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Thursday, September 11, 2014

i choose joy ~ a painted linen dish towel

thursday greetings fellow artists! {yes, you are!}

today's project features a towel.  painting.  a stencil.  and free motion quilting.  and, more importantly... joy!

i choose joy ~
this is one of the "blanks" of cotton dishtowels, and i usually purchase them for about $5 at a quilting store.  you can also buy fabric to make your own, too.  

for the motif, i chose a stencil, and blending the colors, again, using the silks acrylic paints.  it's important to use a bit of a dryer brush, and brush from the stencil's outward edges, onto the open spaces.  
and be sure to stabilize prior to quilting.  the cotton weave of the towel is a very open one, so the stitching is a bit of  a "sketchy look" {which i like}, but what i really want to do is avoid unsightly puckering.  and because this is a towel that will be used and washed, i didn't want a piece of white stabilizer hanging out on the back when was finished.

so this time, i chose a clear stabilizer, "badge master" which is a water soluble stabilizer. just one layer of this stabilizer is all you need for this project.  and it washes out very easily in warm water.  i soak mine in a bowl for about 20 minutes until it softens up the stabilizer {it kinda turns milky white} and then rinse, press, and it's ready to go.
and of course i adhered it using the 505 spray:
and i quilted it:
i wanted to show you the backside again, after quilting the words, too.  you definitely need to stabilize where you think you're going to quilt the words.  don't forget that part!

i like to add what i'd have to call only a hint of extra shading, and highlighting.  this i did with yellow thread, and pink.  i outlined it very "freely" with black thread to add punch to the overall design.  you could choose to add more black quilting lines to show more of the leaf lines or shape.  totally your preference {or not to do any at all!}
again, no worries about staying in the lines perfectly... just make a creative, joyFUL piece of quilting delight, and practical application!  

it's a win either way ~ you learn, you grow, and then you give.  or give it away {yourself or the towel}...

choose joy.
the difference between happy and joy?  
happy is temporary, joy is forever.  
happy is something we try to contrive, manipulate, or create
{for ourselves, or for others}
based upon our own desires, circumstances of the day, 
or moment; our likes or our dislikes.

ahhh... {thank God} ~ it never leaves, dissipates or fades ~
no matter the day, the circumstance, or the human striving, or contriving for it, or attempts to define it.  it is based in the faithfulness, grace, and mercy of our sovereign, loving God {when you put your whole heart into His hands}.
thanking Him for today.

soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

painted apron ~ from my heart to yours

good morning!

ohhh the summer sunshine is fading... and rainy {perhaps even snowy} weather is headed our way.

so the seasons change, and for a little while i am sad to see summer end, but i also get to look forward to autumn!

and  "sew it goes..."  

today's feature is a different motif and finish on another apron.  these were packaged in a set of three.  a very basic, white canvas, easily painted on.  while i am specifically showing these projects using the silks acrylic glaze paint, i have a couple of them in the works using paintstiks, which is also a wonderful way to accomplish a simply beautiful design element... whether applying free hand sketches... or using stencils, stamps, or silk and thermofax screens.  and i will offer a separate class on embellishing them with thread play, with all the tips and hints for successful free motion style, as i have done here:

while offering this class at prickly pear quilts in the city of helena on october 4th, i'm excited to also be offering several new classes here locally in great falls, at the bernina silver thimble quilt store very soon.  {call bernina to let them know you want to be put on the class list}.  i'm very excited to be teaching, showing all the different samples, ideas, and experimental design fun you can have, too!
definitely from my heart to yours!  these aprons make inexpensive and practical gifts to give, whether it is to a homemaker, cook/baker, or artist!  they are meant to be used, and enJOYed!  
i always like to use a stabilizer as it makes free motion so much more fun, and well... stable!  all of these are listed, as all are easily applied.  there isn't a wrong one... just different choices.  i do always choose a heavyweight as the weight is important.  a fusible is convenient, unless you don't have it! in that case, 505 spray is handy and a simple alternative for using any type of embroidery stabilizer product.
i chose the heavyweight cut-a-way type.  depending on the density of your quilting... a tear-a-way type would have worked good... {if it was just the heart shape}, but i knew i wanted to put a sketchy border around the heart, and one thing about tear-a-way, is that when you go to tear it away, it can also pull the stitches, and because i didn't want to do it that way, since a sketchy border, is... well, "loose n' sketchy" ... i chose cut-a-way. that's not to say it's the only way to do it... it's just what i chose.  and that's what i did after the quilting was finished, i cut it away.  while it keeps the quilting stitches stable while quilting, eliminating puckering {very annoying}, it will soften with washing, and on the apron, since one is wearing it over clothing {hopefully!} ahhem... it's not a problem like it might be on the inside of a t-shirt.   {just sayin'}

notice i put two layers of cut-a-way on the  backside of the apron.  one would have worked.
 i was just experimenting! but it was good n stabilized!
 free motion.  chose your feet wisely!  both of these two are good choices.  the "c" foot gives a bit more visibility.  the #29 clear one on the right, also has good visiblity, and i think it helps to stabilize the needle and fabric because it has more "foot on the surface" when quilting.
of course, as you've read so many times before here on the blog, i love using masterpiece in the bobbin, and magnifico on the top.  i'm using my favorite needle of all time, the 90/14 topstitch with titanium coating, and an extra long-lasting, very sharp needle point.  i usually adjust my top tension downward, 1 full number.
get yourself into position, relax {drop those shoulders} and add some texture, and color action!  relax.  this is not perfection... it's just "coloring with your needle and thread" and it is not {i repeat NOT} meant to be stressful!  feel free to go outside the lines!
 as you can see above, i auditioned the position of the writing i wanted to add, using the frixion pen, in which the ink disappears when an iron touches it.  {my most favorite new notion!} this little sketchy phraise is not meant to "fence me in" ~~~ it's just meant to give me confidence on placement {feel free to erase it with the iron and begin again}... and so i decide where i want to go, and i also have the freedom to change it as i'm quilting, if i feel i want to!  
 yes... the paint ran a bit on me.  but i don't think that's a big deal, and in fact, i rather like the artistic feel of it. i like to quilt over the words twice.  this means i go backwards once i hit the last letter on the last word.  it takes practice to go backwards!  {and frontwards as far as that goes}, but i like the look.  it's meant to be "sketchy" and freely done... {not perfectly!} 

and above all, 
lightly done and done light-heartedly!
i did forget to add my quilted signature... will have to do that later.  

it's a sweet, simple bit of practical art.  and anyone can do this...  just come willing to see, and come put your own style onto a bit of an apron and make it uniquely yours.

blessings on your day!

Monday, September 8, 2014

a painted and happy-stitched t-shirt ~ {and more!}

hi there ~

since knowing i'm going to teach a class using apron and silks acrylic paints, i've been playing more with these gorgeous, sparkly silks acrylic paints. they are produced in two different sizes, so it's easy to try a couple {or three} for less than $10 easily.  go to their website, which is colourarte.com, to read more about them!

this play action was on a t-shirt, which i purchased from my local joann's fabric store. 
i thought it was really pretty when i painted it, but i forgot to take  a picture.  so what you see here is the results from washing.  yes, i washed the shirt after i painted it.  not a brilliant move, if one wants to preserve the brilliance of the color.  but, in this adventure, it turned out pretty well. that is to say at least i'm happy with the results as i'm going to be the one wearing it. 

i will share more about washing, applying color, embellishments, as well as my experimentation with other product enhancements, with techniques for washing and heat-setting this paint product.  {all of which will be a part of my 'paint your apron' class, as i wrote about here, posted on september 4th, last week.

and my next t-shirt... autumn themed:
and this apron with a flower taken from a sketch in my sketchbook {many moons ago}.  it's nice to have that instant inspiration in a sketchbook.  just gotta make sure i can find them, they are getting to be numerous now!
and why not a very simple, and almost always timeless... heart.  all to be free motion quilted, and i hope i can come up with a fun and whimsical word or two to quilt onto the surface... "from my heart to yours" is what i'm thinking...
and... the great adventure continues.  of course, i've got more ideas, too... so i need to replenish some aprons and t-shirts,  as i perfect {hopefully} this painted and quilted technique, in the hope of offering some of them for sale in my etsy shop.  

we had a great weekend, and were able to get outside and enJOY the spectacular indian summer weather these past several days!  it was amazing... clear blue skies, a historic landmark in st. peter's mission, and lots of great montana skyviews!  i loved... every second.  thank you for your kind comments about my montana ~  i do appreciate it, as i love sharing it so!

enJOY your blessings this very moment, and throughout the day.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

paint your apron ~ and class announcement

hello ~ welcome to the blog today!

i am super excited about the new project i'm sharing today! and i'm going to be teaching it soon, as well! 

i'm calling the class "paint your apron"  ~ kinda like paint your wagon, only there is no singing involved... {bet y'all are relieved about that huh!! :)  
 the basic supplies:  
paintbrushes.  frixion pen. silks acrylic glaze paints. {these paints will be available for purchase or you can use some at the class, too}, a white canvas-style purchased apron. 
free motion supplies are show further below. 
as you can see, i've just lightly sketched out a flower motif onto the top of my apron.  and i don't have to stay with this, but it helps to get it centered, and gives a great place to start!  no worries... feel free to go beyond the lines! 

i'll have lots more ideas to present at the class , as well as brush types, color usage, shading and then onto tips for free motion this simple project.
and then just start painting.

let the paint dry.  heat set it with the iron. {more tips to share about that at class, too}   now it's time for a little free motion quilting action!  yes!!!
but first things first.  get the apron stabilized first.

i love 505 spray, and i spray a scant spritz of it on the back of the stabilizer; this temporarily adheres the stabilizer to the back of the apron, also giving the apron quilting stability, so it won't pucker as it's being quilted. 

just sayin' ~
my go-to needle is the 90/14 topstitch needle.  and magnifico thread.
keep it simple with color.  i just want to add a bit of thread texture, and enhance the painting.  and i'm going to do that with a bright, bright pink, and a neon pink thread choice.
here's the first pass of the free motion from the back side, where you can see the stitching on the stabilizer side, below:

i finished with black thread for some pop and it was really fun to add a simple word as well as a fun bit of sketching-type quilting which frames the entire motif.

and the back looks like this when i'm done.  keeping it loose and simple!
we'll have some fun sketching and painting time together!
trim away excess stabilizer.  heat set the paint once again.  

and that is how it's done.  simple.  fun.  light-hearted. 

if you are in the helena area {montana} or want to travel there... i'll be teaching at prickly pear quilts 
down on gulch.
i'm teaching this october 4th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm! 
class price: $30 
(and i will also be there on friday, september 12th, to teach my beyond free motion class, 10-5pm, $50.
visit the prickly pear quilts website so see their newsletter of events and more fun classes!



Monday, May 5, 2014

count it all joy ~

morning glories ~

i love how this turned out, and i can't wait to make more! many of you know know how much i enjoy exploring the written and quilted letter ~ this project was no exception.  

a very plain turquoise, but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous hand dyed becomes the canvas for the quilting, with the words done in a golden yellow magnifico thread, red daisies, and purple ribbon accents and centers.  finished with my signature stitching style of binding finish, with metallic thread in golden yellow to bring out the major theme of the piece, couched into the binding with the bernina #39 foot.

i will tell you the real key to writing, quilting style:


and i've done it enough so that i share this tip, also.  you must know how to stitch the words and letters backwards, as well.

i go forward, and when each phrase/word is finished, i repeat going in a backwards direction.  that's it.

and it helps tremendously to do it ~ practice it ~ on paper until you are comfortable with the process.

and of course, it's very important that you are very comfortable with free motion by the time you progress to letters.  {in my opinion}.  at least ~ that's my story of how it progressed for me, personally.

 and a little change up in pattern, for the reverse side:
every stitch.  
{even the "unstitching"} 
is counting it all joy!

{that's the real joy}.  even when you fail, 
struggle, or muddle through... count it all joy!
in life, and in quilting.
james 1:2 "my brothers {and sisters}.. count it all joy when you fall into various trials... "
soli deo gloria.
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