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Monday, February 23, 2015

"potpourri" ~ details of a giraffe collage

hellloooo ~

yup. you guessed it  ~ the collage bug still has me in it's grips! this time it's the giraffe, titled "potpourri." another creative and playful pattern by laura heine.  i have not been paid by her, {or received a special price either} to feature any of these fyi...  but i have been a big fan of her style and quilt shop for a very long time; since i first walked into her shop a little over ten years ago! 

you know, i have been cutting and fusing flowers for many years, to embellish with... and what really appealed to me with this particular animal, is the landscape of the giraffe body... what a great space to use super large flower motifs in!  i was a kid in a candy store, for sure!  and i had a terrific "already waiting" stash of flowers to apply.  i believe one the key elements in this giraffe design, is to put a very, very large flower on the flank... and build around it.  i chose a big big sunflower shape.  

the pic below shows how i started out... many things get changed around, tucked under, and placed over... as you play, play, play!  note you can also see some of my tiny scraps, leftover after cutting flowers out from the main fabric, and they make great "sideliners" on legs, n such!
i always start by grouping all my flower motifs by color, and then by scale/size, and i usually just stack them like decks of cards, surrounding the image.  this image was traced from the pattern, using a large sharpie pen, and i also used a fusible interfacing.  if you don't have voile, this type of lightweight interfacing works super well, too. or use a light muslin. either one is good.
i really wanted to use this flower, but it didn't work overall into the color scheme.  but then... it would have made a great mane for the giraffe.. but the background i chose would have made it disappear, but the lace edge on this flower would have made a great mane... maybe next time?!

below is a closeup of the eye, which is two halves of two different flower motifs.  i thought it was a fun combination that really helped the eye to pop.  giraffe's are generally heavy-lidded looking, at least to me... and that is the look i was going for.  the first pic is the "before" and the second is the "after" ~ the makeover, essentially:
 notice there is a tiny bit of polka dot fabric, and layered it with a very small, but oh~so~very~pretty piece of blue silk velvet for top half of the "horns." i also used it on the lip area, {but it's a bit blurry}.  and a paisley print motif on the cheek area, to accentuate the curves...
and rather than quilt the same motif over the entire quilt surface, i chose to define the leaves {very loosely} around the head of the giraffe just a tiny bit more, adding a different thread color and a different design. there's no need to get too much detail as it won't really be all that noticeable. but i loved the thread color, and i wanted to use it up... and i love this newspaper print fabric as the background, too.  i was happy that the quilt shop here carried it!
so i couldn't use my lacey edge for the mane, and instead, i chose to emphasize the mane of the giraffe with a striped style of floral fabric, one that had the same size motif in a repetitive, parallel line.  as you can see, i cut around the top edge, to emphasize the curve of the mane:

 and a close look at the details of the long neck, below, and a few smaller motifs that are of the light value, mixed in as i worked into the upper neck area.  it pays to keep smaller flowers grouped together... don't cut them apart until you need to, but it's easier cutting to leave them attached, in groups of two or three.
the shoulder area... notice how a pop of white and light, makes everything else come alive, just a little bit more. i enjoy adding tiny detailed flowers on top of larger motifs.  
below is the detail of the belly where i began with a large poppy, tucked under the sunflower, and then added a pop of turquoise in the butterfly, which was deliberate as to bring a bit of the blue colors from the lower leg, all together into the whole piece.
 and more butterflies!  and as you can see, i quilted the grass in straight lines.  easy-peasy.  i didn't need to go into a lot of detail on the hooves, as they get covered up {for the most part} with the grasses.  but because i used dark fabrics, you can see the dark shadowy illusion of them.

 detail of the legs, and i love the dark value fabric on the inside leg, compared to the right leg... i'm finding i'm getting the hang of this better, the more i do!  and i love that pop of white and black batik daisy the best!
 i really like the bit of sparkle the kaffe fassett fabric; those tiny little flowers on the leg area.  notice the tiny grouping, cut as one unit, makes for a lovely snap~crackle~and~pop!
 hope you enjoyed these details. 
i'll post the finished piece soon... 
as soon as i can get a picture of it, it is so tall! 
so. much. fun.  
and for those who have inquired, i'm working on putting together "rocky" the mountain goat pattern, very soon!

and i'm so excited by the response we've received, 
we now have a third class set up at the quilt-a-way.
date:  saturday-sunday, april 11th and 12th, 11-4pm.
thanks for coming on by!
soli deo gloria

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Carribean DREAMS Fiber Scarf FINISHED!

To see the beginning of the "Caribbean Dreams" scarf, click here

After washing out of the Aqua Bond and Aqua Film topping products; the scarf has air dried, and then lightly misted with water and pressed slightly using a pressing cloth.
Before closing the gaps in the scarf
So... it has a few big gaps where I didn't quite get the threads joined to the other triangle.  Is this a problem?  Absolutely not!  Personally, I LIKE it.  ALOT! And I wouldn't hesitate to wear it just like this!  BUT... for those people who are a little more 'perfectionist' oriented... or concerned about the gaps... (you know who you are!) ...posted below is the technique I used to close those gaps -- just for you!  So tell me what you think of the "before shot" (above) or the 'after shot" (below)!  I'd love to hear your thoughts.
I used my favorite Glitter thread in silver, as I had also put a bit of it in the scarf sandwich to begin with.  And then... by the way... do ya'll know out there that a Bernina machine can 'sew on air?'  Oh so true!
Like a dream, sister!
Stitching free motion to join the triangular areas, and close in the gaps
Foot:  free motion #29. Thread is placed in a vertical position so it releases from the side of the spool.  VIP tip. Tension is lowered to 1.0.  Needle down is engaged. Zig zag stitch, free motion is set up.  Tension: lower to 1.0 and for convenience's sake... use your needle down feature.

LOVE using a zig zag stitch free motion!  And my bobbin thread?  Bottom Line from  Superior Threads, of course!

A few other views posted below to hopefully inspire you to your own distinct creations that are just ready to burst forth and bloom within your creative minds!

 Some of you KNOW what I say in class:  It's the pursuit of EXCELLENCE... not perfection!
 It's so simple... I only used two different cotton threads; one in pinky mango, and the other in turquoise blues, draped on lime green, turquoise YLI candlelight threads... those thick ones.   Added a bit of white shiny yarn, twisted off some silver Glitter thread, and trimmed the outer edges with a beautiful hand-dyed rayon ribbon! Perfection!  I mean, EXCELLENT! 
 Elegant or casual.  Gorgeous, light and airy and it GLOWS with sparkly goodness and beautiful STYLE!  Perfect for a wedding or any other occasion you may be attending!
  And so here is the way the 'joining' as I call it, looks on the finished scarf.
"gaps" are now joined
I laid out the full scarf on the table so you can see the complete pattern, color and style.  What a FUN, and oh-so-unique and original scarf you can make!  This one is FOR SALE. Click here to go to my Etsy shop.
To make YOUR OWN, sign up for the 
CLASS:  Saturday, May 7th, 
10-1pm at the Bernina Silver Thimble! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Bernina - Free Hand System and Tip

If you own a FHS on your Bernina (or other brands as well), did you know that using it can save you approximately 25% in sewing time?  True story.  I love mine! 

I was telling my Bernina mastery class about this extra little tip for using the Free-Hand system. Thought it might be useful to y'all out there in 'blog-land.' 
This is a nice little 'extra' you can take advantage of if you already have a Free Hand system.  Take the free hand system off of your machine, and thread your spool of your thick threads onto the metal bar (if your spool hole will slide onto the width of the metal bar).  It keeps the thread nice and tidy while you are couching it on with the techniques I've shown before, and in the pictures below!

If you don't know what the free hand system is, it's also called a 'knee lift' and by tilting your knee to the right, you can automatically lift the presser foot without using both of your hands. 

The FHS is GREAT for turning corners, and to get the most out of this system, it's essential that you also engage needle down to preserve your 'spot' when you want to turn the fabric. 
AND... it works so very beautifully as a way of keeping my thread from tangling when I am using one of my very favorite feet - the 39C clear embroidery foot.  If you missed seeing some of the posts, you can see them here and a project I called "Pick Up Stix Glitz" here! 

I also used it to make some charming "Spring Placemats" and you can see them here.
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