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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

chris daly's faux leather beauties ~

hi everyone ~

several years ago, i had the sweet pleasure to quilt feather motifs into a large piece of faux leather at the request of my friend chris daly.   at that time, she wanted to make the quilted fabric into handbags, ipad covers, and such.  so i sent the finished piece to her, and she writes back how much she loves it... but she 'just can't cut into it.'  huh?  well, it's just proof that everything has it's own special timing...  
since then, chris has purchased a retreat business: "woodland ridge quilt retreat". and last week on facebook, she posted how she finally had the nerve to cut into that piece of quilted fabric. what did she do?  she turned them into pillows, for some  chairs at the retreat center. "woodland ridge retreat center" {like their facebook page by clicking on that link}.  here's a look at those chairs without the pillows:
and, now with their "makeover!"  lol  the faux leather is a wonderful accent to these "woodland"  chairs!
and i love the size she made them into, too:
faux leather is absolutely washable, and very durable.  they look fabulous!  i was just blown away by how cool they turned out;  what a great idea! 

and you can see more about this beautiful retreat center on their web page: www://woodlandridgeretreat.com
what a beautiful place, huh?  and take a look at these gorgeous, bright, rooms.  i hope someday... i will be able to go!  as a teacher, and as a student!!  i can just imagine a  collage class there with lots of room to spread out?!

 well,  it's on my hit list... and perhaps it can be on yours, too!
looks very inviting in every aspect.  i'm so excited for chris as she has poured her heart into this new business.  so won't you please go check it all out online {or in person?!}  

thank you chris, for making beautiful art happen in so many ways.  you are a genius, and i just wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams.  and... i am so grateful to know you  ~ God bless ya!

soli deo gloria!

Monday, August 25, 2014

leather zippy pouch and giveaway ~

happy august day to you all ~

~today is the day~  
it's the  atkinson designs zippy strippy pouch giveaway! 
 this is the pattern inspiration 
behind all the pouches i've posted about lately.  
and i'm giving this pattern away: 
{but wait! there's more}

but first, another pouch to showcase... i spotted this scrap bit of leftover faux leather in my studio and i thought it would be a fun challenge to see what kind of zippered bag it would turn out to be... wondering how it would be to stitch through the layers for attaching the zipper, etc. well, it was really easy, and sewed up very nicely!  {always use a 90/12 or even a larger 100/14 topstitch needle or a leather needle}. 
another opportunity to employ a gorgeous ribbon from my tapestry ribbon collection, as well as fun little words. notice the fill-in-the-blank phrase?  

to enter the givewaway, you must comment, giving your most creative answer that would complete the sentence above.    i will pick one winner from the most creative answers!  

"once upon a time, a great while ago, far beyond the edge of the world, there lived...  ________ {fill in the blank}.

and the giveaway prize includes a few embellishments to go with the pattern, so you can perhaps share, or use them in your own style.

 here's a couple of ideas:

even the zipper is included, and a few very autumn toned strips!
-- 3 yo-yos {including a hand-dyed silk velvet one}!
-- tatted lace!
-- a bit of iron-on crystal bling!
-- two styles of ribbons!
-- 2.5" strips in fall tones {enough for one small or medium bag} {note: there is no lining or batting provided in this kit}!
-- pre-fused, iron-on words!
-- paper fabric hearts! {made by me} that can be fused/stitched on
-- pre-fused, pre-cut fabric flowers! {the yo-yo's would be fun on top!}
-- and a black 14 inch zipper to coordinate!

all the colors and trims you need to make a super fun autumn bag {and a few more!} in your own style.

the deadline to enter a comment is 
12 pm Montana time, Monday, September 1st. 
 I will post the winner on  Tuesday, September 2nd.

do you want to hear how i answered this phrase? 
{i quilted it on the back of this bag} 

 "who knew she was God's art."

"you are not your art.  you are God's art."  {emily freeman from the book one million ways}
i can't wait to read all your fun answers to this phrase!  

hope you like the little kit i put together!  in appreciation and celebration of a sweet summer and an even sweeter fall season.  

soli deo gloria 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

faux leather ~ masculine crosses for 2014

morning everyone ~

i love creating these little crosses... this time it was with leftover leather fabric.

in black and brown.  each backed with sturdy cardstock, and zig zagged stitched and a ribbon attached.  great little bookmarks, thank you gifts, baptism, graduation, and more.

i tried for a more masculine look.  did i succeed?  what do you think? 

and yes... i was wanting not to do 'glitzy' ribbon... but i had no lace cord/leather string lying around.  working on that...

blessings on your day ~
soli deo gloria

Monday, September 30, 2013

black leather dressed for autumn ~ a superior thread giveaway

hello and happy autumn! we were in glacier park this past weekend, and although the weather was rainy, we had a great time... more on that later ~ 

i'm celebrating autumn, and my third year anniversary for the blog!  so...  hope you are ready to celebrate with me, and we'll start with a 'superior' giveaway!!

i have been putting my newest thread love, {that would be magnifico thread}, to the test. 

once again, here's feather-style quilting on this gorgeous black, faux-leather fabric, and with one of my favorite thread combos:  orange and pink ~ {it's showtime}

i began with the orange thread color, echoed it once, and then flipped to the backside of the runner, and began outlining with bobbin play, using a copper-colored razzle dazzle thread, {also from superior threads}. tip:  i increase the top tension of my machine for this technique, usually to a 6-7, and i like to use a strong polyester; 40 wt, {like magnifico} which has the strength to pull that thick thread to the top of my quilt.

once the main feather motif was finished, i then turned to the beautiful, tri-lobal, variegated rainbow thread for the quilting of the motifs which surround the feathers. 

and finally, i returned to the center of the feather, and added my hyper quilting of another feather design, inside the original feather motif, using a pink magnifico thread color.

masterpiece is my bobbin thread of choice {my favorite}; a smooth, extra long staple egyptian cotton thread, which is lighter at a 50 wt.  i get  a beautifully balanced stitch with just a slight loosening of my top tension {from 3 to 2.5}. 

and my needle this time?  i chose the superior titanium coated, 90/14 topstitch needle, instead of a leather needle.  it worked great!

masterpiece thread {below} in golden yellow, for the majority of the free motion quilting, as seen from the back:
when completing the bobbin play, the razzle is on my bobbin, and magnifico {the golden brown color} is on the top, in a matching, blendable color.  i don't mind if it shows a small bit, but i want the razzle... to dazzle!

and ~ this is my thread wall in the studio.  it's a place for my collection of ribbons, assorted trims,  cords and embellishments, too.
i {also} have a smaller collection of threads that are all kept next to my machine as i work.  this collection includes king tut, rainbows, and now, my new, smaller collection of magnifico.
would you like to try some of this gorgeous thread?  today is the day as i welcome superior as an official SPONSOR to the blog! i've been using and teaching about their products for many years, now.  and i can tell you, it's easy to say: it's a superior thread giveaway!  the prize?  a thread package of one spool of masterpiece, one spool of magnifico, and one pack of superior's titanium needles, OR a gift certificate of $25 and you can choose what you'd like to have!

so i hope you'll leave a comment, telling me ... what's your favorite thread?  or perhaps what's your favorite fall color{s}? food?  whatever ~ but here's to hoping you are online, connected, following, and more. {cuz there will be more}

if you'd like to share this giveaway, please let me know that in a separate comment, and you'll get an extra chance.  and...don't forget ~ you can subscribe to the blog by email, too! i'm so looking forward to hearing from you!!

giveaway open until sunday, october 6th, 2013.  

enJOY!  and soli deo gloria!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

she loves leather ~ summer fiesta!

hi there sweet readers ~

being a western, country-type gal, yes i do love leather!  i swear i could collect cowboy boots just becuase of the pretty stitching, styles, designs... and cuz... well, they're boots!  {i love boots}

but back to the subject at hand... i really love how easy it is to quilt on! all it requires is a 90/14 leather needle. this faux leather fabric is also completely washable, and it's a polyester type of fabric, and very durable, too.

now, as to the quilting on this particular piece, i think it's a bit over the top.  although the quilting itself is very nice, i'm not a fan of the thread color choices. and i'm starting to become more picky about how the feathers look.  i'm growing to prefer a more open feather and i think the overall look of this piece would have been a bit more attractive had i kept things  simpler {and far more open} in motif, and in thread.  but... that is how one learns!  experience is always the best teacher, isn't it!
lots of color happening!  while i love the colors... i think it's too much of just too many different colors.  yellow... orange... green... pink and turquoise!  too much!  {although it's very pretty!}
and i do have to say... the beauty of hand-dyed fabric {by miss chris daly!} on the back of this piece makes it extra special in my opinion! i truly ~ {almost drool} {sorry if that is gross!}  ... but it's true!  lol

and look how gorgeous the quilting is from the back?  not all the distraction of the thread colors as the front has... right? don't you think so too?  i'm not saying i hate it.  just sayin' it's a lot less complicated looking, and pleasing to the eye.  a place to rest the eye, and take in the beautiful design without getting over stimulated!  {this fabric dyed by the super-talented miss chris daly!}

Summer Fiesta available in my Etsy shop!
"sew it goes!"
and a lot {LOT} of time was spent on this one.  and now that i am 'hooked on leather' {remember hooked on phonics?} i'm on the look-out for other faux leather fabrics to quilt on!

and in other shop news... i have a special promotion and sale beginning today in my etsy shop.  with a minimum purchase of $100, it's  50% OFF with coupon code: MARVELES50.
thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

feathers ~ in leather for chris daly

hi everyone!  good morning!

i'm lovin' myself a little faux leather and stitchin' feathers! and i'm diving through my stash of projects that have been patiently waiting for me.  this first one is for Chris Daly; who also writes a blog TheArtQuiltBlog.blogspot.com {or click link above}, who requested this special order on leather piece, unbound.  she plans to use it for an ipad cover, or hand bag! 

 i outlined the feathers with a lime green metallic 'razzle dazzle' and variegated polyester thread, is all from superiorthreads.com... and they are beautiful, for sure.  i typically favor a 50 weight 100% cotton in the bottom when using the variegated threads for quilting.  i also lower my tension at least one full number, too.

enJOY!  stay cool!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bits & Pieces ~

happy weekend friends ~ 
you know how it is... you understand.  it's stuff.  leftovers.  bits and pieces.

i have tried be organized enough to toss the chaos - uh, i mean leftovers of various projects, into bins... or should i say plastic baggies that get tossed into plastic bins...
 so i dug through the bins.  and put together the leftover trims and made them into bookmarks.  the faux black leather makes a nice background, too.

and then i found a treasure i had not been able to lay my hands on, and there it was... in the bin {bottom of the box}.  printed words on organza that i had previously fused. 
beloved.  a beautiful word.  {yes, you are!}  and the Lord does call us His beloved...

'they'  say {just who are those people anyway?!} that one should always keep those leftover bits.  And I can only half-heartedly agree.  The problem is organizing them.  in my opinion, it's a wasted effort if i cannot locate them within a few minutes ... or "remember" where i put them?!  Hmm?

Do you have any good ideas or suggestions for storage of 'bits and pieces?' besides tossing them in a plastic bin?  I'd love to hear about it. 

Blessings on your day~
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