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Monday, September 22, 2014

a rosey black t-shirt with free motion embroidery ~

hi there, happy monday!

well, as i noted in my last post, as i was lamenting the troubles with the bleeding paints... note there is an upside! and that is simply that silks acrylic glazes work beautifully on the black t-shirt.  why?  i don't know!  i wish i did.  but ~ i washed it and it didn't run, bleed, nor did it fade what. so. ever!  hmm.  the picture below tells the story, after washing and drying: 
you see that elaborate painting style?  {uhhh not!} ... really simple... just some basic "c" shapes, and small ovals, circle-shapes... i blended the paint colors just a little bit... pretty simple.  add a few triangles for leaves, and you're good to go!

and i finished fine-tuning those simple shapes on my t-shirt with a bit of free motion thread action:
{and i like how the black fabric "shading" shows under the paint color}

and the stars of the show are; king tut, magnifico, masterpiece and fantastico threads, all from superior threads

i kept my threadplay pretty simple, too.  the painting laid down just a color base design, and all i really needed to do was add a bit of enhancement, or highlighting with the threadplay, or, what could be said to be free motion embroidery.

i first began with the king tut, in the center of each flower motif, utilizing the peachy color for a little bit of contrast.  then i went to the magnifico purple and periwinkle for the petals, and the fantastico  variegated green for the leaves. masterpiece {100% 50 wt cotton - beautiful}, was in my bobbin the whole time.  and a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle {from superior as well}.  and a ball point needle... yeah, well, i didn't have one.  but the titanium topstitch {from superior} worked like a dream, actually.  

i lowered my top tension if i needed to, depending on whether there was puckering, or if the threads were pulling too much one way or another.
so the acrylic paint, the silks glazes are shown with their color descriptions as well as the thread colors. {but i forgot the peach-colored one in the middle of the flower  - sorry about that}.  but... i couldn't quite let it be.  sometimes that is what sleeping does to me!!  lol.  things... ideas... inspiration sometimes won't leave me alone.  it happens often to me.  how about you?  so... let me hear what you think about the final detail i added, below:
 and it all begins with your bobbin. and a really beautiful, thick thread.  enter into stage right:  razzle dazzle thread. in beautiful, bright silver.  a black would have been good... but i didn't have that color... or purple, which i did have...  but one has to make a choice, so there you have it:   

i love the result.  and this will be a beautiful t-shirt i would be happy to wear and enJoy.  would you?

thanks for stopping in!  blessings on a fine day, {or week} ahead!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

taupe n feathered ~ and lots more on threadplay

good morning sweet peas ~

i hope you enjoy my shot of a new sweet pea shoot ... they are so pretty! 

first, a question asked of me in yesterday's post was why i use polyester and cotton together, in top and bobbin thread. my simple answer:  because it makes sense; aesthetically, practically, and economically for the type of quilting i do. really... there is {nowadays} no need to keep the thread content the same. especially once you understand tension and thread weight.

this is something i speak passionately about in the TNT {threads needles tension} classes i teach. for years, most of us in the quilt scene were taught we should not 'cross over' with polyester threads, kind of like a purist thing. well, this is part of how i judge that decision process. if i was making an heirloom quilt, and used all cotton fabrics, and felt that cotton threads would enhance the entirety and traditional feel of the overall piece, or it was going into a museum, to be handed down to generations... {never touched} or maybe something i wanted to be kept 'pristine' for authenticity ~ perhaps then i would keep my thread choices more 'pure' so to speak. 

the concept that was generally accepted "in the day" was that polyester thread would ruin a quilt top. not true. ANY thread will wear through fabric, and in many cases, both thread and fabric will wear given any kind of practical use or washing. i highly recommend bob purcell's explanation of this issue in his video, free for viewing on the superiorthreads.com site. he's definitely an expert and explains this far better than i!  and i for one, bought that video years ago, studied it, and still rely on his expertise, and really ~ that is why i quilt with the threads i use.

thank you for asking!!  so... do ya wanna dance... or i mean,  dance with the stars threads?  check out my post learning the thread tango... and i wrote another post about here.  wanna know more about bobbin play? check it out, here.  how about tension issues?  look here!

so on to today's quilt.  get ready for another shocker ~ here's another totally muted color! this commercial batik just seemed to say "i'm so pretty and elegant ~ quilt feathers into me!" so elegant feathers it was, yet simple lines. i kept all the 'outside' quilting surrounding the feathers in straight lines, but at right angles to each other so there was harmony, not only would the fabric be beautiful to see, but your eyes would be drawn to the soft, undulating feathers. i gave them a bit more accent by adding three outlining borders, in a contrasting color, but subtle thread that matched the inside swirl-spine line. i really also like that there is just one motif; a 'woven mat' look in the quilting pattern i used to surround the feathers, instead of multiple motifs.  there is just a sweet, restful peace about it.  

triple line outlining... i'm getting better at keeping the space between a little more consistent and neat... slowly and surely!
almost forgot to say ~ below photo is the back side.  isn't that beautiful fabric?  i love that it matches the front, too.  of course, it will be reversible as well.

the dark brown thread is king tut, 40 wt 100% cotton.  razzle dazzle bobbin play {the thick outlining  shiny metallic thread} in peach, which i also couched into the binding seam using my #39 bernina clear embroidery foot. accent and spine quilting thread was 40 wt 100% poly, superior rainbows, in a soft peach.  and i loved playing with these muted colors. 

thanks for hangin' out with me!! {more to come!}

enJoy your day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Curvalicious Buttons ~

Yes! {And Amen!}  Finish #4:

This quilted table runner may be my most favorite, {so far!}

And all because of the buttons!  Well, maybe not  all... but certainly this button fringe charmed me.
... or perhaps it would be the elegant ribbon trim... {it's been hangin' out in my stash for awhile now!}
or the fresh, soft-white cotton thread {King Tut} for quilting?
those satiny... shiny, pretty threads & cords...
... beautifully modern and contemporary fabrics...
And turning those leftovers into sweet finishes ~ no doubt{feels sooo good}

Reunited with old fabrics made new again with embellishments, and quilting.  And I remembered how much I loved making this pattern. {I should do more!}  Did I really just say that?  Yup.  I did.  A quilter's burden, to be sure.  We love fabric, and patterns, and inspiration... abounds.
Back to work I go today.  It's been a lovely, and ever-so-sweet time at home.  I have one more reveal of finish {#5}, and then along with some new items I've made, I'm prepping for another give-a-way for this weekend!  

Happy Grand New Year!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Rose ~

Here's another finished project ~ a simple table runner ~ (for sale in my Etsy shop) from my leftover scraps of Christmas fabrics. 
For the quilting, I kept it simple.  There's basically an echoing, soft, rosey-type pattern, as it circles around the center of the rose-log cabin center.
And of course, you're probably tired of hearing me say it, but I use King Tut 40 wt cotton in white for the top thread, and matching white in the bobbin, using Masterpiece 50 wt cotton from Superior Threads.
And I stayed with the swirls for quilting the outside border fabric, as any detailed quilting wouldn't show much on this light fabric, unless I had chosen a bright red quilting thread, and in my mind, that would have served to distract from the cabin rose pattern.
And... {no surprise here!}  I finished it with Razzle Dazzle Thread in the outside edge in the binding 'stitch-in-the-ditch' style. {You KNOW how much I love my #39 clear embroidery-couching foot}  Well, I love couching of any kind. Except, well, I'm not much of a couch potato!!  

Have a great Wednesday!  And I {still} have some items to give away... just haven't had time to use them and prepare reviews.  Soon!  {I hope!}

Best to y'all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fishing In The Pile ~

When I was "cleaning" my studio a few weekends ago, I found this small, unfinished, wall hanging top.  It got tossed onto "The Pile" two Christmas seasons ago. 
At that time, I was not crazy about it ~ that's why it ended up in "The Pile" in the first place!

I had painstakingly traced the letters onto a large square piece of freezer paper, cut them out with an exacto knife, and then adhered the paper onto the fabric with the iron.  I began to fill in the blank letter spaces with a red painstik, and then highlighted the letters with black. 

One of the reasons I'm not crazy about this piece is that the letters aren't 'straight' - or aligned within the body of the rectangle, and I don't know ... it's just rather "kinda" quirky-slanted, instead of ALL OUT quirky-slanted?! 

Do you know what I mean?

Also, since it is shaded with black, which looks fine in and of itself {I guess}...  I just don't personally care for it, frankly.
Nonetheless!  I am trying to be discliplined, {yeah, ok} when it comes to cleaning things up a bit... so here I go. 

I began quilting it with a lighter green thread - this happens to be YLI Variations.  I was hoping it would brighten up the olive green... and the answer is... well, not that much, as it turns out.
I have also decided to add emphasis to the letters, and brighten them up, first by stitching around the edges in white King Tut thread.  Ahem... yeah, that was just okay. 

So I decided to add Superior Threads Razzle Dazzle in a white iridiscent color, in my bobbin, stitching from the back of the quilt, following the previous line of stitching when I outlined the letters.  Problem is, I missed in spots. so that initial stitching with white thread has to be removed... {ugh}. 

Then... I made another decision to add red Razzle using my Bernina #39 foot, further attempting to highlight - to add pizazz.  It's got mixed results in my opinon.  While it did add some pizazz... it's kinda messy.  I don't care of it that much. 

I doggedly continued on in my little disciplinary action... adding some other quilting in white King Tut, with the words "Jesus Prince of Peace" and "Wonderful Counselor."  I love the writing, {and the truth of it!} ... but I'm not crazy about how that doesn't really show up either.  

So I am determined to finish... will continue quilting with the green YLI variations.  I don't know, it may be an exercise in futility, but at least I will know whether the gamble was worth the time and effort, or ... I will just use it as a class sample of what ... NOT... to do!

That is where it stands.  Sometimes ... things just don't go as planned! I'm okay with that.  It's still fun to explore, and hey ... just like that fisherman saying... "a bad day fishing is  still a good day"  ... same goes for quilting!

I'll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully... show you a finished project, soon! 

Hope you're having a good day... fishing ~ or quilting~!
P.S. I am editing photos for my "Grip n Stitch" giveaway... come back soon, ya hear?!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

She Laughs ~

Hope your Valentine was sweet on you this week... today... and forever more!
Slowly... surely and (sometimes not!), I've been playing with quilting and embellishment ideas for this paper fabric piece, originally previewed here.
So time to begin... with the beginning! Proverbs 31:25 was the inspirational verse, as I had tucked bits and pieces of it in the paper fabric base when I was making it.  King Tut in black was the choice for the thread.  Masterpiece in black was my choice for the bobbin thread.
Not such great pics... but maybe better ones with some brighter days ahead. 

Now what?  At least, that was my thought after this quilting was done.  Binding finish?  Fabric or yarn?  Both?  Quilting designs?  Beads?  Flowers?  Do I want to add some more color?  (likely that's a yes)... AND SEW ON!

Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"LIVE with INTENTION" Paper Fabric Quilt

NOTE:  This is a repost from earlier this year, February.  I just thought I would share this... noting that I also recycle the paper towels I clean up with.  
I bet you can pick it out in the picture below:

Here's number 3 in the 'pastel series' I've been playing with. I'm calling it "Live With Intention" as it is inspired  by my high school art teacher, Katie Twedt -- once again! (I could never get enough of her art!) and ... FYI, I will be the guest artist late this summer at the LIBERTY VILLAGE ARTS CENTER in CHESTER, MT!  Yay!  Thanks for asking me,  Katie!  Anyway... Katie's  hand stamped, designed paper piece is directly sewn onto this pastel fabric quilted collage. 
The triple stitch... decorative stitches 'adorn' the paper art by Katie Twedt.  Above that, is a paper towel - upcycled!
 Pastels are not my 'norm' as I generally am attracted to bold colors, first.  I'm sure having a good time with them though... and it's a good thing to get outside one's comfort zone... ah... more to be said about that; whether it is living a Christian life, working, playing, or quilting!

 Soli Deo Gloria!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Paintstik and a Pin

Paintstik Rubbings with a rubber stamp.  I like to blend with three different colors, usually. 

I quilted with King Tut 40 wt Egyptian, Extra-Long Staple Cotton (It even says so on the label) and a black polyester Isacord on the bottom.  Because I had just a little bit of white Bottom (Line 60 weight) left in my bobbin, (ok, I was lazy) I stayed with it.  Can you see it? (Hint:  it shows a bit in the last picture)
 And a perfect setting to add some beads and baubles for a little bit of fun!
 These little 2" squares have a cardstock paper backing.  I'm going to add a pin back.  A little dab of Autumn to wear!
I just wanted to make something that had a fall-autumn theme to it.  I have another idea to add these squares without the paper, to the back or front of a jacket... we'll see how that goes, and if I can get it done before...



EnJOY your day.  Thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "BACKSIDE" of stitching!

This of the back-side of "GRACE"

This is the back side of "SHIMMER."

When you KNOW the BASICS... you can achieve great results, which shows not just for the front of your quilt top, but the back as well.  

Considering the resources we have available at our very fingertips these days, it's much easier to figure out tension, thread weights and needle combos to get the best results. When I first began free motion quilting, I had a lot of questions.  And I was a bit confused why the backside of my quilts looked so ugly tension-wise. When I asked about these issues, I was told by quilting stores as well as others who quilted, that one shouldn't expect tension to be very good on the backside; the most you could hope for was to have it look good on the front. Well thank goodness things HAVE CHANGED!  Nowadays, with the development of high-tech computerized machines, sensitive tensions, and the amazing variety of top quality threads and needles available to us, there is no longer any excuse not to have good tension anywhere!  

And yet, what hasn't changed is EDUCATION!  It's absolutely vital.   And to get there, it's time to 'get back to the basics' -- (borrowing from Waylon and Willie and their country music lyrics!)

Backside of Montana Gold tablerunner
Okay... I want "my backside" to LOOK good!  (Enough said there!)  It was a challenge, but I deliberately chose a Superior Threads, tri-lobal polyester for the backside of "Montana Gold" - pictured above on the feather motif.  I wanted this quilt to be reversible, so the thread (in the bobbin) is the same one I used for the top, in the free motion couching. (See more detail pics on that post here) THEN... I switched, using masterpiece (50 wt) on the bottom which is the gold thread you see in the pic above,  when I did the more intricate free motion stitching, afters the feathers were done.  I also matched it in color to the top thread, which was a 40 wt Superior Threads "Art Studios" tri-lobal poly in a gold color.

This is the backside of "Hold On To Your Dreams."
Again, I used Superior Threads "Masterpiece" 50 wt cotton to accomplish good backside tension; I had 40 wt cottons or polyesters on top, as well as some satin cording on top. I used white and pink, to match the colors of my threads on the top.     

Backside of "Be Still"
USE the best thread you possibly can; even in class!  It's so much more fun, and way easier if you start with good quality threads to BEGIN!   It's best to match the weight of the top thread as closely as possible with the weight of the bobbin thread. They don't have to be exact, but say, for example, within 'ten' (weight size) of each other.  I'll use a 40 weight on the top and a 50 weight on the bottom.  If I choose a 60 weight on the bottom, then the adjustment of the top tension becomes a little bit more challenging with my machine.

Of course, knowledge,  practicality, fabric use, technique and tension adjustments are important factors to take into consideration on any project you play with.  Do I sound repetitive?!  I mean to!  Repetition is a good teacher!
Backside of "Montana Gold"

"The Secret Ingredient" to good tension on the back of your quilts" is  TENSION  and THREAD knowledge.  Pure and simple!  But it's not a secret!  It's easy to know more.  So how do you begin?   
---TOUCH the tension button on your machine!  
---PRACTICE what you know... and you will find out what you don't know! And then... you will know... MORE! 

If you want your stitching to look GOOD... it's truly very simple.  You must study, learn, and apply. That means PRACTICE.  If you don't apply what you think you know at the time you are learning it, you won't get any better!  Do the exercise --- practice!  See more on threads, needles and tension in this post.

How do athletes become winners?  They practice. They lift weights.  They do specialty training.  How did you get good at your job?  Practice!  Are you an excellent piecer? Drafter?  I bet you've spent a good bit of time doing it if you are.  The ones who excel have spent hours and hours practicing, no doubt about it! And, it is no different in free motion as you learn to apply knowledge concerning threads, needles and tension adjustments... so YOU can get great results.

With "Grace" I chose for my bobbin thread, a white thread from Superior Threads Masterpiece 50 wt thread, an extra long staple Egyptian cotton; called "ELS" right on the label of the spool Why?  Because I wanted (and did) use 40 weight (larger) King Tut extra long Egyptian cotton as the thread on my top.  These two combos make for a great partnership.  I decreased (lower number) my tension ---down to a 2.0 as I was free motion quilting.  Those two threads do a VERY nice tango, together on my quilts!
Detail of bobbin play from "Be Still"
When I do bobbin play, like in my quilt, "Be Still," or the bobbin play of the quilt GRACE... I chose a polyester; a 40 weight from Iscacord.  It has excellent strength, and by INCREASING my top tension (higher number) to a 5.0 or more, depending on the look I was going for.  I knew this 40 weight thread could handle the extra tension and be strong enough to pull up that extra thick bobbin type thread.  

And that's what it takes.  Knowledge and Practice. 
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