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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

aztec gold ~ courtesy of vicki welsh hand dyed fabrics

hello everyone ~ 

here is a finished project; the third in the series of what i can only describe as dream fabrics made by vicki welsh.  this piece is the gradient, "sundance!"  {love that name}.  of course, you will find more gorgeous combos on her etsy shop! {if you haven't already picked out a couple?!}
i let the good times roll and stamped this awesome fabric using the plethora of hand-carved stamps i've made, and a glowing, luminescent, lumiere paint by jacquard
this type of stamp is what i call a 'corner' stamp, which means i can rotate it to make a 'complete' design, {or not}:
and another version:
i also cut some strips form this same piece of gradient fabric  so i could add more creativeness putting it all together.   these strips will come in handy. 
and some perfect-sized, smaller stamps i will use on those strips:
i mixed up the paint colors... creating a custom color, using navy, purple, and a bit of aqua toned color to my stamping. 

i also chose a very geometric commercial print for a splash of pattern as well as color for a very 'aztec' look, too!
for quilting, i didn't want to 'overdo' on the main motif of this quilted runner ~  just a bit of an accent with the yellow thread, and lightly following the overall stamping  design with a purple thread in the other areas.

this is part of the beauty of hand-dyed fabrics, lovely eye candy they are, but once you cut them apart, and piece them back together... {different} beautiful things happen.  in this piece {seen above and below} i spot a luscious peachy-pink color popping out. it has a special glow {i'm tickled peachy about that}!  i didn't plan it at all...  that is such a great part of the fun of playing with vicki's gradients

 i also added a commercial batik in the outside border:
 a little bit wonky... and a whole lotta color!
did you know {or remember} you get free shipping in vicki's etsy store using the code LESLIESHIP.  Have you made sure you've left a comment on my initial post {here} for a chance to win some of vicki's versatile, gorgeous and creative gradients? {and a project made with her fabrics, from me?}  you have until this saturday, june 22nd.  winner will be drawn and announced sunday, june 23rd.

thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daisy Quilt Table Topper ~ Finished

hey there everyone ~

i finished this quilted piece awhile ago now; gave it as a wedding gift, and it's was just one of those days where the lighting was just not bright.  {so it goes!}
but that did not dim my joy in creating it, nor in the giving! it was definitely inspired color-wise by this couple's dishes which are from the 'fiesta' dinnerware line!
i used a linoleum block i cut a couple summers ago {above}...  a daisy-themed block i still love alot.  i think i may need to have a printing session with it again {very soon} and renew my love affair with painting, stamping & fabric!
no surprise ~ i went for bright colors to frame it, selecting fun prints from my batik stash, and because of their bright tones, and patterns, the free motion quilting i put on it is quite simple, where the thread blends in, but adds a pretty textural interest to the piece.  my quilting motifs were straight line, cross-hatching, swirls, pebbles, and undulating lines in the petals where i changed out the colors of threads a couple different times as quilted the petals; white for highlighting, and various pinks, as well as variegated turquoise were used.
all set out in patchwork that is deliberately wonky, too.
thanks for stopping in. 

my fingers, heart and mind are itchin' to stitch... and it's time to warm up the 'nina machine ~ very soon, as i have some fabulous new fabric to showcase from the beautiful fabric dyer vicki welsh!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carving It up ~ Part 3

hello out there ~

here's the last couple stamps i've made over the past month.
this again, is the moo-carve product, as i mentioned in my previous two posts.
a pretty basic design... what i really love is the simplicity of the repetitive effect on top of a gelli printed paper, which was also enhanced with a stencil {margaret applin design at joggles} that has a 'round within a square' shape {can you see it underneath}:
and this is a double-sided, hand carved stamp.  the swirl on one side, the flower on the other, due to the thickness of the moo-carve.  you can order it in a couple different thicknessess.  this is 3/4" thick i believe...
and a heart. {not too sure i like it}
as is with most heart-work... it's a "work in progress" wouldn't you say?  {isn't it always?}


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carving It Up ~ Part 2

hi there ~ so glad you came back!  today is part two... part three tomorrow.

i finally got around to editing more pictures in my adventures to carve my own stamps... again, using moo-carve as my base for carving.  i have to say, too, that i was creatively given a jump start by this lady, nora clemens-gallo and her most creative and amazing carvings!  i 'met' nora through Studio JRU link up for "in the studio fridays" and oh my gosh... check out her blog if you like stamp carving... or just amazing stamps.
i attempted {note the word attempted!} to make this one a 'corner-styled' stamp, as well... like the one i posted on the blog yesterday.
uhm... problem being that i have to concentrate long enough to figure out that corner!  oh well...  love it on the gelli prints, and once again ~ it's all fun in my book!  and... i am ready to do more!!
hope you're having some fun this week too!  appreciate having you stop by for a second or two.  have a great one!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carving It Up Part 1~

Hi there friends,

Recently I've been trying out a new product for stamp carving.  It's called "moo carve." 
 I love the challenge of drawing and carving backwards for words.  Note I said "challenge" ~ I kind of got a little lost on carving out the "l" ... but I still like it!  Funky! {as in fun}. 
 I want to get better at carving words.   The "moo-carve" product is super easy to cut; I do like that.  This is what Dick Blick has to say about it:
"MOO Carve boasts a revolutionary PVC surface that’s softer and safer to use than linoleum — and also latex-free! Use MOO Carve Carving Blocks for stamp carving, printmaking, and any other applications where you'd normally use linoleum. They're a neutral light gray color that's easy to work with, and the thickness allows for deep-carve cutting on either one or both sides of the block.
MOO Carve readily accepts transfer designs, or you can simply draw directly on the surface. It can be cut into smaller pieces without crumbling or breaking apart."
I think it was actually a bit crumbly, not in a major way, but I didn't care for that feel as I was carving; kinda messy to carve, although it prints very nicely.  I also ordered another brand, an Inovart product, called "Eco-Karve" - a red-colored variety and I'm looking forward to trying it out and making a comparison.  In the meantime, here's a few of my prints:

 Time to try it out!  I printed the stamp, making sure the inside corner matched with each printing, and  printed on a base of my gelli-printed paper:
It has a rustic, kinda native indian appeal to me ~ love the whole texture thing happening with the gelli print, and the stamp on top, letting the bright colors pop!  And I love making stamps that repeat in a four-square pattern.  They don't really perfectly match... and that suits me... perfectly!!  Now on to fabric...  this would be a fun pattern to make into a quilted piece. {someday!}


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dye Candy ~

Just a tiny bit of sewing this past weekend for me.  House garden and puppy play duties called!  In between, I went back to my unfinished pile of fabrics, and began to piece together some of my stamped, hand-dyed fabric from my 'stash-building' fun last summer...
 adding borders, and now...
 it will take a back seat for a little bit!
Cuz I am a lucky girl --- did you notice the pretty fabric that is the backdrop on the photos above?  Well, I get to quilt on this GORGEOUS piece of hand-dyed fabric which  arrived in my mail box yesterday!  This scrump-dilly-icious piece was dyed by Chris Daly of Dye Candy
And I am excited to say we are collaborating together for my first-ever quilted, kind of-commissioned piece. I will be quilting feathers on the black faux leather, and this beautiful fabric will be the lining, which Chris will sew into a bag, wallet, and such things!   

Can't wait to start this weekend!  Oh boy... I might be a little nervous, even! 

EnJOY your day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Stamps -- New Stencils -- New Fabric!

I'm still at it, and it still... feels good!  I am loving playing with fabrics from my hand dyed 'experiments' stash.  This piece was dyed last summer; a sunprinted fabric, using Setacolor greens and aqua blue paint-dyes ordered from Dharma Trading Co.
The circle stencil below was used for that sunprinting.
I've also had my eye on Julie Fei Fan Balzer designs for awhile.   Her new line of stencils are so fun!  And I recently purchased three of them from Crafters Workshop.  I am fascinated with her elaborate, but simple, flexible, and VERY creative designs!  LOVE the ones I got.  The one shown below was used in the fabric above, where I applied an olive green color - a bit of a muddy mix as I was stamping -- using that stencil.
But I like it!  I also applied some light blue and white paint on my royal blue dyed fabric, using the mum-like flower stencil (see photos below).
Can't wait to play more with them all!

And of course, I used more liquid pearls.  And foils. Why not?
I made some new stamps, too.  This time I'm using a material called "Master Carve" --- but it's really hard to come by apparently, according to my internet search skills, anyway. I may have to turn to a different product, like speedy carve, or E-Z carve, or something like that for future carving.  The linoleum is just too tough for my hands, anymore.
Not an attractive picture, but here's my new heart and "Hope" stamp.

Here's where I'm at so far!  But... I AM NOT done!  Yay!
I have more results to come!  While the blue fabric is still in progress, I like what I've done so far. And I'm almost done creating my next Soul  Blossom piece, #2, and #3--- coming soon, I hope! 

Have a beautiful SPRING day!
Blessings ~
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