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Saturday, July 6, 2013

ulm pishkun ~ a summer delight

our kids were here visiting us recently, on their way back from a north dakota wedding.  it was perfect evening to to take them for a little walk-about to the ulm pishkun, just outside of great falls.  if you've been reading my blog for long, you will know brian and i took several of my co-worker gals to the pishkun this past  spring.  now that summer is here, i was looking forward to seeing that landscape in all it's beautiful green.   it was not a disappointment, and this time we even had a "little bit" of excitement!  i hope you'll stay a minute or two and take in this classic montana panoramic landscape!
the ulm pishkun {first peoples buffalo jump} is a precious montana state park ~ with a spectacular  wide-open vista of grassland, mountains, and buttes, as well as the historic buffalo jump, and home to it's very own {protected} prairie dog town.  lots of wildlife is to be seen, especially in the late afternoon to early evening hours...  deer, wildflowers, cliffs, cottontails and ... baby rattlesnakes. {what more could you hope for?!!}

and i was thrilled to see this beautiful bird; a western tanager i think.   wish i could have gotten closer, but my lens wasn't quite long enough. {next time!}

uhmm... yeah.  if you don't like snakes, then you might not want to look.  we were SOOO lucky... just visiting and marching along, watching the prairie dogs... {not paying attention to where we were walking}... this little baby rattlesnake blended right in the gravel path, and actually struck out at brian ~ missing.  we were thankful we didn't see more, but you can bet we kept a better eye out!
he had one rattle, too... but i wasn't too interested in getting much closer!!! 

we enjoyed our evening together.  next time... the grain will be ripe, or even harvested, probably.  i still want to get my sunset {or even a sunrise!} picture again.

enJOY your day ~ blessings!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Sky Sunset on the Ulm-Pishkun ~

hi everyone ~  i hope you've had a good week!  while extra long work days have been taking up alot of my time ~{as well as some of my energy {!} ... i've also had the sweet pleasure of co-workers who are also my very good friends!  today i hope you'll take in a bit of montana sky with me... a buffalo jump, as brian and i gave a tour of one of the coolest landscapes in our area that we love to visit.  it's called the ulm-pihkun buffalo jump, and i believe it's been renamed to "the first people's buffalo jump."  a fabulous evening...

it's was one of those evenings... 
a special {and rare} evening with friends. 
the kind you couldn't really plan ~
the kind that grows more precious as you look back ~
knowing it was one that will never be repeated in exactly the same way...
the weather?   pristine. 
the landscape?  serene.  
the skies?  stunning.  
and the light?  amazing.
and my friends?  sweet ~ precious ~ fun!
my friends and co-workers, Darlene and Heather, who came to help me with the jury project at the court. looking off into the that vast prairie from the cliff of the buffalo jump, just west of great falls.  an amazing vista.  and a surprisingly sheer dropoff... just a few yards away...

can you imagine the buffalo hooves thundering?  the whoops and yells of the indians behind them... and so much more.

and a lovely little jackrabbit ... holding perfectly still ... hoping i wouldn't come to close...  aha!  got ya!  captured in my camera lens!
and the wily, range-grown frames for the native prairie version of the teepee.  pretty cool aren't they?  
the light was fading ~ time to say goodbye...
and always a time to give thanks... 
as we treasure this time together and the incredible evening we were graced with.

be blessed!
joining my friends at STUDIO JRU
{of course!} 
and a blessed Friday!! 

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