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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

twice quilted ~ and more favorite free motion books ~

hello ~

as i was making notes, prepping to teach free motion recently, i came across {more} of some really terrific resources {and more few thoughts} to share with you about free motion.

the first resource, from one of the best professional artists out there in 'quilt-land'  ~ is karen mctavish.  i added her book to my collection many years ago, and although it was published in 2005, it is still just so relevant today.  if you want to be a master quilter... this is one lady you can learn alot from.  ask your quilt store to order it for you... it is worth it ~ i promise!

this is mastering the art of mctavishing.

one of the tips i share when teaching, is simply this.  "do what you love."  and the photo below, showing her quilted jacket, is exactly what i did.  i picked a favorite fabric, and favorite threads, and made myself a jacket.  this was such a great way for me, to get to know my machine, not to mention, practice my free motion skills.  and even better ~  i had something to show for my effort that was fun to make, helped me feel like i was accomplishing something worthwhile, but also practical, beautiful, and fun to wear!

my second favorite resource, are the "twice quilted" titles.  last i knew, there were only two, and i love how glorianne cubbage goes about teaching simply delightful, and easy-to-do design images, just by thinking "twice" with two passes of the quilted needle!  it's really quite brilliant, and i love her teaching methods.  i had the privilege of learning under her tueledge, when i attended a bernina university event {2007}.  it was an amazing experience, and i loved every minute!!
and while we have all had our fill of snow and mittens this winter... they ARE quite charming aren't they?  {as a quilted motif that is!}
and if you want to get good and be a really great free motion quilter, you have to learn to troubleshoot, and the first step in that skill building exercise is getting to know your tension ~ inside and out.  and outside and in!  {there great tips here in these books!}
glorianne's designs come super-full-size, like 18" x 24" or so {i'm guessing}, so you can trace them on your quilt, just by placing them on your machine, if you want.

couldn't agree more {photo below}.  the best thing to improve quilting?  choose the right needle.  and more importantly?change it often!

great, clear instructions!  the writing of this book is well done.
and a shot of her book #2, "more twice-quilted designs."  {i found a you tube video here}

these are two "must-have" resources for me, that helped me in my journey and ongoing passion for beautiful free motion quilting!  although likely available at amazon, ask your local quilt store, and try to support our local "sweet spot quilt shops" whenever you can!  

and remember ~  there is truly nothing like practice, and experience to build your free motion skills {and knowledge}.


be blessed ~

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Flashback ~ Montana Treasure

My first 'art' quilt.
  A time to challenge myself. 
To do something 'entirely my own.'  Scary thought! I was fearful. Knew I needed to 'get beyond' ... of wondering whether I could do anything beyond just following a pattern.  Don't get me wrong... I love patterns!  I love books --- love the artsy styles and hard work of all the wonderful, talented people who do inspire us so we can make them our own, in whatever way appeals to us.
But I wanted to start from 'scratch'  --- to look at a piece of fabric as a blank canvas upon which I would embellish, quilt, and let it evolve... and see where the journey led.
I began by playing with a few leftover pieces of patchwork; some strips that were cut into triangles, that intrigued me when I started playing, and placing them on this piece of commercial batik fabric.  When I did, something surprising happened; they prompted me to think about mountains and more.  Unplanned inspiration.  And  "Montana" was born. 
So after that... it seemed I knew the inspiration, but what do next?  I wanted to do foiling.  But had not a clue as to how to achieve it on fabric.  This was before I discovered Jones Tones glue/foiling products.  The silver metal foil is real silver leaf (seen below).  Not meant for fabric!  But I didn't know that.  So I applied the glue.  It soaked in to the fabric, and the leafing wouldn't stick!  But I kept at it.  I re-applied the glue.  Eventually, it began to get tackier, and although the leaf material didn't stick as I had planned and intended, the unpredictable result was so much BETTER than I had anticipated!!  It cracked and pulled apart... an exciting result and revelation in my eyes.
Let me say at this point, I remember working on this piece every evening, for most of the summer months.  A couple hours every evening... which involved alot of thinking, more than the actual quilting-couching-sewing in many ways.
I knew I wanted to do some bobbin play.  And I decided I just needed to start 'blind.'  By that I mean I began stitching from the backside of this piece, with thick thread wound in my loosened bobbin, and did 'random placement' stitching, not allowing myself to have expectations, or to plan exact placement.  

And... much to my surprise, when I turned the quilt around, even though I found I was stressed out and intimidated by doing it that way, I found a big beautiful surprise of happiness in the unplanned threadplay. I liked it.  I liked it ~ ALOT! And that gave me the confidence, to keep going... to pursue and allow ~ to enjoy and be free.

Further!  And further... wondering each time I did something different... metallic threads, painstiks... if I had pushed it beyond 'exciting' and into the mentality of "I've ruined it now."  Not a fun thought - but real.  I think that's true for many of us. We're so afraid of 'ruining a good thing.'  And too often, that's a trap.
And I found when I kept going, turning it back and forth from front to back, playing with the empty spaces... that those were great surprises which revealed further inspiration!  And one thing led to another... like leftover bits of a silk flower ribbon (above picture, lower left in a green and purple/red flower ribbon).   Slowly, my inspiration became 'all things I love about Montana' as I thought about the landscapes of wheat fields, prairies, mountains, rivers, and treasure.  Gold and silver which is what helped give this state it's nickname "The Treasure State." This visualization helped me in my stitching and application of other embellishment factors.

The last thing I did was to top it off with beading; always the very last thing I do on a quilt.  It is all done by machine, (without a foot and just a bare needle) with the exception of the large turquoise one in the center, right of the photo below.  And a big red teardrop shaped button (in the very first photo above).  Then I knew I was done.  The space was filled.  I had a happy, satisfied, thump in my heart. Mission accomplished.

And before I knew it, I had a piece that was unexpectedly Big Sky.  Treasure State.  And inspired by all that I love about this state ~ and more.

Wide-open plains.  
Majestic Mountains.  
Roaring rivers. 

Go Beyond. 
Be free.
Forget expectations.  
Just Be. 

God is waaaaaaay bigger~than the Montana Sky!

Joining Studio JRU! 
and The Rusted Chain 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Filling up the Space of Grace ~

Here's some of the progress I made this past weekend,  on my newest piece, "Grace."

FMQ on the letters is done is done with King Tut, 40 wt. 100% ELS cotton thread in white.  The FMQ for the all of the feathers has been done with Rainbows tri-lobals, 40 weight, variegated and solid polyesters.  And the bobbin thread for all of those top threads is Masterpiece 100% cotton ELS thread in the bobbin, matching the top thread, *for the most part*.
I hope you'll visit again to see the rest of it as I begin to finish up the details and the 'empty spaces!' 

EnJOY your day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feathers in Leather~

This was just tons of fun to quilt!  I loved doing it.  I can't wait to try out the suede fabric I bought too.  edit: See my 4/4/12 post "Rawhide" here for more info!
Yes, it is for sale --- in my Etsy shop here.
I first quilted the feathers in Rainbows, tri-lobal polyester, in a blue variegated combo, going back and outlining them about 3/8" apart in the same blue.
 I continued the blue quilting, for the outside space apart from the feathers, surrounding them with varying free motion quilting motifs.
I used Masterpiece in blue for the bobbin thread.  Worked beautifully!  I used a commercial batik from my stash for the backing.
I couldn't resist trying a little bit of 'hot' color, so I went with a solid orange, this time, a Ricky Tims Studio thread in a polyester, a 40 weight also, and for the 'hyper quilting' (as Patsy Thompson calls it), I used a variegated bright pink and orange combo in Rainbows once again.
I'm tickled with the results, really.  Although I would like to experiment with different shapes... so I'm ready to get back to doing more feathers, and figuring out some more designs.  If you're interested in feathers you cannot go wrong buying any of the books or DVD's from Patsy Thompson's website.  I learned what I know from her!!
 So whatdaya think?  Would you like to free motion quilt or play with this fabric?  Or does it interest you at all?  If so... would you like to win some?  If so... then see below!
If not - then thank you for your input!  I'm still looking for other types of leather fabrics... just haven't had time to get to the stores or do searching on the internet.  If you do, would you please let me know?  I'd love to hear about it!

April Blog Love --- here we go! I'll pick a winner for the fabric, from those who comment on this post... and I'll do that and announce it in my Monday morning, April 16th, post. I will send the winner a fat quarter size piece (or larger) of fabric. 
Soli Deo Gloria! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fruit of The Spirit ~ Finished!

Galatians 5:22-23:  "And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law."

For Sale In My Etsy Shop
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