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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Heartful Finish

Several weeks ago, I posted about my Graffiti styled fabric, painted with acrylic paints, applied via the bubble wrap... and some fun writing with a large Sharpie pen. This is how it began:

I was tired of moving this piece around in my studio, wondering what it should be.  So... it was time to 'cut-it-up!'  A dance party with my scissors... but no need to cut a rug! 

Ribbon selections:
Finished with a zig zag stitch on the edges...
And wildly quilted in plain black thread.
Further embellishment with Jones Tones silver, copper and gold foil...

This fabric was heavily painted and dyed to begin with, when I began by applying the Jacquard Dye-na-flow paint/dye.  Then the further addition of the acrylic paint using the bubble wrap as a print.  That made this fabric a challenge - one in which the needle didn't always penetrate well, even tho I used a 90/14 Titanium Topstitch needle (from Superior Threads).  But I kept at it.  I'm determined that way.  And mostly it worked out, and when it didn't... I traveled that road again!  And it worked just fine; some of the zigs missed... but I'm okay with it.  It goes with the graffiti style!

For now.
All of the hearts are backed with cardstock, for durability and stability.  They are great as bookmarks, graduation or anytime gifts or thank-you's.  They are wild - but that is precisely the point!  ALOT of fun!
Orange and red are hard colors to photograph.  They tend to look garish-like. 

Although I am a little tired of hearts... having this piece of fabric result in a finished project(s) feels dang good!!
Praises for another project that crossed the FINISH LINE! YAY YAY YAY!
What are you planning to finish today?
JUST ~~~ Begin!
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