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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fruit of The Spirit ~ Finished!

Galatians 5:22-23:  "And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law."

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life by The Spirit ~

There is an ongoing list in my head of options when it comes time to finish a project.  Stamping.  Angelina.  Screen prints.  Leftovers, organza, or fabric scraps I can't bear to throw away, pre-cut, fused flowers, ribbons and cords... At times, inspiration on 'what to do' with a piece, happens best when I just stop thinking, and begin.  The thinking isn't a hindrance, necessarily - but at some point, I just have to begin!  To 'dig in' and trust.
I also give consideration to quilting and sewing techniques I have learned:  from bobbin play, couching, to motifs for quilting, which often include a thought process about the color(s) or theme; Seasons?  Spring?  Words? Poetry or Scripture? And I have a journal (several of them in fact!) that I also look to for inspiration.  I've been doing these since I was a girl in high school.  It's alot of fun to go back and contemplate their contents!
And one thing... leads to another!  Kind of reminds me of a song I learned as kid "Put One Foot In Front Of The Other." (Click on the song title link to listen)

Then, the real inspiration for this piece dawned on me:  "The Fruit of The Spirit."  That is what this piece of fabric paper says to me; the hope in spring, perhaps - the texture, brightness and transparency of those clear colors, and more.
"...but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law." (Galatians 5:22)
And "sew let it be written - sew let it be done!"  Just borrowing from from the Ten Commandments in sewing terms!  It's a 'fun pun' !!!  LOL
There's more to come, hopefully with a little more time in the studio in the days to come... And for me to Glorify Him in the gifts He so generously gives ~ and He gives generously to all!  

Be Blessed,
EnJOY, (as 'in joy!')

Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple Tulips In The Works

I really enjoyed making this piece of paper fabric, from the post "A Wrinkle In Time" on Feb. 2nd.  I added several screen prints; the one below a beautiful tulip thermofax I received from Margaret Applin's shop, screened in white paint, on top of the fabric paper. 

I've started in... now what? 
Well, more threadwork as I answered myself. Specifically, free motion.  I want to explain how "to begin" with the bobbin play.  The first thing I recommend to my students, is "define your space" IF ... you want a specific placement for your thick threads.  And because this was stamped with a design... I DID!
I decided to stitch around the perimeter of the tulips, then began some bobbin play stitching, done from the back side, "blind" -- but because I stitched a general outline first, I knew where the shapes were on the front, as I followed the stitching.
 And I like this alot.  It's right up my alley, in the 'perfectly imperfect' -- that wabi sabi stitching world!

It needs a bit more stitching, but in another color.

And another!
Making progress...
 Time for some stem work...
Here are the stars of the "Thread Show" so far:
The threads: Superior Rainbows, with white Masterpiece on the bobbin.  A bit of the Art Studio colors from Superior, too. All of these are 100% polyesters. They performed beautifully for me with a top tension setting of 1.0 - even slightly less, and the best part? Why I choose polyester?  Well, in perfect timing, this info arrived in my email box, straight from the Superior newsletter:
Characteristics of Polyester Thread
Resistant to stretching and shrinking
Resistant to most chemicals
Quick drying
Crisp and resilient when wet or dry
Wrinkle resistant
Mildew resistant
Abrasion resistant
For more information about polyester, please visit their webpage.
I had a great time!  (Thanks for asking!) and onto more contemplation with the rest of 'what I'm a gonna do' to this piece!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Stitches in Time ~

Time --- stitching time that is --- to get the party started!
I played with piece, stamping 'mums' in white paint, using one of my rubber stamps.  Auditioning a few other embellishments, too...

Time to add a bit of bobbin play, using YLI Candelight styled thread.  Beautiful thread.  You can get the same color in Razzle Dazzle, by Superior, FYI!

I added some organza layers, too, just for the SHEER thrill of it!
While my machine's tension adjustment on the bobbin case was set up... I moved on to this next paper fabric piece with some bobbin play, too!  (Don't want her to feel left out).  Perhaps you will recognize the Tulip design as one from Margaret Applin's thermofax screens?  Go visit her blog!  You won't be sorry! So Beautiful.
 For the tulip piece, I changed to this creamy white thread which is a YLI brand pearl crown rayon, instead of the shiny iridescent thread on the pink piece.
I think I'll add some more threadplay to the tulips... but in what color, I don't know yet. I'm having a great time!  I hope you are too!

Thanks for checkin' it out! 
EnJOY ~ Leslie

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunshine! (And Couching!)

Wahoo! The sun is, and has been shining strong and bright on the first day of spring!  And... bonus! It's been above 70 degrees!  Another Wahoo!

What better time to feature (in more detail) a table runner I have titled "Sunshine and Satin."  It was a lot of fun to do, because I got to do three major techniques I really enjoy, employing my love of color. Free Motion Couching.  Free Motion bobbin play, and just fun free motion thread play in general!  Every last stitch on this piece is free motion, and there are at least five different thread choices, and many multiple quilting motifs, too.

And if you would like to learn more, I hope you will go to the BLOG for THREE CREATIVE STUDIOS and see my detailed post there tomorrow as Guest Artist for the Technique of the Month: Free Motion Couching.  

It will begin with the free motion couching foot --- the Bernina Foot #43.  Update 6/22/11: See it HERE at Three Creative Studios!

In that post, I have also set out my 'how-to's' for free motion couching! 

It was delightful to quilt on this luxurious cotton sateen fabric. Love how the quilting adds little poofs of dimension and shine!

And the free motion couching adds not only more color, but a texture that I personally find creative and attractive.

I like to try to attempt 'the unexpected' in my quilting and design process.  

The variegated yarn I've used in my free motion couching foot (foot #43 from Bernina) is a wool, beautifully hand-dyed from Mountain Colors Yarn Company in Montana.

And I have also used a smaller, and a bit more delicate, hand-dyed yarn, from Artfabrik, made by Laura Wasilowski; Queen of the Chicago School of Fusing.   Such pretty colors! This is a slightly thicker thread, meant for hand stitching or bobbin work... and since it doesn't 'fill up' the hole in the center of the #43 foot, I let it have it's 'wiggle room' and it ends up being a wavy presence on the edge that I like alot.  Enjoy those happy, and unexpected results!

I decided to add a touch of country to the satin... so on went the crochet trim -- free motion applied, of course.  More couching on the edge of the trim... just for FUN ... and because... I CAN!
Don't stop there! I also free motion couched around the outside edges right next to the binding. I like how it adds a framed look to many of my pieces.

Here's to hoping you will want to try your hand at embellishing, and find your very own... free motion couching style!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pot Luck AppliqueThreadplay!

This has been my 'learning curve' (pun intended!) ... my project for the weekend applying a potluck of applique sewing techniques. 
All of a sudden, (Saturday night) I had a big issue with skipped stitches.  I tried everything I could think of; have known to do without much success.  My husband then just happened to remark to me that a storage door was sticking... and I quickly responded "it's swelling from all the moisture in the air." Then...  it dawned on me, (duh!) what was wrong.  My threads are swelling, just like the door.  Humidity.  Rain... rain... rain.  We've had so much rain and flooding! More... on the way.  Sigh.

So I instantly switched to a bigger needle; a size 100 topstitch needle, and problem solved. (Relief flooded me!)

Learning the intricacies of playing with sheer fabrics has been a fun challenge!  And, I was very happy to find those types of fabrics 60% off at JoAnn Fabrics, Saturday morning.  The lady cutting my fabric was quite intrigued with me buying half yards of six different colors. I answered her it was for free motion quilting and applique with freezer paper. She was perplexed, and asked me to come back and show my finished project!
I had a few 'flops' (ugh) and I need more practice, but I'm finally getting the swing of it a bit more.  I think I'm gonna like using that flimsy organza stuff!  It's so pretty... and ethreal.  Here's a little sample I finished:

I'm playing with ideas for patterns, projects and inspiration which will be the focus of a weekend workshop I plan to teach this fall. 

So fun! Much simpler than you may imagine. No fusible web involved!  The freezer paper templates were a breeze to work with.
 The one above is my own design; it's not quite finished yet, but close. The source of this little project?  It's Libby Lehman's "A Day of Threadplay" video.  

If you've never had the opportunity to be a student in Libby Lehman's classes, jump on it! But in the meantime, her video is well worth it if you think you might like this type of project.
 I enjoyed her techniques, and saw more than a couple good tips  that I will put to excellent use!
What do you think?  Is this little project something you would be interested enough to try?  

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