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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

love came down ~

good morning ~

we've been trying to troubleshoot internet issues, but in the meantime, the sewing machine is revving up, and so today i show you a new piece i absolutely adore.

i adore it because it always makes my heart go pitter patter when i read it in the scriptures, and ... write it with needle and thread!

love came down ~ yes it did!
 i love writing {many of you know this}, and so to put it onto a christmas-inspired quilt, is truly pure joy for me!  and so, this idea came to my mind this year... last year i did something similar in a watercolor card. 

a little bit of free motion zig zag applique on the heart's edges, which were also fused with a fusible web.
{pardon the washed out bad light on the pic below} it is really a beautiful hand dyed piece of dark navy background fabric.

and a little sparkle with superior's "glitter" thread.  this is a "flat" thread, and HINT:  to make it work flawlessly, i turn my top tension down to 1.0 and i always use bottom line thread {also by superior threads} which is a 60 weight polyester for the bobbin.  then... a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle, and slow it down a bit, too!  

and i used magnifico 40 wt polyester in the top thread with white masterpiece 50 wt cotton for the writing.  of course, the same 90/14 topstitch needle is a joy to do this with!
and a scrappy little binding to top it off with a bit more color.  this particular quilt... i will leave the letters as they are, but it is a lot of fun to paint them, too!  hopefully, the internet and modem will work long enough to load them up for another post, soon!
Emmanuel ~ God With Us!

each... and every second of every day.
and His blessings on yours!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

glitter snowblossoms ~ giveaway


...from the frozen "snowblossoms" of montana!  i love highs of -8 wintery weather.  it makes me appreciate 20 degrees {above zero}. lol

speaking of snowblossoms ~ how i loved making this quilt.

i really did. 

{but} ... i knew i wouldn't  finish it ~ {until now}. it has been tucked away in a closet for over ten years.  motivated by recently having to move all my mother's stuff, {and store it all} i was reminded of how much 'stuff' i have. and that i need to use it or lose it!  {wish i could say the same about weight loss?!!} 

anyway, it was time to make a decision.  that decision being to not ignore it {again} and shove it back into the closet!  

and while contemplating how & what to do, a divine resolution occurred in my overloaded brain.  make it into rounds. do placemats. or a centerpiece. {or several of them!}

so i cut it up.   because i was excited about the prospect of doing that, i forgot to take a picture of the whole thing.  but you can get an idea of what it looked like in it's entirety from the pattern, below.
every snowflake edge was {patiently} free motioned, zig-zag style.  somewhat an overly ambitious task, but i actually had most of them finished.  good enough to begin for what i had in mind.

now let me say the star of the show on the snowflakes is really all about the thread.  {i know you're not surprised}.   this time it's glitter. made by superior threads.  {you know how much i love their threads!} a flat, hologram {100% polyester} filmy, highly-reflective thread.  and it's a wonder!

here's why:  
1.  it adds sparkle and dimension.  {i'm so there!}
2.  it's washer, dryer and iron safe on medium heat.
3.  it's a metallized polyester thread.
4.  it's available in 24 colors.  {no i don't have them all}
5.  it's ideal for embroidery and quilting.

but ya gotta know how to play with it if you wanna have fun with it.  and it's pretty simple, really.  

1. always use a metallic or topstitch needle 90/14; 
2. always lower my tension {always} down to a 1.0, {and superior threads tells you this, too}.
3. always use superior's bottom line thread, for your bobbin thread {in a matching color value}.  it's a sweet 60 weight, so it's nice and thin, and balances the tension play with the glitter queen!  and finally,
4. slow down your speed

this thread will kick up your holiday stitching a notch or two, for sure!
let me say my beginner quilting skills on this piece weren't all that consistent.  but it's certainly good enough to finish making something of it, where it can be used and loved,   and worth the effort to finish and not to stash it {again!} 

to enJOY.

to come on out of the dark and into the light!!

yes.  that's it! that's  what i'ma talkin' about! 
and i remembered using many different colors of the glitter thread in the stitching.  i do have to say, that zig zag stitching i did free motion style...was awesome!  so pretty. it just bounces with light.  i'm feelin' the love and the rejuvenation!
i'm going to add more free motion quilting around the snowblossoms, and then bind them with coordinating batik fabric. i'll have enough for a set of placemats, or just a decorative table accent with a beautiful angel, candle, or just for gifts!  yay!

here's the pattern from sew be it.  cool, huh! these snowblossoms would be super cute pattern to use on pillows, or three of them together for a patchwork table runner, too. i'm sure you have lots more ideas, right?!

i'm also going to give one away ~ if you like the remake of my snowblossom that is... let me know that when {if} you comment.  and since it's time for our december superior threads giveaway, if you'd like to win the $25 gift certificate from superior threads, then let me know that, too. so, there will be two winners this time around! 

deadline is sunday, december 8th, at 5pm mountain standard time.  hopefully, you can still get your prizes in time for christmas!  i'll post winners on sunday evening, or monday, december 9th. if you are 'no reply' please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

thanks so much!
merry merry {glitter} christmas!
soli deo gloria!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Red Autumn

This is one of the many projects that has been 'waiting in wings' for quilting in the studio.  I stenciled these leaves onto a green batik using Shiva Paintstiks; one of my favorite mediums.The leaves were then fused down to the red swirl batik, seen below: Click here to see some other projects I've made with Shiva Paintstiks --- the oil paint that is in stick form. 

 And these are some of the threads I  have been auditioning to quilt this piece with.  I may choose to do some bobbin play, too.   I sometimes take a long time thinking about what I like best... and this piece as been 'curing' for a few months now.  But it's time to get cookin' as it's ready for the harvest. Autumn is coming... verra, verra, soon.  That 'verra verra' is not a typo.  It's my Scottish brogue.  (Just kidding; I just like to think I could have one!)
You may have read in my post, Caribbean, how much I love Glitter thread from Superior Threads.   I guess it's a 'bling thing' with me. And I don't just 'like' it - I USE it lots, too.  I've shared this hint before on the blog, and it's as simple as one---two---three---four.  Really.
  • Lower your top tension; I lower mine down to a setting of "1" from a normal setting of 4.  Yup.  Go down that far.  
  • Now, choose a bobbin weight thread.  Libby Lehman's 100% polyester, a 60 weight thread, is my choice.  Strong.  Fine.  Smooth.  No friction.  Just like a good marriage! I also choose a coordinating color or a neutral that blends with the top  thread. 
  • Choose a metallic, or topstitch needle, size 90/14. It's a must-do. 
  • And lastly, place the spool of Glitter on your upright, or vertical, spindle.  This is a 'stacked' thread, which means the threads are wound on the spool, one on top of the other in an up and down motion.  And remember to stitch just a bit slower.  This isn't a race.  It's art, you know! 
 I may also choose to throw in some other thread colors in solids, and in variegated, throughout this piece... more favorites, Superior's Rainbows, a tri-lobal 40 weight polyester. Can't wait.  It's time for some fun this weekend, after a 'verra...verra' long week at work.  I will post finished pics (hopefully!) next week.
So much to choose from.  I love CHOICES!  And I CHOOSE three....four... or more different threads for many of my pieces.  

What's your favorite choice? 

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know I've had more than a couple posts about  threads... and it's likely that I won't ever stop teaching... encouraging... showing... learning more!  It's just THAT IMPORTANT if you want to learn to make metallics SING FOR YOU!  
Expand your creative world 'to infinity and beyond!"with metallics!
Without that knowledge, your fun at the sewing machine... isn't so much fun!  Here are pictures of a couple spools I use frequently, and quite successfully.  You may have read my previous posts about Glitter Thread (from Superior Threads).  It's such a fabulous shiny, glitzy addition to any quilting or decorative application...and once you master the tension and knowledge, and yes... troubleshooting... it's like --- well, putty in your hands!
And... then there is YENMET metallic thread... by far,  the best metallic thread I've ever had the pleasure to sew or quilt with!  And if you live here in Great Falls, MT... you can get it at the BERNINA SILVER THIMBLE!  HEADS and TAILS above the rest. (if I was asked!)  And in Bernina Land, they even recommend Yenmet in the embroidery module!  That's some heavy stitching!
If they are recommending it in the embroidery module, you know it's gotta be GOOD.  Here's a picture of some embroidery I've done, and on JEANS, no less! (Yenmet thread was used in the triple stitching that surrounds the embroidered design from Laurel Burch, and the 'swirls' too)
 The "L" was done free motion, with a zig zag stitch, using the "Glitter" thread.
The second picture shows Glitter thread, free motion quilting in a straight stitch, over the patchwork cotton, embroidered onto the surface of the jeans.
  • you get to use a 90/14 metallic or top stitch needle.
  • you get to  sew a bit slower
  • you get to LOWER your top tension - at least one or two full notches.  I always go down to a 1.0 on my Bernina's.
  • best to use a bobbin weight thread (Bottom Line from Superior)
  • learn to change out your needle if it gets too hot... yes, it can get hot... metal thread on metal needles equals HOT!  So your needle may not be dull... but it may get hot.  Switch it out, and then start again.
  • learn to re-thread your machine if things don't go quite right.  This is one of the MOST important things to do (it's a VIP!) .  Metallic threads, in my experience, have a tendency to want to 'pop out' of the top thread lever.
  •  use a thread stand if you can, and watch the twist of the thread coming off the cone.  Especially for Glitter... take it off the top of your machine, and RE-THREAD it!  IT IS ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO!
Once you practice, understand, and apply knowledge, functionality and stitching preferences, you can do sew many things very successfully; even those "high maintenance" type products.  I've done beautiful zig zags, satin stitching, and more with these beautiful, glitzy threads... and all the silver metallic with GLITTER or YENMET, is FREE MOTION!

and ... as Jimmy Dickens once said:
(he's an (older!) country music guy)...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psalm 91:11 for JAMIE

Jamie's Angel... flashy and funky, stylin' and cheerful...bright and red-haired, creative and musical... that's our JAMIE!  This quilt was inspired by, and is dedicated to my friend and Christian sister, Jamie B. 

I had so much fun playing 'dress-up' with this doll of an ANGEL

Love her red hair! Everything else I chose revolved around the red head!

 I had so much fun with this 'thread painting' technique.  This is a technique that must be hooped in order to keep the fabric flat because of all the heavy threadplay that's happening. I used two different thread colors in Isacord polyester  for the basic hair color.  A free motion zig zag for the darker color, and a straight stitch for the 'highlights' ---happy smiles! Then, as the final 'touch of 'glitz' I used a Glitter thread in a color of  a 'true red.' Cool! I chose a   white cotton for the quilting in the background inset piece... no need to compete with that fabulous red hair, and gorgeous batik dress, not to mention the delicate, pretty 'look at me' wings! Motif inspiration... just look at that fabric!  So that's what I did... swirls!

GLITTER thread in bright silver also makes it appearance serendipity-like with silver stars quilted all over.... even on her toes!.. loving that heavenly feel!  and... who knew there were green stars in heaven?  I think there are! (see my post on bobbin play)... just 'bedazzles' and I love doing it!    Random, silver threadplay also swirls away throughout the border... I truly enjoy crossing the lines... having no fear... having fun... and being free...! I chose a beautiful King Tut in variegated colors, and it blends in that busy border fabric, so I didn't need to get too elaborate with any quilting there, as it simply won't show.

Plenty of opportunity to shine in other places... decorating her dress with a few free motion swirls in  a heavier topstitch thread (Fusions by YLI Thread Corp as designed by Laura Heine).
It's all in the details... beading... topstitch thread, rayon ribbon, sweet lace edging...bobbin play, glittery thread... halo... stars... words written into the inner border... color, texture... plenty of eye candy...
This is how easy it is to make the lace edging for the dress and the wings... and instead of following the pattern directions... instead, I hooped wash a way stabilizer with tulle, added another layer of aqua film topping, hooped it, and then began my free motion stitching, outlining the basic shape with a contrast thread (I used brown in this piece) and then a lovely, beautiful variegated Rainbows polyester (from Superior threads) filled it all in.  Loosen that tension!  Put the same thread in your bobbin.  Make lots of intertwining circles... crossing over each other.  Unhoop...wash it completely out, lay flat to dry, press with pressing cloth ... attach free motion style for EASE and presto-magico!  

Pattern is called "Look at My Wings" from Laura Heine... visit Fiberworks  in Billings MT for a fabulous store experience and more... YLI Fusions threads.. inspiration abounding!

Psalm 91:11 "For he will command his angels concerning  you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."

Here are some other examples of hair, dress, and wing styles!  Would you like to just one angel?  Great?  How about three in a row... or maybe SIX... as the pattern originally called for!  I think I've made over 15 of these angels... great as baby gifts!

 ---Soli deo gloria --- 
"To God alone be the Glory!"

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