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Friday, June 26, 2015

pattern giveaway and etsy shop sale ~

good morning glories!

happy summer, and happy give-a-way day!  today, i am announcing my summer give-a-way of two of my newest collage patterns, including a sale in my etsy shop, too ~  

first, the sale details.  $5 off any collage pattern with a minimum purchase of $12.  use code 5DOLLARSOFF when checking out.


choose code 30PERCENT for 30% off any item over $24, including patterns, and as many as you would like. that would mean the total savings on a $24 pattern is $8 off!  {it's a hot deal!}   psst: there's a bonus ~ as a special thank you, i'll be adding some fun pre-cut and pre-fused collage goodies to each pattern sold!

note: these sale codes will expire Sunday, JULY 12th.

now for the giveaway ~ i'm giving away TWO patterns; one each of 'my cup overflows' and 'big love bouquet' collages. all you need to do to enter is comment here on this blog post!  for an extra entry, share this blog post on any social media, and comment back here with the link showing you did so. you have until friday july 10th to do so.  i'll pick a winner and announce it here on the blog saturday, july 11th!  

in other pattern news, i've developed a second pony version; this one is called "toni's pony" and is just a variation of the original 'sun blossom' collage pony pattern.  so if you'd like to order the pony pattern in the "toni's pony version", just let me know in the remarks section on etsy, and i'll change out the cover to suit your preference.

and... i've completed another new collage; {see below}... and let me know what you think ~ pretty please?!

here's the fawn!  she's  getting  her legs untangled, and ready to hop quick after momma.  this one is inspired by the all the sweet, new june babies we've been seeing in our countryside.

have a great day, and thank you for coming by!  best of luck to you, too, on the give-a-way!  

soli deo gloria!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

summer mixed media journal season is here ~

hello summer!
75 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunshine and a shady patio.
perfection defined!
... and a new season for making
mixed media journals begins.
i grab {just a few} key art supplies: 
 washi tape, paper words,
pens, little scrappy knick knacks n'such, 
{because, let's face it, it would take hours upon hours
 to bring it all outdoors!}
and then... get to work ~ playing!
 doodling n' glueing.
WARNING: there is a wild border collie waiting in 
the forest who will chew up any falling, wayward rolls
of washi tape --- in a heartbeat!
 hmmm.  as i was saying... 
sitting in the shade, playing, visiting with the pups,
and listening to the birds sing....
i do all the messy glueing, cutting and such in my studio in the basement of our home, and the papers i'm using are my own original prints, made from monoprints from my  gelli plate, stencils, stamps, deli paper, dimensional paste or paint, and just plain ol' acrylic paint! 
i add other texture from stamping onto heavy paper, cutting out {butterflies}, using some of my older scrapbook ephemera, old book pages, etc.  
 and then i doodle away.

 my personal favorites and most-used supplies are stencils, or thermofax screens i've purchased from stencilgirlproducts, many designed by creative friends like terri stegmiller and margaret applin.  but anything goes... yup!  so i begin by making a super big mess with paint...  and then clean up, clear off the table and and then choose from my dried paper stash, glueing them to the fronts and backs of blank paper journals i've purchased from craft stores, or goodwill.

some of my most favorite papers to use as empherma are prayers or quotes, {which i've printed out} by susie larson, or pages from favorite books by emily freeman, and ann voskamp, and many others, too.

so far, my favorite collage glue is "collage pauge" by tracis bautista {purchase at craft stores}.

... many ~ many happy hours later... 
i'll have a stack of a dozen or so journals.
soli deo gloria

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

shalom ~ peaceful girl ~ floral collage version two ~

hello ~

this is the second version of my new "shalom" collage quilt pattern, from the shalom pattern, this time using aqua green, purple, and ocean blues, with pops of pink and whites. this sweet girl is now hanging up in the quilt away shop in great falls. 

once again, i designed it to use a gorgeous background of hand dyed fabric, my favorite "signature" style.  while i've had this piece of fabric for a few years, it was just the right colorway, with hints of purple and a beautiful depth of blues.  this time, i collaged the girl first, choosing lighter florals, and then chose the background for the design.  i wish i knew which dyer made this beautiful fabric... but it is likely from my friend chris daly, who operates  woodland ridge retreat; a quilting retreat business as well.  {you can like her facebook page, and a blog to follow too}. she doesn't have as much time these days to dye, so it was a special treat to find this piece in my stash, purchased several years ago ~ and perfect for this little lady's floral dress.

vicki welsh also creates similar gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics and lists them in her etsy store...  so i know you will find exactly what you need!

and i kept the quilting muted, using a thread that blended, but applied my free motion quilting with lots of textural interest, changing it up a bit in styles, but also adding ... once again, my signature bobbin play. a bit of free motion mctavishing-style, with bubbles, and large big flowers that i picked up from the style of the large white flowers in her dress.  it's always fun to draw inspiration from the beautiful florals...

below, the flower is seen without a third row of stitching, which will come inside the bobbin/thick thread... as you will see further below...
i love the half flower as the bow on her dress, and i didn't quilt it as heavily so it would remain dimensional, as seen in the photo below:

the photo below depicts the third row of stitching on the outside edges of the flower.  i did not quilt them in the order you see them...   i always do the bobbin play first, and then i add other rows of echo-type stitching ~ inside and outside ~ the flower motif.  i wanted them to be puffy... but not empty. 

i love the lacey look the orange ruffled floral adds to the underlay of the skirt, adding lots of dimension, and realism, too.  notice that i deliberately placed her so that skirt flows a bit to the right, as i like this angle as a more creative flow with her walking away.  and i love to tuck in a few flowers in the hair, too!  
happy summer days to you all!
and His peace:
"peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; 
not as the world gives do I give to you. 
let not your heart be troubled, 
neither let it be afraid."
{John 14:27} 
thanks for coming by!
soli deo gloria

Thursday, June 4, 2015

fiesta tablerunner #2 with kaffe fasset and alison glass ~

well... here she is.  another version of the kaffe fasset stripes and shot cottons, paired with a new panel out in the market now, from alison glass.  it's called "ex libris" and although i don't have a photo of the panel, it's contains four circles, all a type of collage, in a color wheel setting, and it can be purchased on a gray or white backing i believe.  i purchased mine at the sewing palace bernina when i was in helena mt a few weeks ago. i will  be teaching the collage class for them, july 29th and 30th, and have joined their roster as a regular teacher of other new classes in the fall. i'm excited, honored and privileged to be doing more... of what i love: creating, teaching, and learning.  more! 

while this tablerunner isn't what i would call "collage" ~ it is beautifully colorful and simple to do!  as i said in yesterday's post, jelly roll strips are the catalyst for creating a striking, and simple design.  i cut the alison glass panel circles into halves, and fused them on with steam-a-seam2 lite.

then... adding a bit of punch with a basic utility stitch that is on almost every machine out there... the "triple straight stitch."  it does actually stitch three times, in one place, and builds up the thickness and presence of the thread.  i chose a variegated 40 wt. 100% egyptian cotton thread ... this one is king tut from superior threads... so pretty!! 

my tip:  lengthen the stitch out to the max!  for me, this is length of 6.0, as far as my machine would go.  test your tension, and drop it down a small bit as needed.  i also used superior's masterpiece 50 wt egyptian cotton in the bobbin.   i didn't measure the lines, with the exception of marking a center line, and from then on, i just used the edge of my foot as a guide, and engaged the dual feed on my bernina 830.  a walking foot will certainly do the job well, too.

i also decided to switch stitches every other row.  i did this quite easily by just touching the plain ol' basic straight stitch, lengthening it out a bit too... about 4.0 to 4.5 or so... give or take your personal preference.  and then for each row of stitching, all i had to do was touch one stitch or the other, as the temporary altered stitch memory in my machine remembers the setting on each stitch.  easy-peasy!  

i did take an extra step and effort to switch the bobbin thread color every 5-6 lines of stitching or so.  why?  well, because it just looks so cool on the back!  you'll see it down below... and i don't get too caught up whether the lines are 'perfect' and straight or even.  not even!  just have fun, because an uneven line now and then is part of the charm!

dream team look, with basic skills:

so that's how it finishes.  fun. easy. and really quite simple and straightforward {pardon the pun}!  i love it.  and i hope you will love to try this fun application too!

soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

fiesta tablerunner collage #1 ~ bold and beautiful kaffe fasset

good morning glories ~

it's pretty doggone simple.  a  "jelly roll" of kaffe fasset fabric in solids and stripes ~ you know, those attractive pre-cut 2.5" strips in such pretty colors.  add {extra leftovers} of pre-fused floral shapes... and there you go.  a beautiful and bright collage; a sweetly casual and very practical and fun summery table topper in completed in just a couple hours. 

i actually made two from the jelly roll bundle i had... this one i quilted free motion style.  it would be super fun to stitch it in straight lines... which is exactly what i did what the other half!  {i'll show it later}.  so. fun. quick.  easy!  {what more could ya ask for?!}

i added a solid kaffe shot cotton for the backing.  i love how the quilting makes it 'pop' and it totally makes it reversible if you need to "calm things down" a bit!!  lol

so come on in, sit at my table, and enjoy the view of gorgeous color!

oh.  and by the wayside... no planning.  i just randomly sewed the strips, alternating solid with stripe.  
and my thread of choice was superior's king tut variegated in the top, and masterpiece in the bobbin.  my 'go-to' team of threads!
and backside:

yes!  i had a great time.  i'm pleased with how this turned out, and yes... they are both now listed in my shop, too. and with many happy hours later, stitching up strips of color, i hope to explore some other options and designs.  we shall see! 

soli deo gloria!
blessings abundant to each of you,
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