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Monday, April 13, 2015

spring sweet treats ~

good monday morning friends ~

it's been a flurry of activity, i'm sure, for many.  teaching classes. easter.  easter eggs, and how about those first blooms of spring!  the flowers have me so absolutely captivated.  how about you?!

i have been keeping an eye peeled for these gorgeous delicate hyacinth blooms, that delicious bright spring green we seem to crave... as seen from our local beautiful park, paris gibson...
and my favorite furry purple crocus!  they were not quite fully blooming, but they were spectacular...
He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed!!  Thank you Lord!
oh yes.  collage.  never too far from my mind these days.  and i'm so happy to continue to teach this popular class!!  they've been so much fun. if you have a few minutes and would like to be inspired by my student's lovely creations, check out The Quilt Away's facebook page!

and... i'm ever so very excited about my next piece. here's a bit of a sneak peek of my from my design table:
and such a pretty easter table with sparkly goodness. we had such a beautiful celebration sharing the joy of life and the sweet fellowship of family in Christ:
and... look at these adorable baby jackets! my friend annette's creations... she's so good with the details... take them in, and be inspired!  
the denim and patchwork... now that just sings to me of cuteness!
and i'm loving her whimsical free motion play on the back of each jacket!  
wooden buttons ... a classic style that is never out of trend!
how about those plaid pockets and... oooh!  those buttons with the cute little bit of red thread or yarn?!!

it's the "cute as a button"  baby jacket pattern by jackie clark!

and i had the sweet blessing of celebrating a birthday this early april, too!  i was blessed my many lovely greetings, on social media, and just look at this funny card!  it's one of my favorite birthday cards everrrr!
happy spring y'all!!
be blessed.
be amazing.
be in His peace.
"you will keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on you,
 because he trusts in You.
Trust in the Lord forever, 
for He is everlasting strength."
Isaiah 26:3-4
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know I've had more than a couple posts about  threads... and it's likely that I won't ever stop teaching... encouraging... showing... learning more!  It's just THAT IMPORTANT if you want to learn to make metallics SING FOR YOU!  
Expand your creative world 'to infinity and beyond!"with metallics!
Without that knowledge, your fun at the sewing machine... isn't so much fun!  Here are pictures of a couple spools I use frequently, and quite successfully.  You may have read my previous posts about Glitter Thread (from Superior Threads).  It's such a fabulous shiny, glitzy addition to any quilting or decorative application...and once you master the tension and knowledge, and yes... troubleshooting... it's like --- well, putty in your hands!
And... then there is YENMET metallic thread... by far,  the best metallic thread I've ever had the pleasure to sew or quilt with!  And if you live here in Great Falls, MT... you can get it at the BERNINA SILVER THIMBLE!  HEADS and TAILS above the rest. (if I was asked!)  And in Bernina Land, they even recommend Yenmet in the embroidery module!  That's some heavy stitching!
If they are recommending it in the embroidery module, you know it's gotta be GOOD.  Here's a picture of some embroidery I've done, and on JEANS, no less! (Yenmet thread was used in the triple stitching that surrounds the embroidered design from Laurel Burch, and the 'swirls' too)
 The "L" was done free motion, with a zig zag stitch, using the "Glitter" thread.
The second picture shows Glitter thread, free motion quilting in a straight stitch, over the patchwork cotton, embroidered onto the surface of the jeans.
  • you get to use a 90/14 metallic or top stitch needle.
  • you get to  sew a bit slower
  • you get to LOWER your top tension - at least one or two full notches.  I always go down to a 1.0 on my Bernina's.
  • best to use a bobbin weight thread (Bottom Line from Superior)
  • learn to change out your needle if it gets too hot... yes, it can get hot... metal thread on metal needles equals HOT!  So your needle may not be dull... but it may get hot.  Switch it out, and then start again.
  • learn to re-thread your machine if things don't go quite right.  This is one of the MOST important things to do (it's a VIP!) .  Metallic threads, in my experience, have a tendency to want to 'pop out' of the top thread lever.
  •  use a thread stand if you can, and watch the twist of the thread coming off the cone.  Especially for Glitter... take it off the top of your machine, and RE-THREAD it!  IT IS ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO!
Once you practice, understand, and apply knowledge, functionality and stitching preferences, you can do sew many things very successfully; even those "high maintenance" type products.  I've done beautiful zig zags, satin stitching, and more with these beautiful, glitzy threads... and all the silver metallic with GLITTER or YENMET, is FREE MOTION!

and ... as Jimmy Dickens once said:
(he's an (older!) country music guy)...
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