate!"
and one of my favorite pics of georgia ~ a memory from the 'early days' of her puppyhood.  {eating all the flowers she could find}.  yeah... that is still true, and why we don't have any flowers in our yard anymore. {saves me alot of time and money!} lol
she is still just as "nutso" as ever about her pool... and the same is true when it comes to running water of any kind!  {border collie tunnel vision/psycho}!
 and crazy about her ball... which we need to replace!

 and she is very sweet, but she's not into petting so much... all she really wants is action, and lots of it.  that's what it takes for this big girl bc.  and she is quite large for a border collie.  very long-legged, and unlike the border collie reputation for shyness... not much of that in her either.
 yeah... see that empty planter?  it's forlorn, but that's the way it goes.  {you don't bring me flowers anymore!?"} that's just part of the package deal when you have two {good} dogs like georgia and savannah.  as you can see, georgia gets the ball, and savannah herds her back!
 "did you say treats?" 
 these two are fun together, & we love 'em!  well, thanks for taggin' along today ~ and bless your day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

my montana backyard ~ june 2014

beautiful june.

it's a bit of a tease with the hint of sunshine, and perhaps of slightly warmer days to come... but just stopping to take in that lush green... amazing.  and the sweet freshness of wonderful rains is definitely take-your-breath-away goodness.

here are just a few of my favorite views from the past week in our 'montana backyard' ~

{my favorite dogs int he backyard too}  miss georgia-girl and sweet savannah ~ ready to go~!

have a great week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Dog's Life ~

Hi sweet friends,

How about a few pics of our girls?!  So... what do you call BFF's in dog terms, anyway?  How about DBFF's?  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?!  Oh well.  Georgia and Savannah are very good doggie girlfriends!  Of course, they've taken over the house ~ {surprise, surprise}...

Hey sister... would ya mind cleanin' my ears as long as you're up here... real handy like?
ahh... that's it... feels so good...!
... there... now I can relax... {yup ~ nothin' but the best for our girl dogs} LOL

... except when it comes to the outside furniture... they have to make do... poor little things.  This bench is in front of our garage entrance, which faces to the south, so it's a very popular sun-bathing spot in the wintery afternoons.  I came home one day at lunch, and spotted them out there, so I grabbed my long lens, and took these through the dining room window so they wouldn't see me  ... fun!  not bad pics considering.
a little winter's sun... good for the soul!  
 Hope you're getting some wherever you are!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Doggin' Around ~

Hi there,

While I have lots of little projects finishing up... and while I get photos figured out... here's a couple of my most favorite pics taken lately! 

My favorite guy!  Isn't this picture of him so fun?   Love this picture of Brian and Georgia.  Georgia... yeah... she always has to get in 'her licks' and she always brings big smiles, too!
Georgia  loves her 'pappa' and at 10 months old now,  I'm not sure she has stopped growing?!  She sure is an outgoing dog, not a shy bone in her!  And... super, super affectionate ... as her tongue will testify!

A dog's tongue is an amazing thing...!  {just when you think you're safe!}... NOT!
And playtime together is always amusing for Brian and I to watch with these two pups!
Savannah and Georgia constantly seem to be playing "tag - you're it" --- really funny to watch them outside in the snow, and it never ends, inside as well!

Kids... will be kids!  Rough-housin' and affectionate, all in the same bite... or more.

They sure are a fun pair and we enjoy them so much.

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Troubles Bubbles?"

"Troubles Bubbles?" is a favorite saying of my husband... or perhaps I should say, it's one of my favorites to hear from him!  And I always laugh when I hear it.
We ~ {well, make that me} thought it would be such a fun time to blow bubbles for the dogs... thinking it would be fun to snap a few cute pics?  Not so much...
They really didn't think it was anything so special...
In fact, it was more like "okay ~ what else ya got??"
And if anything is a big hit, it's feeding the dogs ~ not doggie treats, but {yup you guessed it} 
 f l o w e r s!   
Uhhh... make that flower PETALS.
Georgia looks so innocent doesn't she?  As if she is just casually sniffing... not so, our magnificent, out-going,  blue-eyed monster! 
Instead of the slogan "Got Milk?" ~ I have a new one...

 "Got Blossoms?"
The Dynamic Duo will take care of them for y'all!
Yeah --- you both got caught in the act! 
No innocent faces here.
Now ~ Let's Go Jump In... the... POOL!
Here's to some cooler days coming... soon.
In the meantime...
it's nothing but the "Dog Days of Summer"
at the McNeil Home.
And we are lovin' every minute!
EnJOY a bit of cooling off ~ wherever you may be!
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