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Saturday, March 3, 2012

~ Bloom ~ Finito

This is where it all started ~~~
From "A Wrinkle In Time" Feb 2, 2012
 and from there to here...using a couple of the most coolest thermofax screens from a favorite quilt artist and designer, Ms. Margaret Applin!  See my post "Thermofax Play Day" for more details! And those tulips eventually...  became the focal point of this piece!  Cool. I didn't plan it... it just 'happened' as I waited...
"Tulip in the Works"
and finally ~ several months later:  FINITO!  (I have no idea if it's a real word) - and I'm not looking it up - just go with my creative wordlplay, pretty please? LOL!

Bloom is  9.5" wide by 8.25" tall
The beads were sewn on by hand, individually on each little 'flower' at the bottom of this piece.  It was not fun. It is very difficult to put a needle and thread through such tough 'paper fabric' with my hands... but it was worth it.  Because I LIKE it!  But I'll tell ya - it is WAY easier to do this by machine!

and I decided to finish the edges using my ribbon stash. But first, I chose to use the 'pillow-finish' style, where I stitched right sides together, and turned it out, but also ended up fusing another piece of fabric to the back, using steam-a-seam 2 Lite, to cover all the stitching, and to help protect the integrity of the bead work's (the knots on the back). Then I added the ribbon embellishment and stitched it on. 
 And the bobbin work done in the iridescent white thread represents (to me at least) the tulips we get in a MT spring, oftentimes come with... yup - you guessed it - SNOW!  Or at the very least - FROST!
And I deliberately chose to only add beads to the bottom  'snowy-frosty flowers' on this piece.  The top ones are more indicative of snow falling, where the bottom is well, just creative in how you want to look at it.
The 'thick' thread that you see on the top upper left, in a 'triangular' quilting motif, (see photo above) is this:
 YLI Fusions.  It's a size 24/3 ply thread meaning it is THICK, top stitching type of thread.  It requires a size 100 needle... and perhaps even 110, depending on the application, machine, fabric.  I had a tough time getting to come off the spool smoothly, and needed to use a separate thread stand, as the thread 'stuck' from the wooden roughness on the cone, as you can see here:
But it's beautiful!  And to me, it's worth the extra fussin' to get the texture and thickness.  I love adding that kind of contrast to my art quilts.  The best bobbin thread was polyester, the Isacord brand, which is 40 weight.  And of course, I lowered my top tension quite a bit. I used it in the impression of small, little flower shapes at the bottom right of this quilt.
And just a hint on the tulip 'peeking from the binding-right hand side:
Otherwise, on all my other thread applications, I used exclusively, Superior Thread's "Rainbows" in solid and variegated polyester, a 40 weight thread.  Masterpiece in white (most often) was in my bobbin, and I used their newer, 3 ply that I recently ordered.  Love it!  Oh, I used King Tut in white to outline the word, 'bloom.'
Figuring out what to do with the open 'blank space' that was open to the left of the tulips was a bit of a challenge.  What to do?  And then suddenly, this past Tuesday evening, the idea of the word 'bloom' came. And I wanted to do a different style of what I will call 'word quilting.'  This style excited me, and it was also a good practice point for me---attempting such heavy stitchery on a delicate papery-fabric surface, and it's quite easy to pierce it in such a way that it makes a hole & tears away.  I was thankful this did not happen!  And... the best part of all?  IT WAS FUN!
I am considering whether I should enter this piece in the Quilting Arts Reader Challenge?  Maybe you should consider one of your pieces, too!

Whether or not you do - I hope you have some fun today! 
Thank you for stoppin' in!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Stitches in Time ~

Time --- stitching time that is --- to get the party started!
I played with piece, stamping 'mums' in white paint, using one of my rubber stamps.  Auditioning a few other embellishments, too...

Time to add a bit of bobbin play, using YLI Candelight styled thread.  Beautiful thread.  You can get the same color in Razzle Dazzle, by Superior, FYI!

I added some organza layers, too, just for the SHEER thrill of it!
While my machine's tension adjustment on the bobbin case was set up... I moved on to this next paper fabric piece with some bobbin play, too!  (Don't want her to feel left out).  Perhaps you will recognize the Tulip design as one from Margaret Applin's thermofax screens?  Go visit her blog!  You won't be sorry! So Beautiful.
 For the tulip piece, I changed to this creamy white thread which is a YLI brand pearl crown rayon, instead of the shiny iridescent thread on the pink piece.
I think I'll add some more threadplay to the tulips... but in what color, I don't know yet. I'm having a great time!  I hope you are too!

Thanks for checkin' it out! 
EnJOY ~ Leslie

Friday, February 17, 2012

She Laughs Without Fear of the Future

Perhaps you saw this little piece of fabric paper from my post: "A Wrinkle In Time" a few weeks ago.  The bottom edge may seem wavy, but it's perfectly flat; it just curves, as the shadow is misleading.

Proverbs 31:25 
"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future."

This is my favorite embellishment - the flower motif, patiently cut from a batik fabric. It has silver GLITTER thread, and then I added a bit of silver shimmer with paint.

This is the yarn I used from my stash, which I felt added a bit more impact to the overall look of this piece; adding a little more depth of color and definition to the piece.

Close-up of the couched 'flat yarn' which I did with just my patchwork #37 foot as it was so narrow.

Not a great night for pics, but I do really like the flower in the top left corner, and left it 'off the edge' so to speak, so the piece is not squarely shaped, and perhaps... it's a bit more interesting, huh? 

After the first stitching (King Tut thread), I decided the words didn't 'pack enough punch' for my taste.  So I stitched it again.  This is fairly difficult to do. I generally don't like to 'follow lines' -- I like the freedom of creating the letter styles as they come out; a definite  challenge to repeat over the same lines, and I had a concern for how the needle would pierce the paper fabric too much, or in other words - make a big hole in the stitching line.
It held up pretty well.  This lettering I love to do with stitch will evolve, as I will be contemplating ways to do it... creatively, and differently!

Have a terrific FRIDAY!  Yay for a three day weekend! 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

She Laughs ~

Hope your Valentine was sweet on you this week... today... and forever more!
Slowly... surely and (sometimes not!), I've been playing with quilting and embellishment ideas for this paper fabric piece, originally previewed here.
So time to begin... with the beginning! Proverbs 31:25 was the inspirational verse, as I had tucked bits and pieces of it in the paper fabric base when I was making it.  King Tut in black was the choice for the thread.  Masterpiece in black was my choice for the bobbin thread.
Not such great pics... but maybe better ones with some brighter days ahead. 

Now what?  At least, that was my thought after this quilting was done.  Binding finish?  Fabric or yarn?  Both?  Quilting designs?  Beads?  Flowers?  Do I want to add some more color?  (likely that's a yes)... AND SEW ON!

Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Wrinkle In Time

I like wrinkles... on my paper fabric!   And time seems to just disappear so quickly when I am having fun making it.  Or is it fabric paper?  I always get it mixed up... :)
Thought I'd had enough of pink... but here I am, making more!  And a bit too much at that... notice the big blobs above?  Oops.  Paper towel time. 
But it was fun adding those same leftover paper towel bits to this piece.  And below, the piece is dry, edges curling, ready for my  'submissive ironing' as I call it!
I have to say, this type of detail... the shimmer on the paper towel texture is just downright exciting to me!  I like it so much! 
and on to the next piece...
Orange.  "Orange you glad?"  Definitely! (sorry, very old knock knock joke just popped up into my head!)
Proverbs 31:25!  Love it!
Although it's wet and a bit gooey, it's looking good.  Once dry, I decide whether or not to add anything more. 
And the next piece... "Green Goddess" perhaps? I used some notes I had written for recipes while we were away from home, and so they were ripped and thrown in onto the paper layer underneath. (We love Baked Oatmeal!)
And that's the end of my evening. I did one more piece in a bright green that didn't fit on my plastic garbage sack for drying.  But Fun.  Totally engrossing, and a definite happy feeling for me! 

Next evening:  I've added a touch of foiling when the paint was still slightly sticky... and some screen printing in white... (tulip and word/writing pattern from Margaret Applin's Etsy shop). Should I cut them up for more hearts?  Maybe.  I'm thinking some of it, but not all. By the way, these are fairly small pieces of fabric paper - slightly smaller than a fat quarter each.
and the next evening... a bit of silver foil ~ love this effect.

Have a great one, whatever it is you're doing in time... wrinkle...  or not!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hearts For Austyn

~Valentines for Austyn~
Austyn is a precious girl born January 12, 2012 at 3:20 p.m. to Ryan and my friend, and Sister in Christ, Justine Marchion in Great Falls, Montana.  Soon after being born, the doctors noticed a mass in Austyn's left leg.  After performing an ultrasound on the mass, the doctors in Great Falls were unable to determine exactly what the mass was and sent the results to Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington.  Later that night, Austyn and Justine were airlifted to Seattle, and Ryan joined them the next morning.  While in the hospital, the doctors ran a series of tests and found a tumor in Austyn's leg.  The tumor was diagnosed as Infantile Fibrosarcoma.  This form of cancer is very rare and is only reported in 1% of all cancer diagnoses.  In fact, only 20% of all sarcoma cases are reported in people under the age of 35.  The treatment is going to consist of a number of chemotherapy sessions over a 6 to 12 week time period. Once the tumor has shrunk enough, the doctors will then perform a surgery to remove the tumor.  With this form of treatment, there is a 90% chance that the cancer will never return and that Austyn will go on to live a happy and healthy life.
100% of all profits from the sale of any Hearts and Bookmarks in my Etsy store will be donated to Austyn.
You may also support this young family by donating through Austyn's website: http://www.austynmae.com/
Fightin' Cancer in Style!
  What is needed MOST, is PRAYER.  Especially as Austyn has now begun her Chemotherapy. Please ~ please, pray for this sweet family as you feel so led...

For Austyn on Etsy
In praying for this family, I was given this idea from God, as I made hearts all day this past Saturday afternoon. It is definitely not something I desire to draw attention to, or for myself, only that our Lord is glorified.  These hearts - the donations - are 'small things' in and of themselves.  It is prayer that truly moves mountains, when we step out in faith.  We can do no big things... only small things with great love.  And it is with love, honor and Glory for God and Him alone, that any of this is shared, given and received... however God chooses to use it for this sweet, young family. SOLI DEO GLORIA!
In My Etsy Shop
Valentines for Austyn for Sale in my Etsy shop!
Valentine Hearts For Austyn on Etsy

For Austyn on Etsy
For Austyn in my Etsy shop!
"Infinite Grace"  Bookmark in my Etsy Store

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Yesterday (January 28th, Justine wrote:  "Many people have asked how or why a newborn could have cancer straight out of the womb, but all we have been told is that it’s a gene mutation that is extremely uncommon. But from the start our baby girl has been so brave. We get our strength from our faith and remind ourselves if she can do this so can we!  We know God is good and he loves Austyn Mae even more then we do, and he will take care of her through anything. When any child has such a horrible disease it may make people question God. I find comfort in the words of the Lord, Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to PROSPER you and NOT TO HARM you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.” I know that Austyn will be our true testimony to our faith. I encourage you all to read John 9:1-12, the story of Jesus healing that man that was born blind. In this scripture Jesus said “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.” I know that Austyn Mae is going to be another one of Gods miracles and she will be cured.   We feel so blessed to have the support of all of you! The way people have reached out to help us is truly touching. Jennifer Herris has been our angel here is Seattle. Her daughter Rylee is a cancer survivor. She is a beautiful 2 year old that has truly given me hope for my daughter. I would ask that you all pray for a few children we met in the hospital; Isabella, a 9 year young girl who is fighting a pelvic bone infection and Japeth a 5 year old boy also battling cancer. Austyn starts chemo this Monday and now that we are settled in the Ronald McDonald house I will be better about keeping you all up to date. Again I would like to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers; we can feel your love all the way out here in Seattle!
Love and miss you all,
Thank you Father God, for the miracle of little Austyn Mae.  Please give her Your Mighty Strength as she goes through Chemo, peace and strength for her Mom and Dad, all her family, and Your great love and wisdom for all her caregivers as they face this challenge together.  Amen.
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