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Thursday, July 17, 2014

playin' with hearts ~ update with austyn mae and rowan

hi friends!

i was cleaning up the sewing studio recently ~ {just a very little bit}, and on my constant "to-do" list are hearts. i keep scraps from quilts, paper, fabric and a combination of the two, and they are thrown into a drawer next to my sewing machine, and when i'm in the mood, i grab a few, put cardstock paper backs on them, attach a simple ribbon, and then simply stitching a zig zag around the perimeter. 

i love turning them into small mementos that have a creative and functional purpose, such as bookmarks, but also i send them in cards, or as thank you gifts.

{and it's fun making something pretty} from scraps and bits...

most of them are small; from 2 inches to 4 inches.  although but a small touch, they have big impact {i pray}.  and these small little touches became a ministry, one that touched these two children's young lives.  you may remember darling little austyn mae and sweet little boy, rowan? 

these two children were diagnosed with cancer shortly after they were born. we had a fund raiser with these hearts, and a quilt raffle for rowan here on the blog.  i thought you might like to see them, and what an awesome God we have, how our prayers, and kindnesses... made with small bits and big hearts... {thank you again}

here they are now {praise to God the Father} and {get a kleenex}:

recently, as flower girl and ring bearer in a local wedding... 

rowan leading austyn up the aisle {she was a bit shy, and a little scared in front of all those people}...
 but he never let go of her ... reassuring her every step of the way...
photographer beth rood ~ used with permission

and that's pretty much what alot of life is about.  doing small things with a big love.

thank you Father God.  we praise You and give you thanks, and all the glory is yours!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Heart You!

I had made this paper fabric a long time ago... this project is a result of that heavily painted pepto-bismol pink fabric paper I had made.  And it's been a real lesson for me. Especially since I not thrilled with it AT ALL.  And I came real close to  throwing it away.    

But I didn't throw it away, and several weeks ago, cleaning out the studio --- decided what the heck?!  Cut it up.  Nothing to lose.  So I did, added some favorite fabric, ribbons and other doodles. So whatdayaknow, I like it!  I feel like I was re-living the commerical - the one with the kids in the (I think it was Life cereal) commercial, who would only eat the cereal if "Mikey" liked it and they would say "Hey Mikey Likes It!" 
Well... I like it! 
So the picture above shows some of the ideas I auditioned for embellishing the piece.  And then, suddenly, an idea occurred to me.   I loved the idea of making this pink 'thing'... into a HEART! 
And it becomes "I HEART YOU!"

And it sold~! 

End of story!  Well not quite.

And just like the "Island of Misfit Toys" ~  just goes to show ya, there's a place for everything and everyone. Fabric... or toy! 

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