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Thursday, June 18, 2015

summer mixed media journal season is here ~

hello summer!
75 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunshine and a shady patio.
perfection defined!
... and a new season for making
mixed media journals begins.
i grab {just a few} key art supplies: 
 washi tape, paper words,
pens, little scrappy knick knacks n'such, 
{because, let's face it, it would take hours upon hours
 to bring it all outdoors!}
and then... get to work ~ playing!
 doodling n' glueing.
WARNING: there is a wild border collie waiting in 
the forest who will chew up any falling, wayward rolls
of washi tape --- in a heartbeat!
 hmmm.  as i was saying... 
sitting in the shade, playing, visiting with the pups,
and listening to the birds sing....
i do all the messy glueing, cutting and such in my studio in the basement of our home, and the papers i'm using are my own original prints, made from monoprints from my  gelli plate, stencils, stamps, deli paper, dimensional paste or paint, and just plain ol' acrylic paint! 
i add other texture from stamping onto heavy paper, cutting out {butterflies}, using some of my older scrapbook ephemera, old book pages, etc.  
 and then i doodle away.

 my personal favorites and most-used supplies are stencils, or thermofax screens i've purchased from stencilgirlproducts, many designed by creative friends like terri stegmiller and margaret applin.  but anything goes... yup!  so i begin by making a super big mess with paint...  and then clean up, clear off the table and and then choose from my dried paper stash, glueing them to the fronts and backs of blank paper journals i've purchased from craft stores, or goodwill.

some of my most favorite papers to use as empherma are prayers or quotes, {which i've printed out} by susie larson, or pages from favorite books by emily freeman, and ann voskamp, and many others, too.

so far, my favorite collage glue is "collage pauge" by tracis bautista {purchase at craft stores}.

... many ~ many happy hours later... 
i'll have a stack of a dozen or so journals.
soli deo gloria

Friday, August 8, 2014

my latest journal ~ grace is enough

hi everyone ~

here's the latest journal. i love these colors. and this is what i finally figured out to do, regarding the original gelli prints i've made, that i love, love...  i'm getting them color copied, and also scanning them.  nice!  that way i can use my faves over and over again, adding to them... subtracting, and ya know ~ making them each an original of their own.    

i love the color quality on the laser printed copiers.  almost like the original.  and that works for me.  i'd rather keep the originals for now, until i can decide how i want to preserve them.  the background on this journal is one of my very favorites!

 i've added washi tape, rub-ons in black and white, as well as thermofax screens, printed onto deli paper.  boy, do they merge nicely onto the pages!  love that effect. 

 below you'll see where i added a bit of angelina/textiva film {the shiny, reflective stuff}, as well as some silver encrusted stick-on embellishments.
 i add a layer of decopage to the top, to add strength and durability to the rub-ons, and the tissue embellishments, and washi tape, too.  one of the bonuses of doing this is that when you add a black marker around the edges {once it's dry}, you can smear and create shadows, {if you do it quickly enough} as it moves around for a little bit before it dries completely.

these take me a couple hours to complete, but i do love the process, and i'm gonna keep on going!  i made 12, and have sold 11, so i'll be replenishing my inventory supply... soon! now is a good time to buy the basic notebook or journal, as the back-to-school sales are on.  i can usually get them at a place like staples, kmart, or so... for about $1 to $2 a piece.

happy friday!  thanks for coming by to check on me!!  :)

and happily yours in glue and paint ~

Saturday, July 19, 2014

journals ~ finished!

hi there ho there folks!

so... here's what i've been doing in a few minutes here and there.  it's been so hectic preparing to retire, cleaning out my office... cleaning out my clothes closet!  {casual clothes here i come!!}  but i also have lots of papers, and folders, and stuff too.  now i have to find homes for it... at home!

anywho, today's post features some newly finished {just this morning!} of mixed media journals, made from purchased composition journals, found at an office supply store {or many other kinds of 'big box' stores}.  

the front and the back have been layered with a base of a gelli printed paper.  then further layered with washi tape, stamping, doodling, and other motifs, cut from the gelli printed paper itself.  in the journal shown below, i also added a flower... this is a special "inheritance" from some supplies i received from the family of katie twedt. {my former high school art teacher who passed away this spring}.  i believe the "writing" stamp is by dina wakley, and this "create with abandon" phrase always ~ reminds me of katie. 

one of my hopes when i retired, was to spend days with her making art.  that didn't happen.  the lesson?  {you know what's coming, dontcha?}  


the backside of the journal above it

the backside

the backside
some of the motifs are made from thermofax screens, this one above features a darling flower from terri stegmiller.  one of the things i'm glad i didn't wait for.  cuz many times, they don't make them for long... and i really enJoy turning to these pieces now, to put on the journals.  the flower was printed onto wax 'deli' paper, and i love how it melds into the background, so easy to decopauge.

i have listed six NEW journals in the etsy shop!  

have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journal #2 ~ Copper Flowers

Hello there ~ oh my goodness... I made it through to Tuesday!  More on that later!

Here is my second {my favorite!} covered journal; I'm calling it "Copper Flowers."
 Recognize this design? 
It was one of the Margaret Applin's new stencil from Joggles, which I debuted awhile ago on fabric... and now on paper:
 {love that coppery perfect pearl paint!} love that stencil!!!

 The outside back side cover below:
 A pretty stack of journals I made, sitting together on the table.  Kind of like food in the pantry, is a couple journals finished!!!  It all represents many hours of happily messing around trying to figure out book covering, and all that mechanical application stuff: 
  The inside back cover:
 And, the back side cover: {i love the orange spots with the purple thermofax screen design}
 Purples... aqua, turquoise... oranges... and copper ~ this was a fun color combo!  These are going to make great gifts!
Here's to a fun week ahead~hope it is for you too!
Many blessings~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The First of My Gelli Journals ~ l o v e

Hi there ~

A happy Sunday, and St. Patty's Day to you all!  As the spring-like weather continues to tease us with cloudy, wind-blown days... I'm making gelli prints while the sun don't shine!  {bad grammar, i know!}.  This is the first of my experimental journal covers, made with a plethora of gelli prints, and lots of messy finger prints.  The picture below shows the cover page:
 The inside cover page:
 The inside of the back page:
 And, finally, the very back cover:
 I'm sure you will recognize some of the styles incorporated within ~ multiple overlays of Stencil Girl stencils, Margaret Applin's thermofax screens, stamping, and lots of creative play with acrylic paints.  Here's the full cover page:
 I added the colorful twine, and some dotted accents with Perfect Pearls dimensional paint.
And the heart was made with my twinkling h20's, painted on watercolor paper, cut out, glued on with heavy gel medium, and then embellished with the pearl paint. The funky thing I've discovered, is that the H2o's mica-watercolor paints 'crackle' a bit when gelled over with medium.  An interesting effect.  I used the heavier gel medium to apply the paper pages, too, as they adhered much neater, stronger, and faster throughout the process.

Love, indeed ~ that's exactly what it was, a labor of love.  I'm lovin' the results, too.  Alot of time, but a really fun way to use the gelli prints I had such a good time making!  This one was made using an inexpensive, lined journal from the office supply store.  I'm hoping to make some with fabric prints, too! 

And the beat goes on...

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