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Sunday, March 16, 2014

a bloom to give away ~

hi friends,

i had a productive weekend, and it was all mostly spent in a little spring cleaning and reorganizing, a tiny bit of spring decorating, and light, fragrant candles in lime and lemon to brighten the place up...  and guess what i found?
 a bloom...
but it's not just any ol' bloom.  it's a  "bloomin' pin" and i'm giving it way today.  actually, i had intended to do just that last summer, {but i forgot}.
 made specially by my art teacher, the wonderful and fabulous, Katie Twedt!  
 it's has such gorgeous texture, dimension and all of these papers are hand painted, or stamped, and hand cut by her talented designer hands! {and a little tiny bit of bling added too!}

and now that i've found it, i'm tempted to keep it... but i think not.  it's too pretty not to share!  
i hope you like it as much as i, and because i have been blessed with so many beautiful things from katie... heck, even her packaging is extra sweet!

just leave a comment, tell me if this is something you would like to have, or perhaps even gift away to someone special... for easter... mother's day... or just for any ol' day would be the perfect occasion to give this bloom!

i'll draw a winner from the comments {please leave a way for me to contact you}... and that will happen this friday, march 21st ~ the first day of spring!

happy spring!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

WINNERS ~ Grip n' Stitch n' More!

Oh baby~baby ... it is very c-c-c-cold outside!  We haven't yet dug out from the 17 inches of snow we received these past couple days.... 
Wowzers.  We heard on the weather report last evening that within five miles from Great Falls, they received almost four feet.   And temps to go with it; we're 12 degrees F this morning... and the wind has begun to blow.  YIKES. {even for us Montanans}  Gives new meaning to "chill out" ~let's not!
 Our girl dogs don't mind it too bad... notice  the zip line we put in for the pups is now missing the frisbee toy ~ buried in the snow!  Both Georgia and Savannah love their zip line! But today they are in front of the nice, warm fire - cozying up with each other!
  The branches below ~ perhaps another idea for a sketch, or card?
So, back to the fun of the day!  Thank you, thank you to all you dear readers.  As a blogger, it is always so much fun to host GIVEAWAYS ~  I love doing that, and well, it just wouldn't be a giveaway, much less any fun, if there was no one "out there" reading, or to receive it!  I thank you for ALL of your sweet, kind and generous comments; I so APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! 

Winner of the Grip n' Stitch disks is Commenter #19, HollyM ~ who I know as wonderful art quilter!  Visit her blog sometime, "Through My Window!"  Congratulations Holly!  

Thank you Clever Craft Tools for giving a pair to one of my readers!  
And, on to the next GiveAway ~ Wowzers!  You guys just blew me away with your comments!  I hope they are as widely successful on the Etsy shop!  These are my newly made notecards, which come with a matching brown-paper envelope, too.  The inside of each card is blank, and smooth, for writing;  the watercolor drawing has been lightly glued to the front of the corrugated brown paper front, and finished with a glossy mod podgey type product.  And they are frameable, if you would like.  

Winner #1 of "Bloom" is Anna Pickering Ballinger of Beyond The Fence blog!
 Winner #2 of "Merry Christmas is:   Sarah, writer of "Sweet and Savory" blog.

Winner #3 of "I Choose Joy" is Julie from the Ironmom {Julie} blog.
Winner #4 is Teresa of Music City - of the "Stop-Pray" Birdie, who writes a blog I enjoy greatly,  "A Quilt and a Prayer" and she's a superb quilter too! 
And Winner #5 ~ another favorite quilter, Vicki W, who writes a wonderful blog "Field Trips in Fiber" I'm sending you Mittens ~ "Be Warm Inside and Out."
Winner #6: "Choose Joy" is coming your way... Sweet Jennifer of STUDIO JRU!  Many of you know I regularly join her "In the Studio Friday" link up party on her blog!  
Winner #7:  "Made for Real"  who just posted a recipe for  Butternut Squash Soup" on her blog {looks so so good!} ~ I am sending you the card, "Blessings" - and yes, I think that is a great idea to try my hand at a Gingerbread Man!  Thank you for the suggestion.
Thank you for the Pure Joy you ALL are.  Your sweet responses, and kind encouragement for all of my artsy endeavors is greatly appreciated, and most of all, your friendship gives me GREAT JOY!  

Winners ~ please send me your mailing addresses and I will mail everything next Tuesday.  

Blessings ABUNDANT ~ yes you ARE!   

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fabric Paper Blues

No real 'blues' here!  More like pink... purple... and blue! This 'fabric paper making' was my NEW YEARS DAY project.  Because we have no snow... I decided to make my own!   At Christmas, I took some time to do a very innocent, fun, and simple project.  I cut snowflakes.  I think every adult should fold and cut, and make snowflakes every Christmas!  And this year, I did!  I truly loved the simplicity of this activity ~ the magic and wonder of seeing them come to life from a single sheet of folded paper.   Trying to build a bit of suspense... see the pictures below for the snowflakes.  First, this is where my huge plastic container of leftover papers of all sorts: pattern tissue, leftover colored paper towels from painting, dyeing.  Candy wrappers, letters, notes, old calendars and those daily desk calendars, and well ~ so much MORE!  I cut them ~ tear them.  And another secret passion I must admit to: I buy pretty napkins and gift tissue... just for this reason!  (Yes, I need therapy). But can you think of anything else where you get more bang for your buck?  Pretty napkins - practical on the table... save one or two for the fabric paper bin!  Yay!
 This is the work table.  Acrylic inks, sparkly paint products, and Golden Gel medium.  In the past I've used a 50% mix of white glue and water, and this time I used the gel medium, adding a bit of water to it.
 I used some Christmas tissue that was bright silver and white, as you can above, and also the tissue with the little sparkly glitter already in it.  Love how it turns transparent within the piece, and of course, I adore handwritten notes!  I love getting them... but it's so much fun to incorporate them into the piece. 
And I end up with a piece that looks like this:

 It was very exciting to see some of the sparkly tissue paper come through!  And see all those bumps, wrinkles and what-not?  Those will add lots of lovely texture, and will, to a great extent, disappear after ironing, and further thread and fabric embellishment.  It sits in front of the fireplace to dry --- quickly, please!
 Handwritten note from my High School Art teacher, Katie Twedt.  I adore her.  I adore her handwriting!
This is the tissue paper with the little glitter balls already within it when you buy it.  Ain't it cool? 
What do you think of the snowflakes?
 This is the back of the piece, on the muslin substrate.  When dry, I will "iron it into submission!"  I just love saying that.  It will be mostly flat, and then... more creating begins.
By the way, I used Dale F Rowney inks. (bought from Dick Blick Art catalog).  Might not have the name in the right order... but I don't want to run downstairs to type it in right now!  I know.  Lazy.  Anyway.  Intense color.  Love that.  Great to dilute with water; flows smoothly and they come in pearly colors, which I find, well, addicting.  So fun to play with.
As the saying goes "waiting for paint to dry!"  What will I do with this piece?  I have some ideas for some embellishment with threads.  Not sure if it will remain the size it is (about a fat quarter size now), or if it will get cut up. That depends on how much I like it when it's dried and ironed.  I can only tell you at this point, that I want to add more snowflakes: 
Not sure how I'm going to do that, but I know one thing.  I'm going to start with these images that I considered 'stamping failures' and I think they will find a home on this piece!  Love it when a plan doesn't come together?!  LOL ~ no clue!  YET. 

Another day at HOME.  So happy about that!
Love and more ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"LIVE with INTENTION" Paper Fabric Quilt

NOTE:  This is a repost from earlier this year, February.  I just thought I would share this... noting that I also recycle the paper towels I clean up with.  
I bet you can pick it out in the picture below:

Here's number 3 in the 'pastel series' I've been playing with. I'm calling it "Live With Intention" as it is inspired  by my high school art teacher, Katie Twedt -- once again! (I could never get enough of her art!) and ... FYI, I will be the guest artist late this summer at the LIBERTY VILLAGE ARTS CENTER in CHESTER, MT!  Yay!  Thanks for asking me,  Katie!  Anyway... Katie's  hand stamped, designed paper piece is directly sewn onto this pastel fabric quilted collage. 
The triple stitch... decorative stitches 'adorn' the paper art by Katie Twedt.  Above that, is a paper towel - upcycled!
 Pastels are not my 'norm' as I generally am attracted to bold colors, first.  I'm sure having a good time with them though... and it's a good thing to get outside one's comfort zone... ah... more to be said about that; whether it is living a Christian life, working, playing, or quilting!

 Soli Deo Gloria!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Her art is joyful ... happy ... colorful... textural.
Charming Jewelry pieces... one of her many creative expressions...
Katie happens to also be a wonderful teacher, an incredible supporter and friend to so many folks.  She  is a dedicated organizer, promoting and bringing amazing art to a remote rural area of Montana, my hometown in Chester, MT, located 40 miles south of the Canadian border, smack dab in the middle of the prairie, like much of Northern Montana! Population?  1000... maybe!

What a blessing and a cool drink of water Katie is!  If you're ever driving east or west on Highway #2, in Chester, MT, please stop in and check out the Liberty Village Arts Center. It was a beautiful old Catholic Church that has been re-purposed for art.

I NEVER get tired of looking at the coolest details of Katie's note cards.  I have used her artsy cards in my art quilts!  See "Live With Intention" here.(I did have her permission, FYI!)

Ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree; lovely layered & textural designs.  I have mine hanging year-round from my dining room chandelier so I can look at it daily. 

Terrificly creative flower pins!  I LOVE wearing this one, and have given several as gifts.
Mobiles, mobiles, mobiles!  They're so charming! So playful! And so... FUN! Why stop at just one?  (Well, I have to!) LOL. Perhaps you won't need to?! They also make lovely gifts.
I adore the mobile Katie gave me, which is hanging in my sewing studio.  I could probably have one in every room!  Who doesn't want one to just cheerfully 'shoot the breeze!'
A dancing mobile makes me happy just to look at it.

Oh, and how about a checkbook cover! This was a gift from my Mom, and I love all the textures.

Can't have enough pins! You probably know by now, (if you've checked out my blog) how I adore pins! 
Did I mention JOYOUS!  Yes, she is!  She encourages me.  Yup, I'm a HUGE fan.  I should be.  She was my high school Art teacher in 1976! Aren't we ALL so lucky to have had exposure to such great teachers in our life?  
Teachers have a powerful ministry to us all.

  And, all of us have one, teacher or not. 
Ask God to show you yours!
Katie has been, and continues to be a wonderful mentor. Her sweet enthusiasm is contagious. Amazingly, I was so fortunate to connect with her quite unexpectedly at my neighbor's backyard barbeque several summers ago!  She just happened to be best college friends with my neighbor's daughter! So, 30 years or so later I am blessed to call her friend, 
and to thank her for being a fabulous teacher.

 Thank you "Mrs. Twedt!"  I love you.  You are a beautiful gift, and we thank God that you share so willingly, giving of all your God-given talents with so many others.  
We are thankful!  XXOO

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's YOUR SIGN -- Draw Near

This framed poster is a favorite of mine, from Mary Engelbreit, of whom I have LONG  been a fan.  
It now hangs in my studio; a lovely reminder of building faith and talking to God as I quilt, design and contemplate!
My former high school teacher;  the most beautiful, and gracious Katie Twedt, (a  fabulous paper artist) 
made what has now become my studio  sign:
"Contemporary Art Quilts by Leslie McNeil."  (Love the ORANGE!) 
I am honored to be the featured artist this August-September at The Liberty Village Arts Center in my hometown, Chester, MT!  Katie's art will 
be featured in November & December, 2011! 
James 4:8

Friday, January 28, 2011

JoyFUL we Adore Thee!

My current project is one in the works for today's blog.... and it all started with this: THE BIG SHOT! I do alot of fusing... and I love it!  But sometimes cutting with the hands is well... hard on the hands!  So have been waiting ... thinking... contemplating about the Accuquilt GO and those cool quick cut dies for several years... and am glad I went the Sizzix direction. SAVED me lots of moo-lah!  Now I am not saying Accuquilt isn't fabulous... it sure is.  But that much money out-of-pocket (about $500 just to get started with the GO)... wasn't happening for me, personally!  
Many thanks to Patsy Thompson and Kelly Jackson, both of whom were gracious, knowledgeable ... and really helped me decide about which machine to purchase... and showed the "how-to's"  through their terrific blogs,  being KIND and taking TIME...to answer my emails and the many questions I had!  The gal at Patsy's store (whom I have now forgot - maybe it's Nicki) is SWEET to help when I CALLED -- she even checked the box to tell me what it actually contained so I could get all the info I needed about accessories... YAY! I dearly adore... personal service!  Don't you?!
Batik fabrics, Steam-A-Seam, and a pressing sheet... and some time... time to play... rearrange... re-organize... and then... Poof!  It's like...

           h   a   p   p  y...
a ... bit... addictive.... and.... 
m  a  g  i  c  a  l !
Turning to some hand-dyed fabric of mine... hmmm... let's try this 'marveles' orangy-tango piece...  a touch of paintstiks, bubble wrap as texture.... stencils...textile paint, a mesh bag... throw in some fusible circles... (just because I can!)

 and then  a  ...   z  i  p  p  e  r  !
and... if necessary... use words!

v  i   b  r  a  n  t  !
and don't forget.... the.... 

a   n  g  e  l  i  n  a  !!!
and "sew ye shall reap... so shall ye sow..."
J   o   y ...

It's a  p  l  a  y  t  i  m  e  in progress!  
more to come...

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