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Friday, November 20, 2015

cuddle up with a batik beauty on the prairie ~ {and it's for sale}

good morning my friends out there in bogland ~
happpppy friday!

yes... another "old" quilt top, from the good ol' ufo pile ~ is finished!!!  i do love how it turned out, and i'm so tickled to be able to do this on my new mid-arm.  feels so good! and i was also very excited to photograph it against the beautiful backdrop of the highwood mountains last weekend. always a perfect way to add color and drama in an otherwise slightly cloudy november day.  and the same is true when one cuddles up with it!! {this one is for sale, too and if anyone is interested, by contacting me directly, i can offer it at a lower price}  :)

i'm really putting my bernina mid-arm q20 to the test, and i can tell already, my stitching is much nicer than when i first began.  this is a fairly large quilt; 67" x 78" as i decided to add borders to it, as i couldn't wait to use a couple new fabrics, so what better way than to add them to this glorious collection of batik scraps in this quilt!

although the mid-arm comes with {two} bernina stitch regulators {aka "bsr"} i have chosen to use "my own" built-in stitch regulator of my hands and eyes!  {a novel concept i know!}  yes, the "bar" is quite nice, have no doubt.  but!  i want to be able to hone my free motion skills, and there is a time and place for everything... under the quilting needle!
this is a classic feather, with a bit of scallop surrounding it, and i quilted this in an all-over pattern ~ love the look of it!  i also used a variegated thread; this time a king tut, 40 wt, extra long staple cotton, with masterpiece 50 wt in the bobbin, another extra long staple cotton.  they just get along so very well together!  and, yes, in case you're wondering, the mid-arm has what is called an "m class" bobbin case, so it's fairly large, and holds lots of thread.  i also have a stitch counter, which i am using, which is an interesting feature.  i am amazed at how many stitches i take!  and i'm keeping track on each quilt i quilt.  the stitch total on this beauty?  it was 208,855!  

the prettiest shots of this quilt  were taken outside in the natural light, showing off it's real beauty in the great outdoors!

and our girls love it too!  of course, what they really love is their morning coffee {with creamer} ~ hey, who could blame them?  they know the good stuff!!
blessings abundant upon your day wherever you are,
soli deo gloria!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daisy Quilt Table Topper ~ Finished

hey there everyone ~

i finished this quilted piece awhile ago now; gave it as a wedding gift, and it's was just one of those days where the lighting was just not bright.  {so it goes!}
but that did not dim my joy in creating it, nor in the giving! it was definitely inspired color-wise by this couple's dishes which are from the 'fiesta' dinnerware line!
i used a linoleum block i cut a couple summers ago {above}...  a daisy-themed block i still love alot.  i think i may need to have a printing session with it again {very soon} and renew my love affair with painting, stamping & fabric!
no surprise ~ i went for bright colors to frame it, selecting fun prints from my batik stash, and because of their bright tones, and patterns, the free motion quilting i put on it is quite simple, where the thread blends in, but adds a pretty textural interest to the piece.  my quilting motifs were straight line, cross-hatching, swirls, pebbles, and undulating lines in the petals where i changed out the colors of threads a couple different times as quilted the petals; white for highlighting, and various pinks, as well as variegated turquoise were used.
all set out in patchwork that is deliberately wonky, too.
thanks for stopping in. 

my fingers, heart and mind are itchin' to stitch... and it's time to warm up the 'nina machine ~ very soon, as i have some fabulous new fabric to showcase from the beautiful fabric dyer vicki welsh!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Desert Blooms

Happy Saturday everyone!  Thank you for your get well/good wishes for my tooth issues; I really appreciate the kind thoughts. 

Similar to the Bryce Canyon piece I created earlier; this piece is using the same batik fabric for the background.   I am thinking to continue with one more; like a triptych with the remaining fabric.  I've seen some really cool pieces done by other artists, but I've never attempted to do so myself, so why not give it a try?

When I began, I thought this might be solely done via bobbin thread play. By the way, you can always see more on Bobbin Play posts & tutorials here and here and of course, there are more!  Just type in 'bobbin play' on the search box on the right-hand sidebar of the blog to see more posts about it.

Adding... layers and layers of different colors...

I like the contrast of the top thread, which is a variegated cotton with lime green and turquoise threads. This is definitely a personal choice, and can add alot of textural interest if you start playing with your top tension.  Much of my bobbin play has typically shown a significant tightening of the top tension.  I prefer to use a strong (40 wt) polyester thread.
I switched back and forth between a straight stitch, and a zig zag stitch, free motion style, for varying color impact, and texture detail.  I really do love the added depth a compact zig zag can bring to the piece.

Do you think the blooms are missing anything?  Well, I did.  So I veered away from 'just bobbin play' and added 'regular' free motion, beginning with a black thread...  this is 40 weight King Tut.
 Hmmm... does it give the flower any more impact? What do you think?  

And I made each flower's center black center in a slightly different look...
No angelina.  I think the thread is enough sparkle on it's own.
And I decided that I did want to add more color and quilting, using variegated polyesters (Rainbows 40 wt from Superior Threads).

And I thought I'd try some solid thread color, in a purple tone.  I'm not done... or am I? What do you think?

Anyway, It has been a year since I began this blog, and I was more than a bit intimidated by the whole 'how to' of the blog world.  I spent many, many hours trying to figure things out... and the good news?  It's been a fun ride!  And it reminds me that is what I try to teach to others.  The JOY is in the stepping stones, the process, the challenges.  There would be no satisfaction without the process!   

So, let's celebrate MY FIRST YEAR as a BLOGGER!

Anyone interested in winning a prize?  Don't know what it might be, but I'm thinking a small quilt... journal size, give or take. 

And as the Widow Hen says to the Rooster Foghorn Leghorn  (in the Bugs Bunny cartoon from my childhood--I love this line), "Widow Hen, I need yur love ta keep me warm."  (use your best southern accent here)  LOL!  Thank you for all your support over the past year; your encouragement, and comments; it really is so very much about community.

I hope you'll come back to read and see more.  Ya just never know... those comments already posted... may  start adding up as extra tickets to win!    

Love and Blessings to ALL.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Welcome in Spring! Okay.... maybe NOT just yet...blizzard conditions here in MT yesterday.  Nevertheless... the time is to sew for it is now! Soon it will be here, (truly!) and y'all will be wanting to be out in yards, gardens, and smelling that new grass!  So it's more than a couple months off here in Montana... but why not DREAM BIG?! Yeah, Baby!
And it feels good to have a small project done... set of two doncha know!

Crochet trim... 
a bit of rayon ribbon, 
silver metallic thread... 
beautiful batik fabrics...
finished quick as a bunny with fused steam a seam binding...
cut with a wave-edge rotary cutter!

Gotta have a pretty thread, too! Mine was a pretty pink pastel tri-lobal from Superior threads.

 I  sure enjoyed placing the silver metallic thread (YLI candlelight in silver) easily centered all around the outside edge!  Used that sweet little Bernina #39 Foot  See the 'how-to's in an earlier post here!
Gotta love just a bit of free motion... the flower motifs provided instant inspiration... EASY BREEZY  
free motion girls!

Notice too, just a bit more of silver metallic thread on the outside edge of the ribbon... love that little red guide on my #39 foot! Did you see the project I posted here... pick-up stix glitz?  Check it out!
For more inspiration... see the blog of Bon Bon Aelier here!  They just featured yesterday, a wonderful store in London, called "V V Rouleaux" that is amazing... a store that has ... nothing... but .... ribbons... and more ribbons, trims... embellishments.  See their blog spot here.  I want to go!
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