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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{lakeside} ~ patchwork bobbin play with decorative stitches ~

hi friends ~

here's a little project i took to the lake and just a little 'happy time' sewing up decorative stitches.  i love these kind of projects.  for one thing, they aren't so bulky, and so they're easy to pack up.  i {only} brought eight spools of shiny, strong and gorgeous100% magnifico polyester thread to choose from... and then my next hardest decision was choosing the type of decorative stitch!  

i love using the bernina #20 open toe foot, and changing the needle position to the far right allows me great visibility and accuracy, as well it's just darn fun... to get really nice placement along the raw edge of the circular motifs:
then i switched to some pretty wonderfil thread i found in one of our quilt store excursions... i believe the spool is about a 12 wt.  perfect... for playing in the bobbin, and i eagerly wound some and then turned my project to the back and let it do it's thing, which amounts to "puttin' on the ritz" if you ask me!  of course, i had already stitched from the front side, so i had a great road map to place the bobbin thread to begin with.  i let the top tension "lose the thread battle" to a certain degree as you can see below - {the outter-most  stitch is the one i'm referring to} and this is a result of setting the top tension at a lower number rather than a higher one, so the bobbin thread {the thick stuff} 'wins the war' so to speak... and i let it because i loved the textural presence of how the tug-o-war changed the look of the stitch pattern.  ain't it cool? {well, i thought so!}  if you don't like that look, then raise the top tension {to a higher number} so the two threads meet in the middle!

and i don't want to forget to mention that i had all of these patchworks stabilized.  that's very important, so the stitches don't warp the surface area of the fabric/patchwork.  this time i chose a fusible fleece from OESD, and it works very nicely, adding a puffy bit from below as well as stabilization for the stitchwork.
it's pretty impressive as a satin-type, decorative stitch.  i love the texture, and the beautiful color it brings to this bright patch of stitchwork.  you can see a bit of it -- the white peeking out from below the top, in the last photo.

the fabric is a hand-dyed piece of velvet i dyed a few summers ago.  precious stuff!  and below are the patchwork pieces... i had brought three each of these two block types.
and that's how to have fun in my book!!

do i know what i'm going to do with them... exactly?!  heck no!  but now that i have them, i'm even more excited to play with figuring it all out!

bless your day!

Monday, August 3, 2015

kaffe fasset + feathers + bobbin play = #summerlove #gobold

happy august days!

and what a better color story to tell in the lovely summer days of bright colors, via kaffe fassett styled stripes and solids, with beautiful accents of bobbin play and quilted textures!

i'm making the most of all of my pre-cut 2.5" strips, and doing my best to get them finished up into something beautiful, practical, and absolutely useable for summer time living, and well into the fall season, too! 

here's my latest stripes and solids, with feathers this time, and lots of quilted fun, too:

enJoy your bright summery days... soon they will be long gone and we'll be stepping into the crisp air of fall... each day is a gift.

thank you for coming by the blog, and be sure to come back and see the gorgeous photos i took from a ten day break at the lake...

soli deo gloria!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

a retro confetti parade ~ courtesy of ex libris fabric panel by alison glass

well... hello!

i'm back from a sweet~sweet time at flathead lake with girlfriends, and it was a wonderful week {and a few days too!}

i have more about all of that coolness... later! 

time for a little blog catchin' up ~ here is a bit of fusible and experimenting with my accuquilt die cut, combined with  lots of thread, yarn, and quilting play action.... free motion couching, using the fabulous ex libris fabric line from alison glass on a dark brown background fabric from art gallery fabrics.  so smooth... so satiny looking.   can you say "in love" as a wonderful backdrop to the color?!  {you know 'i do' ~ pun intended!}

i pre-fused the ex libris panel fabric, and then ran it through with the teardrop shaped die from accuquilt.  i fused them on, creating an original "flower" shape... and then stippled quilted the flower surface, and then added free motion couching {love that bernina #43 free motion couching foot!!}

once all that was accomplished, i quilted with bobbin quilting {from the backside}... and then did some echo quilting on those shapes, which were quite similar to the accuquilt/fusible ones ...

i added a bit more of a spark by applying my zig zag stitch, free motion style.  this means i set the zig zag for width... {approx 3.0} but i control the "satiny" look of it by how i move the fabric... it looks like a satin zig zag, rectangle.... and then i switch to the straight stitch {also free motion} in between, and continue quilting the surface.  

and oh yeah, the purple thick thread i applied via bobbin play?  that is 'razzle dazzle' by superior as well!
i also used a superior threads "rainbows" style thread, which is variegated, 100% polyester thread.  fabulous!  and oh... "sew easy" ~ or ~ make that "quit easy!"  much of that is due to bernina's built-in temporary altered stitch memory, because once i set the zig zag width, it's just a touch of the #2 zig zag button, and it remembers the width, {or length}, {or tensions} or ... {needle position} for each and 
every stitch i employ! {and EnJoy!}

and hanging from my dining room wall, so you can see the entire piece.  not my most fave pic, but at least you can view the entire little runner.
have a blessed day!  it's a gorgeous one here as i hit the road for teaching collage at the sewing palace quilt shop
 in helena montana!  yahoo!
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

shalom ~ a peaceful girl collage

hi there ~

this collage was inspired by a watercolor i had painted of my daughter-in-law, and then created into a collage.  

i quilted the words, "piecing princess" into it as a special touch, as it will be also be a sample that will hang in the quilt shop, the sewing palace bernina, in helena, montana.

i do really enjoy quilting with the bobbin play action, silver metallic thread, and adding a pretty framing with a beautiful hand-dyed yarn couched free motion into the binding...

this will also be my newest pattern, and it will be called "shalom ~ peaceful girl." 

i had a great time putting her together, and i love the black and white printed fabric used for her hairdo,  as well as a half flower for the "bow" on the back of her dress.  

i designed this collage to specifically utilize the large scale flower stash i've accumulated; mostly from the the westminster line of fabrics, designed by kaffe fasset, brandon malby, etc.  

the "theme blooms" in the dress are from a line of fabric, "kanvas felicity floral berry" by the fabric company benartex.  and the color theme for the body of the dress is creamy whites, light blues, soft peachy-pinks with a hit of lavender, and pops of royal blues.

"blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."  {Matthew 5:9}

thank you for stopping in, and may you know  peaceful blessings today and beyond.

soli deo gloria,

Monday, December 22, 2014

true spirit of Christmas ~ wallhanging

merry morning to you all ~

i thank you for your sweet comments, your gift of time spent here on the blog with me.  and so, it lifts my heart up, as i lift it up to the Lord, in thanks and blessing for the gift of Christmas.  a gift that transcends fear, grief, and the untold, and told ~ tragedies of this world.  

may the Holy Spirit come and lift you up, make you and me brave, holy, and mighty in His love, and help us to live it out each and every day!  {amen}.
as you know ~ i love to write, and to quilt it.  and then paint it!  so this is a creation from my head, and it combines some of the sketchiness i've explored in watercolor, cards, and the sketchbook, of course, as well as some bobbin play with pretty iridescent thread.  
i wanted to keep it red and white, but in the end, i decided it needed just a small spark of green in the "framing" of it, so i added a beautiful green wool yarn, couched into the binding seam, using of course... the wonder #43 free motion couching foot.

it's been a big blessing to my heart to create this piece as i've been quilting and sewing while listening to christian radio, sermons, and of course, christmas carols in the studio.  a most wonderful time of year!

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Monday, September 22, 2014

a rosey black t-shirt with free motion embroidery ~

hi there, happy monday!

well, as i noted in my last post, as i was lamenting the troubles with the bleeding paints... note there is an upside! and that is simply that silks acrylic glazes work beautifully on the black t-shirt.  why?  i don't know!  i wish i did.  but ~ i washed it and it didn't run, bleed, nor did it fade what. so. ever!  hmm.  the picture below tells the story, after washing and drying: 
you see that elaborate painting style?  {uhhh not!} ... really simple... just some basic "c" shapes, and small ovals, circle-shapes... i blended the paint colors just a little bit... pretty simple.  add a few triangles for leaves, and you're good to go!

and i finished fine-tuning those simple shapes on my t-shirt with a bit of free motion thread action:
{and i like how the black fabric "shading" shows under the paint color}

and the stars of the show are; king tut, magnifico, masterpiece and fantastico threads, all from superior threads

i kept my threadplay pretty simple, too.  the painting laid down just a color base design, and all i really needed to do was add a bit of enhancement, or highlighting with the threadplay, or, what could be said to be free motion embroidery.

i first began with the king tut, in the center of each flower motif, utilizing the peachy color for a little bit of contrast.  then i went to the magnifico purple and periwinkle for the petals, and the fantastico  variegated green for the leaves. masterpiece {100% 50 wt cotton - beautiful}, was in my bobbin the whole time.  and a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle {from superior as well}.  and a ball point needle... yeah, well, i didn't have one.  but the titanium topstitch {from superior} worked like a dream, actually.  

i lowered my top tension if i needed to, depending on whether there was puckering, or if the threads were pulling too much one way or another.
so the acrylic paint, the silks glazes are shown with their color descriptions as well as the thread colors. {but i forgot the peach-colored one in the middle of the flower  - sorry about that}.  but... i couldn't quite let it be.  sometimes that is what sleeping does to me!!  lol.  things... ideas... inspiration sometimes won't leave me alone.  it happens often to me.  how about you?  so... let me hear what you think about the final detail i added, below:
 and it all begins with your bobbin. and a really beautiful, thick thread.  enter into stage right:  razzle dazzle thread. in beautiful, bright silver.  a black would have been good... but i didn't have that color... or purple, which i did have...  but one has to make a choice, so there you have it:   

i love the result.  and this will be a beautiful t-shirt i would be happy to wear and enJoy.  would you?

thanks for stopping in!  blessings on a fine day, {or week} ahead!

Friday, June 13, 2014

new born again crosses ~

i always enjoy making these. "born again" quilts, that become crosses fashioned from older paper quilts. 

similar to the process of one who has spoken the divine yes to Jesus.  when we die to self, we are born again.  the old is gone, and the new has come!  alleluia!

from old life to new~
from broken to whole ~

all of it dying to self. allowing a new life {His} to spring forth in us, just like living water bubbles up and out, so can our lives when the Holy Spirit comes to live within, bringing us everlasting, overcoming life, and sweet refreshment to each of us.

this particular cross is a favorite. it was cut up from a snowflake styled paper quilt, in which i'd embedded a hand-written note from my sweet friend and art teacher, katie twedt.  although she is gone, the love she spent and invested in me is not.  

thank God.  and... i'm so grateful.

she was so very special...  and perhaps i will have a room next to hers in heaven. 

God blessings abundant to you!
in His Glory and Grace
Soli Deo Gloria
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