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Monday, April 13, 2015

spring sweet treats ~

good monday morning friends ~

it's been a flurry of activity, i'm sure, for many.  teaching classes. easter.  easter eggs, and how about those first blooms of spring!  the flowers have me so absolutely captivated.  how about you?!

i have been keeping an eye peeled for these gorgeous delicate hyacinth blooms, that delicious bright spring green we seem to crave... as seen from our local beautiful park, paris gibson...
and my favorite furry purple crocus!  they were not quite fully blooming, but they were spectacular...
He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed!!  Thank you Lord!
oh yes.  collage.  never too far from my mind these days.  and i'm so happy to continue to teach this popular class!!  they've been so much fun. if you have a few minutes and would like to be inspired by my student's lovely creations, check out The Quilt Away's facebook page!

and... i'm ever so very excited about my next piece. here's a bit of a sneak peek of my from my design table:
and such a pretty easter table with sparkly goodness. we had such a beautiful celebration sharing the joy of life and the sweet fellowship of family in Christ:
and... look at these adorable baby jackets! my friend annette's creations... she's so good with the details... take them in, and be inspired!  
the denim and patchwork... now that just sings to me of cuteness!
and i'm loving her whimsical free motion play on the back of each jacket!  
wooden buttons ... a classic style that is never out of trend!
how about those plaid pockets and... oooh!  those buttons with the cute little bit of red thread or yarn?!!

it's the "cute as a button"  baby jacket pattern by jackie clark!

and i had the sweet blessing of celebrating a birthday this early april, too!  i was blessed my many lovely greetings, on social media, and just look at this funny card!  it's one of my favorite birthday cards everrrr!
happy spring y'all!!
be blessed.
be amazing.
be in His peace.
"you will keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on you,
 because he trusts in You.
Trust in the Lord forever, 
for He is everlasting strength."
Isaiah 26:3-4
soli deo gloria!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring loves ~

hi everybody ~ how's it comin' in the spring department in your 'neck of the woods?'

our weather has been just a tad bit unsteady ~just like a new born calf~
 and just as serious {at times} as a mamma cow!

the snow drifts are thinning ~ much like the long winter coat from the cattle as the fence does double duty!  

 these were all taken on easter... it was a gorgeous spring day...
 spider, the {mostly retired} old cattle horse is taking it easy... nonchalantly ~ which is what spring seems to be doing on most days.  taking it's sweet time...
it's all good... and so spectacular.
 and nothing quite as sweet as a new bunch of baby pups!  {border collies}, that is!  same mom and pop as our sweet georgia girl.  there is eight in this litter.  anyone want a pup?  i know how you can get one {or two!}  lol  {seriously though ~ i do!}  i call this picture the 'puppy wars' ~ taken at easter when they were only 3 weeks old.  how cute is that?  uhhh well, it will only get cuter... gotta get back out there soon... now they are five weeks old!  already biting each other, playing and testing who's boss...
 speaking of easter... we had a BLAST.  sweet, sweet time on the ranch.  here's a shot of the easter egg hunt!  lisa {the older kid} trying to beat the {youngers} to the goodies!  what joy and laughter.

 precious memories!  

what a beautiful easter at the swan ranch.  thank you thank you thank you!!!!
 and before we know it ~ summer will be here.  but in the meantime, we can enjoy all that sweet newness of life!  cold, snow... blowing.  bring it on.  spring is comin' down the pipe, and we're ready for it!!
 as we left the ranch, this new baby just happened to be by the road, and i was lucky to get close enough to snap this picture without spooking the momma. 

ahhh... spring!  so glad you are here... 
even though you change your mind so very often!
we're so thankful ~
have a great weekend!

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