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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From A Wall Flower...

to a SOUL Blossom~
Basic recipe:
--- fabric base (hand dyed gone astray!)
--- paint (acrylic and fabric types)
--- stamps (pick your favorites)
--- stencils (more is sometimes just... MORE!)
--- foil (Jones Tones) or whatever you have on hand
--- stiff interfacing (I used Timtex)
--- accent fabric for flower center--I just free cut it
--- quilt it all together (FMQ)
--- trace and cut out shape
--- back with card stock paper; (I used my UHU glue stick) and trim paper to fit the fabric shape previously cut
--- finish all outer edges with a zig zag stitch 
--- back the finished piece with a ribbon hanger and a dab of glue

Spring Has Sprung!
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