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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

autumn paisley ~ a stenciled, quilted runner ~ giveaway

hello everyone ~
i've been happily ensconced, practicing a basic feather, warming up for more! 

the piece below is a large, runner-sized piece of hand dyed gradient from vicki welsh.  it's called "navajo" and i love this color way .. perfect for our autumn holiday, and i thin this piece is a great beginning to setting a dining table for thanksgiving, and beyond!

now let me say a word about hand dyed fabrics. 
compared to the current cost of batiks, now about $13.00 to $13.50 a yard; a hand dyed fabric is priced at $18 a yard.  i'd say that's quite a great price especially when you consider the hours involved, the care in ensuring they are colorfast, and of course, by buying you are supporting an artist, who very much depends and relies on our support to continue investing and producing beautiful products.  
vicki is truly an ARTIST in my book!  
she's a true craftsman, like many are, but i cannot tell you how much i enjoy going to what i now call, "my vicki stash" of hand dyed, custom created, beauties!!

and that is what i did ... therefore, enter into the scene of "autumn paisley!"
now this is not exactly new to me.  in an earlier piece with the same gradient base fabric, i created a poppy art quilt, and i loved that overall look so much, i decided to stencil {with a sweet Rebecca Baer paisley stencil}, using my paintstiks, to create a much larger piece. 

autumn paisley is also listed in my etsy store

needless to say, i had a great time!  
{in case i forget to tell ya!}

do you love hand dyed fabric?
have you ever purchased any?
would you like to win some? 
if so...

i am giving a piece of it away ~ 1/4 yard of this beautiful navajo gradient created by the fabulous hands of vicki.
yes, i really am. 

just leave me a comment ... anything you'd like.
i'd love to hear from you!
and if you'd like, go visit vicki's etsy store.  you can view the gradients i drool over, right here!
winner announced next Monday, November 3rd.
blessings on your day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

autumn splendor ~ a hand painted quilt

good day ~ 

leaves... leaves... leaves!  always a fun, artistic motif to play with, especially this time of year.  and i have a gorgeous view in my imagination!

this is how it plays out:
first, i hand-painted the leaves with silks acrylic glaze paints. and i added free motion quilting in two motifs, tiny stippling and miniature feathers.  a bit of bobbin play for dimension, and sparkle, and well, because... it was really fun!  the top and bottom edges were cut wavy, and the sides are deliberately not perfectly straight... it is designed to be a table runner or a wall hanging.   
the stems of the leaves are couched with a very stiff, wirey metallic thread called "facets" i found when we were visiting in washington state. i purchased it at the quilting bee in spokane.

and i've been using this new quilters dream orient batting. {love!}  so smooth, and wonderful to quilt.

it's for sale in my etsy shop.  

thank you for taking time to stop by!  

blessings on your day

Saturday, March 22, 2014

blue bayou beginnings ~ choosing colors {and a winner}

hi there everyone ~

speaking of blues... {!} for most of the past week i've been coping with the flu + cold bug! wowzers, what a rough week. 

despite our montana wintery weather {to be expected} and chilly 15-20 degrees with a fresh couple inches of new snow... our spring will get here on it's own time, and in it's very. own. way!  but happy spring to all of you who are enjoying blossoms and green grass!!

so... this is where "blue bayou" starts. as i begin to think out thread choices and colors that will complement the gorgeous hand-dyed gradient fabric from vicki.  the beautiful, and yet-ever-so-elegant, basic curving center-drawn spine line will be the base for the feather quilting:

all of these thread colors in magnifico are wonderful choices! there is no wrong color, in my opinion.  it's more a simple challenge of just this. 

make.  a.  decision.   :)

with choices made, the beginning stitches look like this: 
a periwinkle blue purple for the initial quilting of the traditional 'heart-shaped' feather, and then the second pass is to echo with bobbin threadwork, using a bright twinkling royal blue.

and... the winner of the fabulous pin: 

as it turns out, found by the random generator to be commenter #8 ~ miss vicki welsh!  that brings a happy smile, and the perfect ending to this post.  thanks to all of you who so kindly commented, and loved this truly beautiful, amazing work of heart from katie's wonderful paper style.  i hope to have more of those to give away, once i get connected to the art gallery in my hometown chester for more of her delightful treasures!  so fun to give away ~

bless you all ~

Monday, March 3, 2014

the stenciled, feathered, {brown eyed queen?} finished ~

hi there ~

i don't know why, but i just couldn't make a decision on binding for this piece.  i guess because it was difficult to choose a color, and fabric style for this binding, but i finally said, "just do it!  and so i chose a multi-colored binding, one of the first fabrics i grabbed. 

this little quilt sample has risen up from the depths of the ufo pile, which kind of came to a  halt last fall.  it's a beautiful fabric dyed by talented hands of  vicki welsh.

a while ago, i wrote a post about trying out some beautiful stencil designs, created by feather diva, ms. patsy thompson, from patsy thompson designs, {click here}.

i like it!  i think i chose this binding color, as it encompassed all the thread colors, and brought out a little bit of the pink tones in the hand dyed fabric.  

and better... 
it. is. done! 
{and even listed in the etsy shop

have a sweet one ~

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ponderosa pine ~ quilted

hi there ~  it's more feathers!

this time a new hand-dyed fabric in my studio, dyed by vicki welsh ~ she calls it the "woodlands" gradient.  and i called it 'mine!' {at least for the time being!} lol  

i used this quilting opportunity try a different type of meandering feather, quilting continuous 'branches' and hopefully... achieving a kind of 'flowing out' from one feather spine to another. 

definitely a work in progress, but a fun challenge for quilting...

accented with a dark green razzle dazzle by superior threads.  this spool is #254, named "irish eyes."  i love the emphasis this thread gives the feathers.

i put a warm golden brown thread of magnifico for the original feather shape, and then added a bright green for the hyper quilting, and deeper, 'forest green' for the outside motif quilting:

a pretty batik backing that will be a nice change if someone wanted to flip it over.  and... everything in my etsy shop is 20% until december 1st, with the code GIVINGTHANKS {all in caps}.  

And I pray we all do {forever and ever amen!}

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Midnight Autumn ~ Winner

hello and a super snowy autumn day it is here in montana ~

so i'm calling this runner "autumn's midnight" which reminds me of those shorter days and nights of autumn into winter...  

i chose the following threads, as seen below, to begin the quilting on this piece of hand dyed fabric by vicki. and i began with my newest thread-fave, 40 wt magnifico {by superior threads}, in a bright pink for the initial pass of feathers, a bright lime green for the hyper quilting. 

so why lime green?  well, partly because it's just unexpected.  and partly because the leaves paling on trees in the past weeks have so intrigued me; in that faded and varied green-soon-to-be-brown-n-gone shade.  the green does look like it glows in the dark, {but that's just the lamp!} but really why ~  because i was just curious! i wanted to see how those two opposite colors {basically green and red} on the color wheel would "mix" when they come together into the spine area.  because they become to the eye, an altogether intriguing color story...
and as those two threads meld... the color changes, and it becomes a bit more complex; a richer, more visually interesting green, tones down the pink a bit, and 'appears' to be almost a golden tone, as it blends together.  {perfect!}

this is one of my favorite parts of stitching feathers!  and a fascinating effect.  i then began echo quilting the perimeter with two passes of the gorgeous red-purple in magnifico, and then a third pass with the hot pink, and finally the thick, royal blue razzle dazzle {from superior threads}, in bobbin play, echoing the feathers from the wrong side of the quilt.  it's so pretty, and it's one of my favorite techniques as a quilter.  it too, also adds depth and dimension, blending, but adding light, to the deep colors of the fabric; as it accents and highlights, rather than overpower. 

for the outside quilting motifs, i chose a magnifico thread in a periwinkle purple. i felt it had just the right luminosity to bring all the color elements together.  it also helps tone down the pink, yet complements it too. i love how it's brightness is visually pleasing, helping the dark-purpley colors of the fabric to pop, but lets the fabric shine with it's depth of colors in the forest green and teal blue-greens in this piece.

i was asked by one reader "how long does something like this take me?" usually, it's anywhere from 6-8 hours, start to finish; sometimes longer; sometimes shorter.  of course,  quilting takes the majority of the time, but it's more than that.  it's auditioning threads, thinking about the color focus, the varied colors of the fabric, and how i can change, enhance, or create a different feel just by changing up thread colors or texture elements. it's much the same process  for choosing backing fabrics, binding, couching, too.

i list my quilts for sale based on time & labor, and cost of supplies, but also it includes a proportion of my time shopping for those goods, to ironing, cutting, stitching.  but it doesn't end there, either.  i photograph, edit, and then list them for sale in my etsy shop. this requires writing descriptions, uploading photos, and when there is a sale, it's processing time; emailing the customer, printing care instructions, invoices, and packaging a quilt for mailing, as well as commission fees from both etsy and various financial organizations.  the price you see in my etsy shop reflects all of these things, but more importantly, the complexity as well as the originality of a piece.

 because many of you said "holiday" table in your comments... i chose a holiday-feel backing fabric.  this is a christmas batik fabric {that i have loved for many years!} and decided to bust into it and use some of it {that i have been hoarding - saving} for just such a special occasion.  it's berry red/purple, and teal and forest greens with highlights gold metallic stars and flecks in it.  one could easily flip over the runner and use both sides.
 i went with random.org for choosing a winner this time {as my favorite random generator-man was taking a nap!}... and it's commenter #1!  that would be... "barb" of mountain quiltworks ~ my idaho neighbor!  congrats, barb! 
 this one is 8" wide x 40" long.  now this is the deal, barb.  you get to choose which one you would like... either this one, or the one from the post announcing the giveaway {it's called bluegrass at midnight}.
all you's guys!  {she said with an enthusiastic new yorker accent} ... i read all your comments; loved them! i giggled, laughed, and smiled!  i was so honored to read your sense of humor, enthusiasm, support, and sweet friendship.  thank you!  {you bless my socks off!}

the wind is settling in on us from the northwest, {time to get the warm woolie socks on!}... as we say hello to snow and cold.... and likely say goodbye to the last of our perfectly beautiful autumn.

bless you ~ and soli deo gloria!  saddle up!  we're off on a great adventure together!
linky tuesday party with one of my favorite blogs

"Freemotion by the River
love and more ~

Monday, August 12, 2013

dye dye miss american pie ~

greetings on a monday ~

well.  there's nothing new under the sun ~ including those catchy tunes that play in my head!

ya know ~ i love to play with color, for sure. and since i was cleaning and tidying the studio {well not a serious clean, just a 'what have we here?' kind of clean... and found we had saved thousands a few ice cream buckets {ahem ~ yes we, i mean, brian ~ loves ice cream}!  so i decided to make use of some of the tulip~jacquard dye kits i had stashed away last summer.   i five yards of 'pfd' {prepared for dying} fabric, and that gave me at least two to three hours of happy play time.  cheap entertainment for sure! and the ease of cleanup in the back yard!

after all summer time is fading fast.  {i think july and august have reversed the months on us.}  we've actually had cooler days {in the mid 80's} instead of the 90-95 degrees we had in July.  but i love it.  and sweet, fresh n' cool breezes in the evevings.  

anyway.  i digress.  it's time to get going! here's a glimpse of saturday morning in my yard:

 i took a gamble, and dyed a piece of cotton sateen red and purple blues {third fabric hanging on the line in pic above}.  it was something i had purchased several years ago, and it was not pfd!  {unwashed, unprepared} but i just went for it. and it turned out great.
 i just scrunched up the fabric in the bucket, and squirted dyes on it, randomly.  left it alone for overnight.  and washed it out on the lawn {my favorite part of cleanup!}  

 and my favorite pic of all... sunflowers and happy colors.  that says it all!
i don't know what i'm going to do with the fabric...   i am thinking however, of adding some overlay perhaps ~ stencil prints with spray-on dyes... and who knows what else.  

summer is leaving far too fast...

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