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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

how high ~ how wide mixed media

lately, it seems i haven't had enough time in the studio, and i'm not complaining.  it's just ... well spring has arrived!!  {yay!}  feels so good to have sunshine, and longer days, but i don't know where the time goes!

so in the little bits of time here and there, i play with the prints i've produced from the gelli plate printing frenzy i'm in. they're easy to take upstairs, where i can play, think, embellish, and yet be "with the family" too!  georgia thinks she needs to be in the thick of things...  isn't she funny?  you may notice that the page she is laying on is from my big bristol artbook, where i have layed down some screen printed designs ~ these are brand new from terri stegmiller!  can you say "fabulous?!"  i'm  not only a color junkie... but a design junkie, apparently.  i was so excited to get them, and play with them.  i really love the stencils terri has designed, {in fact i love all of her art... check her out!} but  i'm thrilled she is making thermofax screen designs, now, too! this particular design i printed to deli paper, and then tore and adhered them to the gelli-printed page that georgia is posing on!

these photos aren't the best... bad reflection on some of the shots, but i hope you can see the layers of color, textures, and the beautiful gelli print {that i am seemingly addicted to these days!}  

 this journal page begins with a gelli print, directly printed to the bristol paper page.  i added a screen print {from margaret applin - nother fave!!}
 i also tore up a gelli print that was heavily doodled on {see the whole page here}, and adhered it to the page with gel medium, and adding washi tape, stamps... black pen highlights, as well as silver leaf foiling, more paint with twinkling h2o's.  i do love the depth that h2o's add to the page, with the sparkly goodness to top it all off... to help tell the visual story of the verse i'm highlighting as well.

and a little white metal number embellishment that i love.  been wanting to use it for the longest time ~ finally it has found a home on this page!
and the finished page, above.  i couldn't really see all the fuss about washi tape... but i'm so there now!  love the transparency, and the ease in which to use it! it adds depth as well as the patterning, and a little spark of something different, i guess.  anyway!  {i love it all!}



Friday, May 3, 2013

Journal Journey's ~

oh my goodness friends ~

it's been another full week!  i'm thrilled to say i got one little thing accomplished  in my art studio, and i'm excited to show it to you.

this was my attempt at making a more 'earth-toned' and hopefully, {slightly masculine}, art journal.  it was a special order requested by a girlfriend of mine, as a graduation gift. for a young man who is also an artist.  
 i began with a blank, black canvas covered journal purchased at michaels. i expected alot of the black of the cover to show through... and absorb much of the paint, as i printed the cover with my {wonderful} gelli plate in a direct-to-gelli plate printing process.  man, i am so loving the texture and black depth of the canvas showing through~!  {double bonus}

 i added trim from previous gelli print papers i cut away, and applied as  border, leaving the right-side edge ripped purposely.
 i added a layer of matte medium to the cover, and let it dry.  i stamped it, and added some perfect pearls paints, outlining the sun in copper, and adding what i hope {imaginatively} looks like 'nail head trim' {like you see on furniture, etc}.  it's done in pewter.

 a little slashing in the pewter perfect pearls, to look like textured stitching... {hopefully}
 and of course, some doodling, and writing... messy-style!

 this was a fun project, and fun challenge.  thanks nettie, for asking me.  i had a great time {in case i forgot to tell ya!}

blessings on your weekend!  some serious studio cleaning-up is on my list, for sure!  

soli deo gloria!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Shine ~ Shine ~ Shine !

Here's the third of my series of my first canvas, finger-style, painted pieces hanging together on our dining room wall:
My Sunshine, Shine and She Believed She Could (click on the links to see the posts if you'd like).  Of course, all are now newly listed in my etsy shop!
One can never consent to creep... when one feels the impulse to... SOAR!   That is so say, let's SOAR and SHINE!  Shine!  Shine!

Be sure to come back tomorrow... for the announcement post on the winners of Rowan's Raffle Quilt, and all the "MarveLes" prizes I'm giving away to those who bought raffle tickets from me!  And later this week, I'll post on my finished pieces of 'feathers on leather' I've been working on, for Chris Daly of Dye Candy.

I'm excited ~ are you?  Shine on!
EnJOY and check out the Beauty in His Grip today!


Friday, June 29, 2012

~ My Sunshine ~

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you likely have come to know that I dearly LOVE bright, bold, saturated COLOR!  It just makes me happy-giddy! 
It doesn't matter if it's in fabric, paint, paper or threads... and now inks and mists of all kinds!  I've been soooo intrigued with all the colored spray mists and inks I've seen on the market lately.  And now that I've used them for the first time on these art pieces, I've found I'm completely enamored with their playability: the layering possibilities, and their clear, bright palettes of color; some transparent, some more opaque.  So Exciting!
I took this phrase from a Max Lucado card I had!  I love it.  "God is For You!"  --- and painting with my fingers as painting tools.... ya gotta try it!  What a joyful ride of child-like experimentation!  Even when the spray goes awry, and sometimes, ya know,  it's a happy accident, and when it's not... it is just a great opportunity to mop up and get over it; paint it again --- Or NOT!
I'm so hooked!  And Excited!  {have I said that too much?!!}   I'm ready to blend, layer, and add more creative enhancements from my fabric scraps, to my  paper stash; using beautiful markers, pens, tissues, stickers, stencils and stamps... paints, inks, dyes and more.  {I'm sure you get the picture!}
It is full of boundless, limitless possibilities, and simply speaks to my love of all things 'mixed up' for a happy explosion of texture, color and the graphic! It comes together with doodle, graphic, words, color, texture and contrast, all combined into one fun, totally unexpected, and largely satisfying... way to CREATE. 

After the first piece I made, "She Believed She Could" - I went ruffling through all my scrapbooking supplies from over ten years ago, pulling out stickers, rub-ons, chipboard and pretty papers!
Excited to find that these supplies, and my sketchings, my 'practice pages' and color experiments in those books could come and play together in making this kind of art.
I used a silk organza flower from my stash, (I had used them to make my fabric pins), and had fun spraying it, and then adding white paint for accent.

I've been having problems seeing for awhile, especially lately, and was diagnosed yesterday by my eye dr that I have "early age" cataracts. Well!  Better early than late?!!!  I don't know... but it sure explains a few things.  Headaches, 'gummy' eyes, cloudy vision... putting my nose up to my sewing machine and books; computer screens... driving?!!  {just kidding about the driving part}  Although I was very surprised, I am really excited ~ and grateful ~ hopeful ~ about seeing better!

And I remember: "God is For You" regardless of any challenge{s} we are certain to face! 

He Is. Thank you Lord!
Please check out a couple of my favorite blogs and artists  and so many talented others as they share and link up with Sweet Jennifer at Studio JRU

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More carving, stamping and printing!

 It actually got too hot, too early, to do too much stamping and painting outside on the patio.  The paint dried before I could get it printed by 10:30 am; and it got to 100 degrees yesterday!
 So I had to be quick about it.
 I really like this design:
 And I really like orange and purpley-pink together!  A favorite combo.

Enjoy your day!  I'm going to be sitting by beautiful Flathead Lake with my girlfriends... and take it all in for a few days!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Oh Summer Days!  How I love to get outside and start playing with dyeing, stamping, and fabric paints!
 And so anxious to give my newly cut linoleum blocks a stamping session!
Using the 'easy cut' linoleum is the only way.  I tried the other 'battleship gray' type, and oh my... it was too hard to cut.  Lesson learned. I ordered mine from Dick Blick art supply company.

Happy summer play days! Love it!  I love our north-facing patio, shaded by our lovely apple tree, and an umbrella when needed.  I began printing my blocks using Golden brand paints, and Liquitex soft body paints.
I used fabrics I had previously dyed and/or hand-painted.
Postcards... patchwork... art quilts nd more ideas spring to life on the patio!  I love working outside, where I have such convenient exercise to a water hose, and lots of space.
I hope you are blessed to enjoy a wonderful summer day (or two!).  I know I am!  EnJOY!

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