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Saturday, May 3, 2014

gypsy vine by laura gunn in lattice quilted square placemats ~

hello weekend ~ nice to see ya!

when it was time to quilt this fabric, this was the question i asked: how should i quilt this gorgeous, oversized flower motif?

i chose a simple approach.  a wavy-styled straight stitch in a lattice-look for the quilting. and this was one rare case for me where there was absolutely not one bit of free motion!  


yup.  it's true.

learning to think simply, can be a battle for me.  i did consider quilting each of the big flowers, but i felt that it would take away from the big simple flower presence. 

i like  how it turned out.  to me, it looks as if there is a garden fence, a wiry-type, and i'm peeking to the other side of the garden... to get a closer look at the gorgeous blooms.

and this time, a somewhat "new-to-me" shape.  the "euro-styled" square placemat.  or so i've been told.  no matter.  i {still} like them.


and bonus is that it's from my modern fabric stash, which i love using. 

it's always a win-win.

here's a toast, to enjoy a beautiful spring day of blooms, wherever you are.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

beautiful fabric by laura gunn ~ my oval runner

oh my gosh!  can you say "i feel good?!"  ... i do!!!  although i am still coughing and a little tired, i feel so enthused for this beautiful spring day!!  the rain has stopped, and the sun has appeared ~ and hey ~ i even feel like i could do some cleaning?!!!  lol

so!  here is a piece i also finished a couple weekends ago... yes, my friends... more laura gunn fabric!  isn't this beautiful?  i know - i know ~ i say that alot, don't i?  well, can't help it i guess!
keeping it simple... allowing the fabric to 'show off' with just some straight line {kinda sorta} quilting with my bernina #39 foot, and the important supporting role and ever-so-versatile, razzle dazzle thread from superior threads.  love this stuff!!!

...not the greatest light {since it was raining!}... but here's the finished piece. 
enjoy your day!  i know i am, as i am so happily 'putzing' between cleaning, and the gorgeous outdoors!  i think i need to go and take some pictures ... somewhere!  i hear glacier park calling our name... maybe not this weekend... but SOON!

blessings abundant,

Friday, June 7, 2013

rusty orange and turquoise ~ yum! {laura gunn fabrics}

hi friends ~

finally getting around to posting photos, and showing just a few quick shots of some of my recently created class round table runners from a couple weeks ago in my 'classic round frenzy' {and i'm not done yet ~ more cut out but not quilted}. 
this more of the laura gunn fabric i've had in my stash, and i kept the quilting minimal; just a bit around the pods, and then some sketchy, 'screendoor' patch stitching, too.  and this gorgeous color!  oh my.  it {almost} makes me swoon, it's so beautiful.
great for summertime dining... and perfect into fall decor!

a set of four, for sale in my shop ~ {wish i had bought more yardage of this one!}
i just love this turquoise and rusty orange combo.  it's been a favorite of mine for many, many years.  in fact, i had an afghan made by by great grandma ada, which i loved, from various tones of turquoise, and orangey rusts to warm browns. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a placemat series with fabric by Laura Gunn

hi everyone ~

i've been going round and round ~ with some fabric that is.  it's been a favorite of mine for awhile now.  so much so, i've put off doing anything with it. couldn't make a decision, actually.  sound familiar?  well, i decided it was time to dash into that stash.  and i made a serious dent into it, i'm happy to say. and not only that, but i like the results, too.  these are fabrics designed by laura gunn, produced by michael miller.
 i kept the quilting simple and clean to show off the dramatic large flower print in this piece. the threads:  superior's tri-lobal polyester, and ricky tims razzle dazzle {the thicker metallic thread}.
 and added kaffe fasset stripey fabric to the back, which makes them wonderfully reversible, and i like the look of the quilting motif from the back, too. 

finished with my 'go-to' style of finishing the seam binding, stitching in the ditch with my favorite bernina foot, the #39, where i place the metallic thread precisely in the seam, using a very narrow zig zag.  {see my previous posted tutorial here from 1/31/11}  and if you'd like to know what a 'coded' foot {by Bernina} then check out my post on that subject, right here. and if you've read my blog for long... you know i've used this foot so many times... all you need to do is to type in 'bernina #39' in the search box to find the many quilts i've made using this super-easy technique.

i had ordered one yard of each of these fabrics from hawthorne threads.  and one of the reasons i get it from this company, is that i cannot get them in my hometown, and i do love these modern prints.  which is why i decided not to cut them up, and leave their designs 'intact' mostly, in a classic round shape for placemats.  so doggone pretty!

 love the birds!  {i saved a couple for future projects/fusing}

 the red in the picture below is much darker than it should be, but this fabric is a ruby red, with a subtle stripe, and just a hint of orange --- love it with the bird print.
 {i always have trouble photographing reds}
these placemats are a classic 16" round shape. i've cut alot of bias binding!  but it's all good ~ and even better ~ they are listed in my etsy shop! {as well as a few other new things}.

thanks for coming by to visit  ~
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