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Friday, July 29, 2011

Love at First Touch

Courtesy of a shopping trip to Camas Creek Yarns in Kalispell MT. We'd been talking about it for the past couple years, but finally got there.  Fabulous!  It was difficult, at best, to 'just say no' to so many gorgeous, beautiful, lovely skeins and give them a good home.  I put more back that I took home. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Kudos. Discipline.  The "D" word. Good for all of us but specially for me. And I was truly happy to buy what I got, and what I got was really GOOD.  Excitement.  Color. Texture. Ideas. Scarves.  Couching.  Touching!  It's all very, very, very GOOD. I mean, really ... good!

love... the chance to practice some photography on those beauties... and we of course take them down to the dock and talk, ooh and aah over them some more and brainstorm ideas...
Not to be left out... picked up a couple gorgeous buttons, too.  Oh... how many oh so cool buttons they had...  What will I do with them?  No clue.  But they will be fabulous...
A bit of stash building... texture, colors light and dark.  Batiks, Kaffe Fasset; my faves.
Artist, Weaver, Knitter, Crocheter, and Sewer 
extraordinaire, and my dear friend, ANNETTE, made these adorable baby sweaters while we were at the cabin.  

She loves to knit at the lake, waterside!

This is one I made several years ago, for my friend, Megan Lane, one of the BESTEST photographers in the world! (Really!)

And below, a cute hood from one I made several years ago, from batik flannels.  Love!

 From the pattern "Cute As A Button" Baby Jacket by Jackie Clark.

See more here... and here!

Annette also made a sweet little baby jacket at the cabin vacay. I love the florals, and particularly the soft brown minkee trim!  BUT... the crochet trim on the pockets make it!  ADORABLE.  She still needs to add buttons, which of course, we went shopping for!
Here is the pattern, of which you can also create via patchwork style, leaving the edges raw. 

EnJoy your day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

THREAD NESTS - Embellished!

Such a simple thing to do.  Easy. And lots of fun, too. I call this embellishment technique "thread nests."
Save all those little leftover thread clippings.  I know many folks do. This is just one idea (or two!) that I personally like to use them for.  

I begin by grabbing threads out of my thread bag, and rolling them in the palm of my hand, much like you would do with clay, to make a round 'ball' of sorts. 

Add more threads if you'd like. 
Just wind them off the spool with your hands until you have what you think looks good for your little nest!  Add more threads, if you don't have enough. Particularly if you need more of one color (or more)

Just lay the little ball of threads down on your project; in this case, they are going to be my flower centers.  I could also lay some water-soluble stabilizer film on top to keep the threads trapped, but I'd have to wash it out!  Easier to just 'free motion them down' and my favorite foot to do that is the Bernina #44 foot.  

It's large, clear plastic round foot is perfect for this little embellishment assignment.  The same type of plastic foot is also available as an attachment to the BSR if you own one (Bernina Stitch Regulator), although it's a bit smaller.
My stitches look like this on the back...just keep it simple, and stitch a few times in a circle until mostly those threads are bound together!

 I free motion with a matching thread (or not!). 
It might look a bit like this when you're done. 

Then, I take the point of my scissors (and gently) 'loosen' the threads, and make them loop as suits your style. (sorry bout the  bad lighting!)
Clip them, let them be loose, fluff them, play them up as you please.
And then start thinkin' where else you can play with your little thread clippings!  Like this lovely embellished button and flower from "Play With Abandon" (click link to see more pictures and post)

And how beautiful are these beads, adorned in their little thread nest.  It looks like they were 'hatched' there!!! 
 and here on a jacket I made a long while back! I am working on a future post about that jacket...
Oh, I hope your creativity bursting with ideas by now...   What are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Motion Motifs or KISS = "Keep It Simply Stunning"

CUTE AS A BUTTON Baby Jacket!  Just a little sample of a great way to apply a bit of free motion ... with a few simple little swirls you can add such a special touch of pizazz to this sweet little jacket, pattern by Jackie Clark.  (I've made at least ten of these now!) Keep an eye out for how you can make any garment simply stunning with a few free motion stitches!  Notice the little swirls coming from the cute pockets...

Keeping it simple... really!  Nature inspires! My inspiration with this quilt:  Flathead Lake. Water bubbles made me want to try and emulate them with stitching! The little "thread buttons" of silver thread meander in and out from the feather motif, into the outside border of this quilt.  You can easily just overlap them... no worries about not crossing the lines! This is creative play!

The center circle of a large flower is pictured here.  Not only is it surrounded with bobbin play in a zig zag (in the dark blue outer circle) and a straight stitch (the silver stitching just next to the dark blue). The center itself (yellow) has a fuzzy yarn free motion couched into the very center & a  bit more bobbin work surrounding it, just for added sparkle and bit of depth... take a look at the stitching of the stamens...I used a variegated polyester (YLI Variations).
This detail shot from Santa Royal   shows one of the ways I applique free motion style off the edge of fused pieces.  The purple fabric in the top half of the picture has a beautiful variegated cotton (King Tut from Superior Threads) just off the edge, in a free motion zig zag, 'herky-jerky' kind of style...  the country bumpkin to that very perfect programmed buttonhole/blanket stitch that most of us have as a decorative stitch in our machines. There is also a free motion zig zag on the boots (bottom half)

How simple is this?!  Picture on right: Quilt in "e's" on the edge as seen on this wool applique flower (picture right).  How many different patterns can you think of to put on your  appliques?

Have fun creating some of your own!  Be sure to loosen your top tension, get a 90/14 metallic or microtex or topstitch needle... and go to town!

Of course, I've added free motion couching to the flower petal edges, with the #43 Bernina Free Motion Couching foot... it just plain makes you look GOOD!  (Yeah baby -- If only facial make-up was this easy!)  You may also want to slow down a bit with the speed... smaller motifs generally require a slower speed for accuracy as you are working in a smaller space for the most part...  Take your time... and if you get stuck... stop... think... make a plan... and BREATHE!

The next picture is a detail showing what I call "Thread Buttons"... just a little free motion circle in place, using variegated thread, but not for long!  KISS... "keep it simply stunning" and... simply fun! There are also motifs of "pebbles" and then bobbin play on the far left, in gold thread, which is usually either Razzle Dazzle by Superior Threads, or YLI candlelight.  Both are wonderful!  I like to add just a bit of it - a teaser if you will, for added interest and texture.  EnJoy!
Detail from "3D Delightful" Art Quilt
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