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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thread Spools!

Such a cool idea. Nothing like playing 'dress-up' with thread spools!

I first saw these charming little darlings shown here, posted by Kelli Nina Perkins. 

And so began a journey in patience, for first I had to bid on these adorable little antique spools, which I found on ebay.

and when they arrived, the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was very excited to get out all my yarns, ribbons, and shiny, sparkly threads ...and start playing...
and start wrapping.  College football anyone?!  (Go Oregon Ducks!)
So many pretties... so little time!

and then I added...BEADS!

Aren't they sooooo pretty? And fun to photograph, too!
 So now what do I do with them?  I didn't really want to string them all... although that is quite tempting as they would be a LOVELY garland hanging from the tree, or a window, wouldn't they?  (Which was shown by Kelli on her blog site).

 I think I need to get more spools... because I am seriously hooked now!  And I'd love to make a Christmas garland with these!
But time is running out, and Christmas will be here way too soon.  And they do take a goodly amount of time; keeping in mind that by the time you drop, roll and crawl... as that's what I ended up doing half the time as I wound, dropped the thread spool, or the needle, or the bead... well you know.  But  oh...so fun!  And by the way, I used a beading needle, and Nymo (beading) thread.
 I decided to make them into ornaments, and came up with an idea using some lovely organza from my stash! This is how I incorporated it into the ornament.

 I cut a width of perhaps 2-3 inches (no measuring!!) and stuffed it into the spool center hole using the skewers I just happened to see in my drawer while looking for the big carving knife-sharpener on Thanksgiving. 
 The top loop of fabric is ideal for the metal hanger you can attach or I could add a cord, too, but I think it's more elegant with just the organza. I also played with trimming  the bottom... and I kind of like the idea of a fluffy little skirt on this little beauty. I may cut it straight off... or not!  What do you think? 
 Does this project appeal to you?  Maybe you have a great stash of old antique spools somewhere.  And happily, I have pink, lime green, aqua, white (and more!) colors of organza handy.  Love it when I do not have to go out shopping for anything!
And a very big, happy, satisfied sigh.

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