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Monday, March 9, 2015

a spring giveaway ~ link-up and.. sneak peek!

morning glories!

it's feeling more... and more like spring!  yay!  in celebration of those warmer days and sunshine goodness, i'm giving away my new pattern to one lucky winner: "rocky ~ the rocky mountain goat."  to enter the giveaway, you will have to "like" my facebook page {if you've not done so previously}, "MarveLes Art Studios" and leave a comment on the facebook post when i post the link today.  {and ya just never know what else i might add to the party giveaway} AND if you share the fb post... comment again, saying you did so for another chance!  so please... stay tuned, won't you?  and thank you so much!
and i' also linking up with my friend vicki welsh's giveaway {hand dyed fabric anyone?!!}  she's doing a little spring cleaning, and i think it will be well worth a few minutes of time to go check it out!

in the meantime, i've been faithfully fusing, cutting, and preparing fabrics for my newest collage... and i'll be adding a few of my favorite flowers to my giveaway package, too.

here are a few {more} of my tips for cutting floral motifs:
-- cut leaves with your flowers, and group them together.  they can always be cut off later if it works better in the collage.
-- those little tendrils of leaves and dots, are great textural shapes to add a bit of natural organic lines, and sparkly movement in a piece!
 -- i like to cut a bit of a tiny smidgen of a border around some of my shapes... especially if they aren't defined by an outside line/color of some kind:
-- i have learned through this series of working in collage, how smart it is to have a bowl, or some other receptacle to put your cutting scraps into.  it can be so messy!  so keeping it to a "dull roar" is vital to my need to keep the clutter a bit more manageable as i sit and cut.
 and as i've said before, i group the shapes by size and color as i cut so i can keep track of them, and store them easily:
-- i also put them away in the same manner.  smaller flowers are put into smaller baggies, within the same large baggie as the same color way.  and because i've cut a lot... this also helps me find my shapes, and keep my sanity!
 -- as to cutting.  cut what you think you need... and double it! that would be variety + shape + size!
 i encourage everyone who is interested in this technique to do this:
-- choose a color theme, keeping it to three colors.  
-- then choose from those three colors, values in light, medium and dark values for each of those colors
-- the same thing for large, medium and small shapes, in each of those values.
-- don't forget how dark and light {black and white} can add much needed punch, as well as a place for the "eye to rest" within the collage.  they are already very busy, so some "quiet time" in the design is essential {i think}.

at least i'm trying to learn that concept!
 -- pick shapes that are lined, solid, tiny print... and vary the shape, from round to oval, multi-petaled, teardrop, squarish... they all add a wonderful variety and texture to collage work!

 and so all of those shapes seen above, their color, value... light and dark of each, are part of the overall design theme  for my newest collage of a rocky mountain bighorn sheep,  from my initial sketch, which is the basis of the imagery for the overall design:
his color theme is brown, blue, and pink.  therefore, i'm playing with shades of brown, blues and pinks, going lighter and darker within those colors, and also choosing a variety of size in shapes in each of those themes, too.

as well as a terrific background base of hand dyed fabric from miss vicki welsh!
i'm working through some nuances of my pattern writing, and hope to have him published in a week or so after i change things up a bit!  it's time for him to go up on a design wall, and for me to step back... always a good thing.

i need to tweak the nose a bit more, and those horns are going to be a challenge, for sure... and the eyes too.  but i am thinking big and bold for the horns... we shall see!

i'm excited to see how that may turn out... so what do you think of him so far?

i'm needing some inspiration for a name, too... anyone have any suggestions?!

i'm so glad you stopped in ~ thanks for visiting!
soli deo gloria

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"The Sprout" Quilted Topper ~ Facebook GiveAway

Hey everyone,

I so hope you have been having a good time at the Hop!  I have been so blessed to read your comments, to respond to those names I know, and to read from new names, too!  It's a very fun community, and I am grateful for that this morning.  Thank you for your wonderful support!  I know Terri has enjoyed it too.  So... let's continue the fun, shall we?  This is the piece I'm giving away today, but only for those who comment on the FACEBOOK "MarveLes Art Studios" page {pretty please}. And by all means, don't let that keep you from commenting here, too!!  :)
Quilted with my favorite white thread, King Tut by Superior ThreadsI added my go-to finish in the binding, with YLI thread, couched into the binding seam, in a variegated pearl crown rayon.  Notice above is without it, and then below, after it's attached. 
There's a message in that sprout fabric... "to pass from state to another...to flourish... to grow...  the rain ... will sprout the seed..."  How true. 

Before I get sidetracked {imagine that}... I do want to let you all know this fabric is called "Sunkissed" by Sweetwater for Moda. I may be slightly sad when I use it all up, it's really been wonderful to design with and quilt on. This little wordy "sprout" print was part of that line as well. Some of it is the white on white print, and then another colorway was gray writing with pink sketchy flowers.  So beautiful!  I enjoyed putting Terri's stencil flowers in yellow onto the white-on-white print.  This is a HAPPY little quilt!
I randomly pieced and quilted, this little table topper, or call it a large-sized mug rug, if you like.  It's approximately 10.25" squareI did add a sweet little turquoise green bead to each of the stenciled flowers!  Of course, there are other pieces added, which I printed with Terri Stegmiller's cute flowers 20 stencil.  And I love the bead action. {bet you are surprised by that!}
And I've done one of my favorite techniques; adding them on by machine.... yes, no hand and needle.  I enjoy teaching this technique in my free motion class, too.
I even played with a scrapbooking product, called "Glimmer Glam" by Tattered Angels... and painted it on the word, 'sprout' here.  There's just an itty bitty touch of orange glitter on it. I don't know how the glitter will hold up if washed, but it was fun to add. And random quilting designs, too.
 If you would like a chance to win this piece, please go to the Facebook page, and first, LIKE my MarveLes Art Studios page, and then leave a comment there that you stopped by!  I'll choose a winner next week, the same day I draw for the Blog Hop Drawing, on January 28th, {you've stopped and entered the drawing for TWO of Terri's stencils, right?}
And... I have another piece to give away right here this week, in celebration of Terri's Blog Hop!
{come back soon, ya hear?} 
Visit Deborah's Journal today for more chances to win! 
Blessings... and always, Soli Deo Gloria!

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