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Monday, August 3, 2015

kaffe fasset + feathers + bobbin play = #summerlove #gobold

happy august days!

and what a better color story to tell in the lovely summer days of bright colors, via kaffe fassett styled stripes and solids, with beautiful accents of bobbin play and quilted textures!

i'm making the most of all of my pre-cut 2.5" strips, and doing my best to get them finished up into something beautiful, practical, and absolutely useable for summer time living, and well into the fall season, too! 

here's my latest stripes and solids, with feathers this time, and lots of quilted fun, too:

enJoy your bright summery days... soon they will be long gone and we'll be stepping into the crisp air of fall... each day is a gift.

thank you for coming by the blog, and be sure to come back and see the gorgeous photos i took from a ten day break at the lake...

soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

peachy summer feathers ~

hello ~

first, all i can say is "score!"

because this hand dyed fabric from vicki welsh is a one-of-a-kind special piece... simply because she doesn't really make it anymore. 

a bit of summer and sunshine in a piece of fabric.  happy and bright, warm and enticing ~ and even a bit of a tropical feel, too, especially because of the aqua colored 100% polyester thread {magnifico thread by superior threads}  i added as i quilted the feathers. 

love these colors ~  i think it's so amazing how quilting with just two colors; a pink and aqua thread, come together in the 'spine line' of the feathers, to create this glowing, and very pretty blue-ish hue.  it's always kind of magical!  {really, it's just two threads, i promise!}

and so it's just another fun and great way to continue practicing... attempting to make soft, and more graceful curves with the off-shoots of secondary feathers {as i call them}.  gotta work practice on this a little more, but i'm so giddy over the color story i'm going to be happy about it all the way!! it's a summer picnic!  {available in my etsy shop, too}

i also finished it with couching in a gorgeous hand dyed rayon yarn, which has those same colors; but different shades; a rosey pink, burgundy, and turquoise-aqua greens.  i do loved how it turned out.

{Summer Picnic is available for purchase in my Etsy shop, too}

'summer picnic' is in my etsy store, too.
there were three thread colors total; a light peachy pink in te stippling quilting motif in the background of the feathers.  additionally, i've shown my bobbin thread is brown; also a superior thread; 'masterpiece' -- a 50 wt cotton.  

i added a pretty floral binding to top it off nicely... like whipped cream on peaches and strawberries ~ yum!  that's my kind of picnic for sure!!    

enJoy your day ~ be blessed!
soli deo gloria.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

chris daly's faux leather beauties ~

hi everyone ~

several years ago, i had the sweet pleasure to quilt feather motifs into a large piece of faux leather at the request of my friend chris daly.   at that time, she wanted to make the quilted fabric into handbags, ipad covers, and such.  so i sent the finished piece to her, and she writes back how much she loves it... but she 'just can't cut into it.'  huh?  well, it's just proof that everything has it's own special timing...  
since then, chris has purchased a retreat business: "woodland ridge quilt retreat". and last week on facebook, she posted how she finally had the nerve to cut into that piece of quilted fabric. what did she do?  she turned them into pillows, for some  chairs at the retreat center. "woodland ridge retreat center" {like their facebook page by clicking on that link}.  here's a look at those chairs without the pillows:
and, now with their "makeover!"  lol  the faux leather is a wonderful accent to these "woodland"  chairs!
and i love the size she made them into, too:
faux leather is absolutely washable, and very durable.  they look fabulous!  i was just blown away by how cool they turned out;  what a great idea! 

and you can see more about this beautiful retreat center on their web page: www://woodlandridgeretreat.com
what a beautiful place, huh?  and take a look at these gorgeous, bright, rooms.  i hope someday... i will be able to go!  as a teacher, and as a student!!  i can just imagine a  collage class there with lots of room to spread out?!

 well,  it's on my hit list... and perhaps it can be on yours, too!
looks very inviting in every aspect.  i'm so excited for chris as she has poured her heart into this new business.  so won't you please go check it all out online {or in person?!}  

thank you chris, for making beautiful art happen in so many ways.  you are a genius, and i just wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams.  and... i am so grateful to know you  ~ God bless ya!

soli deo gloria!

Monday, February 16, 2015

vicki welsh's prismastic spring gradient ~

good monday morning friends ~

as i'm looking outside, i'm thinking, "we interrupt the regular scheduled broadcast for this breaking news story."

that would be, let's interrupt winter {in montana} for a breath of spring air!  now, lest i appear ungrateful, we've had nothing of the weather in the midwest, to the east coast {thank goodness}.  and we've had pretty balmy february weather for montana, overall; nearly 68 degrees {or close} on friday.  

today... we wake up to a little bit of snow... and the fireplace is welcome warmth.   and speaking of warmth, how about a little fabric eye candy to warm the fires of inspiration?

today, i'm tickled to showcase this vicki welsh hand dyed charmer, she calls it a "prismatic spring gradient" ~ just a bit of a variation of the real thing, only in fabric?!  yes ~ this works for me, definitely.  i made this late last fall, after our trip to glacier park, as the colors were so perfect... and this year, i think it may be a background for another collage... ? hmmm... i'll have to consider that further!

"Glacier Autumn" is listed in my etsy shop here
and... if you're in a shopping mood, i'm offering this gorgeous one-of-a-kind runner for 25% off! {coupon code SPRING20}

i think you should check it out in her her etsy shop, and see what waits you in some creative springtime dreaming?!


Monday, November 17, 2014

a rose... is a rose gradient ~

monday greetings to you all ~

well, it's definitely not "think pink" weather... {but it is warming up!}... good thing there is always sun shining in warm, vibrant and luscious cloth in my world!  

and i count myself blessed to have received a 'special' piece of dyed fabric from miss vicki welsh.  it was kinda a happy accident, as when i ordered it, it had gone a "walkabout" in miss vicki's studio {i totally get that!} and so i purchased other fabric instead, and then... later, when the lost became found, vicki sent it on to me, and i became the welcome recipient of nothing less than a custom-dyed piece of fabric happiness!

with this particular piece, i tried to add feather lines, that 'grew out' from the original feathers curvy lines... sometimes it was "ok" and others times... not.  

so i get to continue that lesson in my feather adventures, and i look forward to figuring it out with needle and design.

this is my favorite picture of all the gorgeous colors in this piece:

soli deo gloria

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

autumn, and a gradient with a twist ~

hello ~

our autumn colors are flying away on the warm winds, and cool breezes, as we take in vistas of snowy mountain tops from the flat of the prairies... 

but the inspiration is still so pretty...

and i hunker down in my studio, and pull out fabrics that remind me of those early fall days...

this piece of hand dyed fabric is vicki welsh's "red sunset" and this color combo just has autumn written all over it.  there are so many possibilities, to explore it and take it in many different color directions!  the main challenge is to pick which ones?
and so i have begun with "twist" from superior threads. two colors twisted together.  i have three spools of it; blue, red and green, and although i have tried it before, it's been awhile.  but i do think it's the perfect 'jumping off' spot to take to this gorgeous gradient {and radiant!} piece of fabric!
it is a 40 weight thread, and i'm using the needle that superior says to use, which is on the label of their threads:

the  rusty orange brown thread color, shown above, isn't going to show a lot in certain areas, where the color values are much the same, but i rather like that idea, and so i will continue to develop that color story as i quilt a different feather style.  instead of a mostly even-looking, overall pattern of feathers, i'm playing with a curvy, 'question-mark' type of pattern, which i will reverse across the length of this piece as i decide whether to keep it consistently in this thread color... or add the other twist variations into the cloth.

i may need to shop for some more twists! 
and while this lovely gradient just glows with autumn colors, the two-color twist on this piece definitely adds to it!
come and tag along with me, as i play, will you?  of course, i'll be showing more of my process on this little piece.

blessings on your day!
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