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Thursday, April 2, 2015

collaged runner ~ hello beauties

hello beauties!!

no... i haven't stopped making collages.  nor cutting out flower shapes!  as some commercial or something like that once said... "a day without  cuttable, fusible, flowers... is a day without sunshine?!!"  ok.  maybe not.  but it works for me!

just a small table runner that says "hello my spring beauties" and i say that to each of you who read the blog!  

you are beautiful.  

have a blessed day!
soli deo gloria

Thursday, February 19, 2015

o hello spring ~ a collage mug runner

hey  ~

here's an example of mini-collage ... you know... for those little bits of leftover floral motifs.  the background fabric is a leftover scrap of batik.  and i picked colors that were complimentary to it, creating chat i call a "mug runner." that would be "runner" as in larger than a mug rug, but large enough for coffee and a snack!  lol

spring continues to buffet us here in central montana with a warm wind, and morning temps of over 40 degrees.  the geese are here... the grass is greening up... could spring be making an early appearance?  
maybe... we shall see!
"o ~ hello spring"
{even if it is only temporary!}

soli deo gloria

Thursday, January 29, 2015

frankie the fox joins the forest crowd ~ finished

good morning ~

"frankie" the fox is finished and has found her way into the forest, too!  {hanging with the gang at the quilt shop}  and she is pretty dang cute... 

first, i'd like to show you how i decided to change up the quilting and thread choices for this piece.  in the previous five collages i've quilted, just one thread was typically used, and one motif too, quilted over the entire surface of the quilt.

not so this time.  i switched it up a little; deciding to "be brave" and use a 24 weight, cotton thread.  this is a much, much thicker thread than any 30 or 40 wt cotton threads.  note: in the thread world, the lower the number, the bigger {or thicker} the thread is. 

i've had "fusions" a 24 wt. cotton, variegated thread, {designed by laura heine} in my thread stash for awhile now.  i had tried it a few years ago, but it was not fun.  everything get getting tangled up underneath and i couldn't seem to get it to work... until i realized it absolutely requires a larger needle ~ size 100, and a 50 wt cotton in the bobbin. {trust me} so with with masterpiece cotton and the 100 needle... it worked soooo beautifully!  i really dig the thread presence and the texture it brings to this piece.

i began with fusions thread in the body of the fox, and then in the gray, outer part of the background on this quilt, i chose a shimmery sulky rayon, in a soft white.  i do like the sheen of this thread, and it brings a subtle shine, and soft texture, blending into the background, letting the polka dots have a bit of 'hey, look at me" too! 
 i always appreciate the qualities a good needle brings to the quilting... yup.  i'm using superior threads topstitch needles. the left is the {green package} 100/16 size, and the right {pink package} is the 90/14 size.
 as you can tell from the label in the photo above, this is a 24 wt, 3 ply thread, 100% cotton.  it does leave a goodly amount of fuzz in your bobbin area, so be sure to be diligent and clean it out often.  otherwise, it's a beautiful thread!

i switched to yli 40 wt cotton {another thread i've had for over 10 years} only because i wanted a variegated thread color, and one that was light, for the facial pieces of "frankie's" face.    {and this was all i had on hand, believe it or not!}  no heavy thread here, as i think it would have been too much for this light colored facial space.  i could have used the white sulky rayon.... but it doesn't cope really well with fusible web as it frays and breaks easily.
 and so this is how the three threads look in the palm of my hand.  you can easily see the difference in thread thickness.  the fusions 24 weight to the far left, yli 40 wt in the middle, and the sulky 40 wt on the far right.  even though 40 wt threads are the same weight... their "thickness" factor is a matter of material make-up, {how much 'space' they create when plied together}... whether cotton, rayon or polyester, all of these have different thicknesses even if they are the same weight... so pay attention to how they look off the spool, unraveled onto the quilted surface, as well as the weight on the label.

and they are all beautiful together, in my opinion!
frankie's face quilted with yli 40 weight, a lighter twist of variegated thread... softer, yet a dab of color and quilting dimension, compared to the thick thread in the leaf below the eye
the thicker look of the "fusions" thread, also by yli... the 24 weight thick thread. must use a 100 size needle!
the lighter thread of the sulky rayon 40 weight in the body of the gray fabric... love how it helps the polka dots keep their subtle texture and movement within the background fabric!

 i chose a simple loop-da-loop quilting motif... slow and steady wins the day with fusions thread, as far as quilting speed goes, so let off the pedal a bit!
 and instead of quilting the loop series through the flower motifs in the background, i changed up the design as the mood struck me for quilting each individual flower. 
 and for frankie, it was time to add a bit of extra zing to the binding, couching free motion style, with a hand dyed piece of rayon yarn from my stash... once i had the binding attached i applied the yarn as a perfect finish for framing this piece in a fun, slightly elegant, and yet casual look, too.

and... don't forget the butterflies, too! {be on the lookout for butterflies, bees, and hearts in your stash}  i love using these sweet little motifs.  

well, i hope you enjoyed seeing 'frankie' and reading about  the quilting process. thank you so very much for spending a few minutes here!  

{and still... more to come!}  am i crazy?  yes!  love this technique and i'm revved up ... ready to explore a couple different directions with subjects and background ideas, one of them featuring the talented vicki welsh and her hand-dyed fabrics!  and... be sure to come back, because we're going to team up with a giveaway for valentine's day, too!!  yay!

reminder: if you are local, {or not} the two-day class on collage is set for february 21st and 22nd!  {Update: due to scheduling conflict, class has been reset for saturday, feb 28th and sunday march 1st, same times!} $60 is a great price for a full weekend class, at a really fun shop, the quilt-a-way of great falls, montana.  i know we are going to have great time together creating wonderful, one-of-a-kind forest friends.  {woot!}

soli deo gloria!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cosmo Wonder

--- "Cosmo Wonder" Fabric Paper Collaged Quilt ---   
Latest in my attraction to fabric paper quilts, and
inspired by one of my most favorite flowers to grow in the garden:   

I really enjoy using a very thick thread; it's like maybe 26 weight, made by YLI thread company, and designed by Laura Heine of Fiberworks Quilt Shop in Billings MT.  It's called  FUSIONS.  Love-love-love it. It gives a nice, thick punch of color and texture.  But you must use a 100/16 size top stitch needle if you want a smooth flow.  Then take it for a spin.
I usually put a  40 weight cotton or polyester in my bobbin, and (per usual procedure) lower my tension at least one level.
Detail of "Fusions" variegated thread on the far left and for the swirls.

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