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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Art of Words ~

I have always loved words. And even as a young girl, I always enjoyed practicing my writing.  {although you wouldn't know that now!}  

But I have always enjoyed the art of words.

I had seen these words for quite awhile, but just couldn't get inspired much by them. Until I started decopauging with the painted canvases.  
I bought these large chipboard words, at Hobby Lobby late this summer when I was in Billings {the only Hobby Lobby in Montana} for a work conference.  They were quite inexpensive, less than $4 so I thought what the heck - a fun little experiment, if nothing else. 

I began with tissue paper, white and black, and then added other kinds of papers, too.  Sometimes I added acrylic paint for color.
And when I purchased them, I thought they would be so fun to decopauge with tissue paper, paints, and more... {and they were!}
I even added some acrylic words... words on top of words!
I was inspired to try my hand at these, preparing for the November Show at Liberty Village Arts Center.  I think they are a fun craft for kids, and thought that since some of the art classes would come through the show, it might inspire them, too.
It was sweet to add some of these little acrylic word embellishments I've had in my scrapbooking supplies from years ago. I also added some stamps, put paint through punchinella, and used all kinds of fun, colored paints to the one's below.
This would be a very fun activity for young kids {of any age - ahem!} like ~ say to keep kids occupied over the Christmas holidays. They could personalize them in {at least} a dozen different ways, or more!
They could write love notes, on top of the love word!  Or... their favorite things... their favorite words!  Poems they had written... or anything at all...
It all begins with simple word... a little imagination and lots of decopauge.  {and lots of soap and water for simple clean-up~}

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