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Friday, August 28, 2015

a vintage heart ~ collage pillow

greetings this last friday of august ~ oh gosh, i wish it weren't so, although a bit of cool and rainy fall weather i pray, is desperately needed here in the west to battle the tremendous fires happening in this area.  the smoke is the worst i've ever seen it here in central montana.

back in the sewing studio, a custom order arrived earlier this summer. it contained moda fabric ~ "amberside" is the name, and with it, a vintage linen; an embroidered bread basket linen. cool!  she asked me to design it into a collaged pillow.  i adapted this from my "heart to give" collage pillow pattern, and i just finished it earlier this week. 
after creating the collaged heart, i stipple quilted it with 100% polyester {40 wt} thread, with 100% masterpiece {50 wt} cotton in the bobbin.
 and yesss... there is a new baby in town in my studio; the bernina Q20 mid-arm ~ more on that later! 
i decided to apply a trapunto-styled layered effect under the heart-linen portion for added depth and softness. 
and then trimmed away the extra, following the perimeter of the stitching on the outside edges of the linen {seen above}
i loved those darling sweet hand appliqued corners:
and i added another layer of batting to the whole surface area of the pillow, and then quilted a diagonal line in the checkered border:
this is the pillow top, finished and hanging from the line:

sweetheart swirls in the quilting motif, add to the overall elegance and charm of this vintage linen, don't you think?

and a few of the tiny collaged flowers; these are only about one inch in size ~ {sometimes cut in groups} or added singly, add a special touch on the perimeter:

and the finished pillow ~ about 17" will look great stuffed with an 18" pillow form {all i had on hand was 16"} and i love the pretty coordinated binding, from which i cut some of the tiny collaged, fused flower shapes from ~  'amberside' by moda:
oh... and that icky ol' smoke casts such a yellow light on all my images... oh for some clear blue skies... 

anyway ~ have a grand day!
soli deo gloria

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

more tula pink inspiration and collage aPeel pattern now available ~

hi there ~

yes, it's more of those timeless, classic shape ~ orange peels!  this time i've made up my new pattern into a smaller venue ~ and a slightly different collage kind of "view" too!

this new pattern is now available in the shop, too.  i also have new samples of the pattern hanging at the quilt-a-way here in great falls and the sewing palace in helena, mt.  it's so easy-peasy, a lovely lap quilt, or wall hanging, and easily made smaller, or larger by adding more blocks.  

i chose a classic colorway in the image below; the lovely duo of turquoise blues and orange... it's very fun to vary with all kinds of ideas bursting forth!  again, a bit of sketchy quilting, which is also a good option for new free motion quilters:
this one is available for purchase in my etsy shop, too!
the size on this version finished to  31" square.

 next up is the "tula pink" inspiration ~ again created from her fabric line "elizabeth."  these little bouquets were left when i cut out the faces of this fabric, and i just love their curvy, elegant silhouette on top of this orange peel block. it's a lovely spark of color to this periwinkle blue and turquoise blue batik version:
these shapes... could easily be created into ... butterflies, too!  don't you think?  for the quilting, i chose to take my inspiration from the border, and quilted circles throughout, keeping them nice and tight, covering as many edges as i could when quilting:
my tip:  it always helps to cut a tiny, small edged border {about 1/16" or so} around detailed delicate shapes. this helps them separate from the background, adding that subtle bit of contrast and visual interest, adding to the dimension overall:
again, i covered the edges with lots of quilting, keeping it nice and close.
hey... did you notice the curvy edge on one side of the orange peel shape?  i hand cut that...wanna know how it happened?  it was one of those oopsies!  i mis-cut the orange peel shape, when rolling fabric through the cutter, cutting off some of the top edges.  but!!  look what happens, just cut a curvy edge, or change up the shape as you think might be fun, and go for a new look! and it's just another little bit of an interesting, soft textural line, too!  

my pattern retails for $12 and includes a nice, full color picture, tips and hints for fusing and cutting from a die, and detailed instructions.

thanks for coming by!
soli deo gloria

Monday, August 24, 2015

collage aPeel ~ my newest pattern {coming soon!}

happy monday fellow fabric, quilter and sewing buddies!

... and happy summer quilting days!

this is a fun quilt i've been happily spending summer hours working on, writing instructions for a new pattern. based on that sweetly wonderful, classic 'orange peel' quilting shape.  cut quickly and accurately through the accuquilt Go! system. i simply used  an orange peel die shape, and a 5" block shape... and steam a seam lite 2!


i fused all my orange peel fabrics to the steam a seam lite 2 first ~ in blue/turquoise batiks in light, medium and dark values. and then the play action began.  finished with fused flowers, {from my great stash!}. i used two different scales for the flowers; large and small.  the largest is about 5-7 inches in diameter, and the small ones are about 2-3" or so in diameter.  give or take!

quilted with black cotton thread for a sketchy look around the flowers, and in the border.

and then i also quilted  with white cotton thread for the background blocks. all very sketchy, and just free and fun.

this is what that quilting looks like from the backside, as the black shows up so well:

and black outlining around the flowers in the center of each of the blocks:

black and white.  {and lots of color} and collaged-type of technique, is truly easy... and magical!  

i'm so excited to announce this is my newest pattern, coming to the etsy shop soon!  it's so fun to make it several other sizes... and i will show those soon, too!

enJoy ~
soli deo gloria

Friday, August 21, 2015

tula pink's elizabeth ~ a table runner collage style

happy friday folks!

we're so much smoke now, as it travels from the western states of washington, oregon, idaho, and so the smokey smell is especially heavy in the air, this last week especially.  oh Lord do we need your refreshing rain, and we ask for protection for all the firefighters and support people, and more. 

the upside is that if you have to be indoors {and i do as it plays heck with my allergies}, then it's time to sew!! {or clean house} but back to sewing...

and so... more collage. collage. collage!  yes, i cut floral motifs almost every day... still.  and it gives me such a wonderful variety, and i appreciate having a palette of great choices!  i'll take a photo to show you later how i organize, and store my lovely "box of collage stash" that i draw from ~ literally! 

so here is the latest i've made, in a simple runner, using those "different" {but very creative} tula pink fabric line, "elizabeth" faces... i loved this rustic shabby gray dot on creamy fabric is by timeless treasures fabrics of soHo, the pattern is 'ophelia'  and think it makes a nice background:

i usually keep the quilting to the actual collage flowers to a smaller stipple, and then graduate to a larger different quilting motif in the centers, and then back again.  i kept the quilting pretty simple, and blended the thread color with the quilt using a 50 weight cotton on the top and bottom for thread choices.  

my tip:  when you're not very confident in your free motion quilting, or when you don't want the threadplay to "take over"... then choose a light colored thread that blends with the background fabric, and choose a simple quilting motif/style.  

i like the subtle texture it brings, and it allows the "elizabeth" styled motifs to be the focus.  and... another finish!  {always a good thing.}

bless your day!
soli deo gloria

Sunday, July 12, 2015

collage inspiration and winners!

hello ~  time nearly got away from me; have been travelling lately visiting my dad and mom in billings mt, and cleaning... {make that purging} our entire home!  yay!  {feels sooo good}.  and ... lots of great exercise!  {maybe not so much}.  but a workout for sure, hauling boxes and books, fabric, patterns, clothing, knick knacks... and "inheritances" i've stored of my gramma and mom's things.  time to "make a way!"

in the meantime, i am honored to share a beautiful collage from my "painted pony" ~ sunblossom pattern. this one made by my friend chris from washington, who will also be teaching this collage class in her area and quilt shop located in mount vernon washington, to be specific!  yay!   i love the quilting!  {go figure}!  but i also lvoe the entire creative way she put her together, and so one more inspirational piece for you to be encouraged to make your very own masterpiece collaged and quilted art! 
and a buffalo that WON first place in the Abilene TX quilt show this june! created by my friend vickie.  it's very very wonderful!  i love the personality this buffalo exhibits!  it's really quite charming!  she added the extra leg in the back, too, as i did.  {and i love that tail!!} and... vickie is working on a st. bernard dog now, too!  wouldn't we love to see that one?  {yes!}

and then just a roundup... highlights and reposting some photos that i hope will keep on... or further inspire you to jump into the magical world of collage:

and the winners of my pattern give-a-way ~ courtesy of mr. brian mcneil... who randomly picked three numbers, and they are:

comment #16 from "kathyE" and you win BOTH of my newest patterns: "big blooms" and "my cup overflows" ~ congratulations!

AND... {that's not all!}  of course, if you've been reading my blog, you know i always love to add something "more"... and to offer a bit more than what was expected... because it is a blessing to me to do so!  the next winners are:

#21 commenter "vickie" ~ you win one pattern... of your choice!

#7 commenter "allisonCB" ~ you also win a pattern of your choice!

just contact me with information, and i'll get these out to you soon!

thanks for supporting my etsy store, and this blog ~ i am grateful, and always blessed!  it's fun, and i love doing it, sharing, growing and learning with all of you.  i so appreciate all of your kind comments, words of encouragement, and know that i enjoy hearing from each one of you!!

oh, and i almost forgot ~ because i was late posting ... i've EXTENDED the SALE in my etsy shop until JULY 15th! the coupon codes: 30PERCENT for 30% off any item {not just patterns but the whole store} or you can also use coupon code 5DOLLARSOFF any purchase $12 minimum, in my posted  here!

thank you!
bless your july day!
soli deo gloria

Friday, June 26, 2015

pattern giveaway and etsy shop sale ~

good morning glories!

happy summer, and happy give-a-way day!  today, i am announcing my summer give-a-way of two of my newest collage patterns, including a sale in my etsy shop, too ~  

first, the sale details.  $5 off any collage pattern with a minimum purchase of $12.  use code 5DOLLARSOFF when checking out.


choose code 30PERCENT for 30% off any item over $24, including patterns, and as many as you would like. that would mean the total savings on a $24 pattern is $8 off!  {it's a hot deal!}   psst: there's a bonus ~ as a special thank you, i'll be adding some fun pre-cut and pre-fused collage goodies to each pattern sold!

note: these sale codes will expire Sunday, JULY 12th.

now for the giveaway ~ i'm giving away TWO patterns; one each of 'my cup overflows' and 'big love bouquet' collages. all you need to do to enter is comment here on this blog post!  for an extra entry, share this blog post on any social media, and comment back here with the link showing you did so. you have until friday july 10th to do so.  i'll pick a winner and announce it here on the blog saturday, july 11th!  

in other pattern news, i've developed a second pony version; this one is called "toni's pony" and is just a variation of the original 'sun blossom' collage pony pattern.  so if you'd like to order the pony pattern in the "toni's pony version", just let me know in the remarks section on etsy, and i'll change out the cover to suit your preference.

and... i've completed another new collage; {see below}... and let me know what you think ~ pretty please?!

here's the fawn!  she's  getting  her legs untangled, and ready to hop quick after momma.  this one is inspired by the all the sweet, new june babies we've been seeing in our countryside.

have a great day, and thank you for coming by!  best of luck to you, too, on the give-a-way!  

soli deo gloria!

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