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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

shalom ~ peaceful girl ~ floral collage version two ~

hello ~

this is the second version of my new "shalom" collage quilt pattern, from the shalom pattern, this time using aqua green, purple, and ocean blues, with pops of pink and whites. this sweet girl is now hanging up in the quilt away shop in great falls. 

once again, i designed it to use a gorgeous background of hand dyed fabric, my favorite "signature" style.  while i've had this piece of fabric for a few years, it was just the right colorway, with hints of purple and a beautiful depth of blues.  this time, i collaged the girl first, choosing lighter florals, and then chose the background for the design.  i wish i knew which dyer made this beautiful fabric... but it is likely from my friend chris daly, who operates  woodland ridge retreat; a quilting retreat business as well.  {you can like her facebook page, and a blog to follow too}. she doesn't have as much time these days to dye, so it was a special treat to find this piece in my stash, purchased several years ago ~ and perfect for this little lady's floral dress.

vicki welsh also creates similar gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics and lists them in her etsy store...  so i know you will find exactly what you need!

and i kept the quilting muted, using a thread that blended, but applied my free motion quilting with lots of textural interest, changing it up a bit in styles, but also adding ... once again, my signature bobbin play. a bit of free motion mctavishing-style, with bubbles, and large big flowers that i picked up from the style of the large white flowers in her dress.  it's always fun to draw inspiration from the beautiful florals...

below, the flower is seen without a third row of stitching, which will come inside the bobbin/thick thread... as you will see further below...
i love the half flower as the bow on her dress, and i didn't quilt it as heavily so it would remain dimensional, as seen in the photo below:

the photo below depicts the third row of stitching on the outside edges of the flower.  i did not quilt them in the order you see them...   i always do the bobbin play first, and then i add other rows of echo-type stitching ~ inside and outside ~ the flower motif.  i wanted them to be puffy... but not empty. 

i love the lacey look the orange ruffled floral adds to the underlay of the skirt, adding lots of dimension, and realism, too.  notice that i deliberately placed her so that skirt flows a bit to the right, as i like this angle as a more creative flow with her walking away.  and i love to tuck in a few flowers in the hair, too!  
happy summer days to you all!
and His peace:
"peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; 
not as the world gives do I give to you. 
let not your heart be troubled, 
neither let it be afraid."
{John 14:27} 
thanks for coming by!
soli deo gloria

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Giant Springs -- a beautiful, colorful, fresh water, bubbling, amazing and very large, natural spring!  It bursts forth from the ground near the Missouri River in Great Falls.  It's also part of a beautiful park; situated along the "Rivers Edge Trail" -- the jewel of this city! This is the quilt I named for the springs, because the colors are so amazing. There is the brightest and glowing greens of every shade in the underwater plants, and of course, in spring and summer months, the park has lots of flowers too...
Boy, I hope I get points for PATIENCE... this much blanket-stitching is bound to build something!

What a beautiful place! I had to go to the State of MT website to find this picture, as unfortunately, I don't have any digital pictures I've taken yet.  See that cement bridge to the left outer edge of the picture? It's so cool to walk across it and gaze into the 'waterfall' that is created by the rock outcropping outlining the spring itself.   I can't wait to get down there... even though today we woke up to 7 new inches of new snow...plus four more today (Sunday), and it's been 0 degrees or below, or barely above all weekend.

And... of course, then it's time to try another decorative stitch.  I always highly recommend YLI "Variations" - it's a 35 weight 100% polyester, with a dash of variation in colors... perfect! 
And the blocks are the perfect background to practice MULTIPLE MOTIFS!  

Go for it! 

Pattern is called "Petals on the Edge" by the talented designer and quilter Cheryl Wittmayer of Billings, MT, from her SEW-BE-IT pattern company; a Montana based business lady with a great eye!  Visit her website here and be prepared for some fabulous inspiration!

I made this quilt a number of years ago now... and I have to say, that the black thread in the decorative stitch on this flower was very boring!!  Kind of a waste in a way... I think perhaps another thread color, or variegated would have been a funner choice... but it's all good!  That's the way I learn!  And it was a great way to get to know my new machine, and play with that wonderful stash of fabrics we enjoy having!
Great big flowers --- that is what makes a great flower block.  And it's not like we're lacking for great inspiration with all the big flower prints that are BLOOMING everywhere in 'fabric-land!'

And then... try your hand with a bit of METALLICS!  Just a simple, straight stitch --- free motion, cuz that's the easy way to add just a bit of sparkle... like the water bubbling from Giant Springs!

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