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Thursday, May 28, 2015

it's a big love bouquet collage ~

hello ~

"big love bouquet"
i had only a couple  guidelines in mind when creating this  brand new design:
~ use graphic fabrics from my stash
~ incorporate multiple large fused flower shapes
~ add words 
have fun...
don't forget to smile working it all out...
keep it simple...

remember... how sweet it is ~ life is good!
and it's okay to say goodbye {using it up} to this sweet hand dyed yarn!  i used it in the border of the binding, using my {bernina#43 free motion couching foot.  this tiny little bit is all i have left.  thanks for a great time pretty yarn!
and the quilting is "straight-forward" as a manner of speaking!  i used a 90/14 topstitch needle, 40 wt. king tut thread on the top, and black 50 wt masterpiece in the bottom; all from superior threads.  then stitch away, using the dual feed feature, or use a walking foot; either works smooth as glass!!  i began by marking a straight line down the middle of the quilt with a disappearing ink kind of pen, and then use my foot as the width guide as i stitch from one end to the other.  my tip:  keep the lines uneven!  it makes for a more interesting texture {in my humble opinion ~ and personal preference}!

i'm writing a pattern for this design, too ~ coming... soon!

soli deo gloria

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

paris gibson garden in a peachy tablerunner collage ~

hi everyone ~

just when ya think you know a computer program, some 'update' comes along, and it gets "migrated" into another program... and then we seem to have internet issues... you know... all that jazz! 

in the meantime, i've been developing some other ideas for tablerunners using my fused flower shapes... creating, drafting, running to the print shop... re-writing... and writing  new patterns, and of course, quilting them... and that has been very fun!  {more to come} 

today's it's about  a more dainty variation of my new "paris gibson garden" tablerunner collage pattern. with a color theme of light pinks, cream, coral and peach with hints of gold and gray-greens, it's got a softer overall look on a subtl printed fabric background. i quilted it with a solid gold {superior's 40 wt magnifico polyester}.  

this variation utilizes medium to smaller flowers, and more open spaces... but my favorite feature  is the the two groupings of flowers that i placed off-center, in the middle, which makes a lovely accent to a vase or whatever one might place in the actual center of this piece...  

and if you look closely, you can see that the tinier flowers are kept in groups, but look delicate, and yet hold their own in the overall design of this runner, which makes them easier to cut, and fun to place! 

have a great day, and thanks for coming by!  i'll be showing {and giving away a pattern or two} ... soon!

soli deo gloria

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

shalom ~ a peaceful girl collage

hi there ~

this collage was inspired by a watercolor i had painted of my daughter-in-law, and then created into a collage.  

i quilted the words, "piecing princess" into it as a special touch, as it will be also be a sample that will hang in the quilt shop, the sewing palace bernina, in helena, montana.

i do really enjoy quilting with the bobbin play action, silver metallic thread, and adding a pretty framing with a beautiful hand-dyed yarn couched free motion into the binding...

this will also be my newest pattern, and it will be called "shalom ~ peaceful girl." 

i had a great time putting her together, and i love the black and white printed fabric used for her hairdo,  as well as a half flower for the "bow" on the back of her dress.  

i designed this collage to specifically utilize the large scale flower stash i've accumulated; mostly from the the westminster line of fabrics, designed by kaffe fasset, brandon malby, etc.  

the "theme blooms" in the dress are from a line of fabric, "kanvas felicity floral berry" by the fabric company benartex.  and the color theme for the body of the dress is creamy whites, light blues, soft peachy-pinks with a hit of lavender, and pops of royal blues.

"blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."  {Matthew 5:9}

thank you for stopping in, and may you know  peaceful blessings today and beyond.

soli deo gloria,

Monday, May 4, 2015

toni's pony' ~ collage with sun blossom pattern

hi folks ~

yup.  another pony; a different version of the original, and also created from my newest collage pattern, "sun blossom."  only this girl was made especially for the lady who owns the quilt shop i teach in, miss toni!  done in some of toni's favorite colors, orange and purple.  with pops of peach, red, black and white:
oh.  that gorgeous background fabric?  nothing but another original beauty from one of my most favorite dyers everrrr... miss vicki welsh! i snagged up this sweet fabric recently, and i'm so glad i did!

velvet for the ears {naturally!}

bobbin play for the quilting, in a shape that emulates some of the collaged floral motifs in this sweet little pony.
i do love-love all that cool texture!
and a few sparkles on those butterflies... just because.  well.  you know why, right?  because... i can!  you may recall i used this same little glitzy embellishment on the little bags i made last summer?  

more butterfly kisses, for sure!
really excited at how fun this little girl is; and toni loves her!  she's hanging up at the quilt-a-way for toni and her customers to enjoy.  

and i have two new patterns; a pillow heart collage, a 22" pillow with an envelope back, newly listed for sale in my etsy shop, and a table runner pattern coming in a day or so.

we just finished up a fourth collage class, and #5 is now set for May 29th and 30th, a friday and saturday at the quilt-a-way.  

AND... yes!  {more collage ideas are popping up}.  and, i'm also so excited to be teaching a two-day collage class for one of my other favorite shops, the bernina sewing palace in helena montana.  this class will be july 29th-30th, a wednesday and thursday.  they have tons of samples of my work, some inspired from laura heine's patterns, as well as my own patterns, so stop in and say hi if you are there!!

blessings on your day.  i'm off to the print shop!  :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

my painted pony collage ~ sunblossom is here!

hello ~

"he's here...  he's here!"

those were  the very words i exclaimed as i ran from the pasture into my parent's house early one morning... after having checked on our paint mare, "spook" who was due to foal any day that spring morning back in 1970.  i was so incredibly excited to find my dream come true ~ that pretty little foal had arrived ... at last!  i'd waited what seemed like forever for a horse of my own!  

so, while back in 1970, that sweet little foal was born a "he" and i named him "echo" ... this little foal has much the same feel for me!  not a "he" but a "she" and her name is sun blossom!  

"she's here... she's here!"

and so i chose a backdrop of a sunrise colored, hand dyed fabric for my sweet baby filly's arrival... 
and some bobbin quilted daisies ... and a bit of silver beads done by machine beading for an extra special glow...
 butterfly kisses on cute little curious soft noses..

and ummm, yes... hot pink "fluorescent" thread in magnifico, as well as razzle dazzle, king tut and masterpiece were all put to fabulous play on this darlin' ~ all by superior threads, {of course!}

and yes... i've spent many hours developing the pattern, too! it will be ready later next week, and i'm offering it at a 20% discount if you pre-order by next friday, april 24th.  {code BLOSSOM20} in my etsy store}
happy dear friday!
i'm so excited!
i pray you enjoy all the blessings of new life, and {more} springtime loves today!  i'm so grateful for mine...
soli deo gloria!

Monday, April 6, 2015

collaged hearts ~ decorative pillows

hi there everyone ~

i trust you had a beautiful easter!  we sure did.  

i am still {loving} to cut up flowers!  and while i've got more than a few ~ okay ~ way tooooo many ideas and irons in the fire... cutting fused flowers is just part of my daily routine these days.  seriously.  brushing teeth, washing face, cutting shapes!  can't go to bed until i've cut a few?!  well... something like that!  lol

today, i'm showing details of a special custom order for a trio of these sweet, heart collages, in a decorative, quilted pillow case, with an envelope back.  

i was asked to quilt a special phrase, too. and i enjoyed adding special details with butterflies, words and black thread play around them, which makes the total look more fun:
these are finished to about 20 inches square, and an 18" pillow insert can be  easily removed for washing the pillows when needed.

{forgot to take a photo of the envelope style back!}

i'm going to make a couple more, they are so darling.  

and yes.  more collages!  in between photography sessions, spring flowers, yard work, quilting and ... perhaps a few sessions of cleaning up my studio!!  well, you know how it goes!

i'm so very thankful,
soli deo gloria!

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