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Friday, October 3, 2014

blueberry hill artsy leaf quilt ~

good friday to you all ~

it has been fun to experiment with hand dyed fabric, adding a bit of color and pattern using a stencil i've had for a while now, {from stencil girl products} and the lovely and ever-lasting shiva paintstiks.  and of course, blending leaves and adding them on top is like taking me to a candy store!  i love doing it.  plus, it makes for a creative flow of possibilities, and it's so fun to lift off the stencil, and go ... "cool!"  always a bit of surprise, and pleasantly so!  

with that, here is the next little autumn art quilt:
the quilting is nothing to write home about, but i wanted to see what it would truly look like to quilt over the stenciled design, so i went for it.  sometimes the risk is worth the understanding of what you like {and what you don't}.  there is nothing sacred, and it's all good.  that's what is so fun about it.  nothing ventured... nothing gained!

so i decided to quilt the background on this one.  i feel it does compete with the underlying pattern, but at the same time, it's texture, and very appealing color, and because the leaves are pretty plain, i think it works great! 

i think we have a tendency to see our work as "pass/fail" or "good/bad" but that thought pattern can lead us down a narrow dark road at times.  there is always a place for improvement, and that room is called "get on the sewing machine and try it again" --- not something you call "i messed up" or "this is ugly!"  

we get to enjoy the process, and at the same time, our skills improve as we learn and grow.  that includes design decisions, and well as "what-if's" and of course, there is always more to learn.

each leave was edged with a thick thread {via my beautiful #39 foot}.  this method takes patience, and some skill with placement, but easily accomplished with practice time!
class sample
size is about 8x10" and a bit of curvy edge with bias cut binding, a beautiful hand-dyed yarn couched as a framing enhancement, and additionally, a bit of dazzle dazzle couched inside of the yarn.  it truly does sparkle!

we'll be exploring all those concepts, ideas and quilting design {and more} in the november 8th, missoula class at the quilt shop, timeless quilts and friends.  

blessings on your day! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

autumn sunset leaves art quilt ~


well, the snow has arrive and is steadily and determinedly coming down from our october skies!  ahhh yes.  glad to have put out some sunflower seed heads for our little birdies yesterday.  it's gonna be a cold one today.  

so, in that vein, as the leaves will soon make their yearly departure, here is an art quilt that reflects the season of flying leaves, and and artistic expression of it:
{still vicki welsh hand dyed fabric, stenciled as previously posted, with paintstiks, and then I also did leaves using a stencil and my paintstiks, then cut and fused them on top of the quilt.  there are some great resources and tips from cedar canyon textiles if you ever want to take a look.  i purchased my stencil from the quilt store.  {supporting local business ya know!}
the background quilting is just a bit of meandering, ribbony lines to show movement. 
i'm also trying out superior threads, new "fantastico" variegated polyester, 40 wt. thread.  i think it frays lots less than other tri-lobal polyesters i've used, including better than superior's "rainbows" style.
and i've tucked angelina fibers behind some of the leaves.  just a smidgen!
and a bright turquoise binding in a curvy edge, and i cut the binding on the bias.  i love turquoise and orange together!

have a great one, and i promise i'll be staying warm down in the sewing studio, and coming up to see if the snow has stopped yet!  lol


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sketchbook ~ Twinkling Leaves

{just imagine Tigger's voice from Winnie the Pooh!}

Well, the leaves mostly gone... except for those living in my imagination or on the sketchbook page! I have really enjoyed playing ~ layering different types of watercolors with this particular page, though.  I began with a base layer of watercolor with the Peerless brand of watercolor papers.  Then I added the Luminarte Twinkling H2O's for some sparkle, and a bit of more depth... I think?
And one of my favorite worship songs "Rushing Wind"  was sung in my heart as I drew... colored, and added details... you can see some of the words... perhaps.
"rushing wind... blow through me, like your tender breeze... search out the depths of my heart..."

Two pages full!  I loved it.  I'm trying to learn to get a lighter hand with my black pen.  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes No!

And just a bit of a trip down memory lane - here are two Autumn-inspired table runners, too.
 The quilt "Red Autumn" above
 And here is "Leave it Beautiful in Twilight" a blue version; both of which were published on the blog last year - just click the links to see them.

And. Just in case anyone 'out there' is interested... I am offering anything with leaves in it... 50% off the listed price in my Etsy store.  Just contact me so I can set it up.  That is the beginning of my Autumn Celebration, with a couple free give-a-ways coming up... soon!  Very... soon!

Ever thankful to you all, have a great day!  


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Time for Gathering In Thankfulness

The leaves are all gone, except in our home!  This is a favorite fall wall hanging... lots of couching, lots of feathers in the background, and fun stitching I enjoyed doing VERY much!
 I loved practicing my feathers on this little Quilt.  And it's part of a little 'vignette' I enjoy as part of our Thanksgiving decorations.  

 It's a "Wooly Lady" pattern... but I couldn't find it to show you... (uhhmmm... I know... an ongoing problem with my organization apparently!)

Gathering in an attitude of  GRATITUDE!

 Ahhh yes... gathering in.  If our only prayer was to say "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" --- it would be enough.  


Friday, October 28, 2011

Take A Walk With Me ~

C'mon!  Take a walk with me in my neighborhood...  The beautiful fall leafy season will soon be like 'walking down memory lane' as the phrase goes.

As I was driving home yesterday evening, I was particularly struck by this couch on the boulevard... cushions of couched leaves... now there's a new concept?!!!  I just HAD to stop and take photographs, and the beautiful leaves in drifts of rustling wind on the sidewalk...

EnJOY.  I know I sure did.  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paintstik Rubbings and Stenciling

Hints and Tips!
Any stencil will do.  Metal, plastic, or otherwise!  Make your own, as far as that goes.  I like the more open spaces of ones like these shown below:
Get yourself some fabulous fabric.  Even a solid batik or cotton is great! 
And in all my paintstik adventures, I have yet to wash the fabric first, with the exception of my own hand dyed fabric, which of course, have been washed to set the dye, etc.  Some folks have been told to remove the sizing by washing fabric first... but I've never had any problems not washing commercial fabrics; even batiks.  But you do as you feel you need to here!  This is how I started the leaves for "Leave It Beautiful in Twilight" - the table runner posted here.
Take the paint directly from the stick, using a stencil brush.  You can also apply color with the paintstik end, directly on the open space of the stencil.  Or you can transfer and blend the colors onto a plastic coated paper plate or piece of freezer paper, shiny side up, and then transfer to the fabric as you like.

It's best to work in a circular motion, 'scrubbing' (but too hard), from the outside edges of the stencil, toward the inside.  The little leaves in a row on the stencil?  This would be a fabulous pattern on a border of a quilt, on the collar of a shirt... the hem or the sleeves.  Cool! Make your own unique fabric prints!  I love blending paintstik color with the colors of the fabric underneath. It really adds a special tone and depth that I find... SWEET!
Another tip:  Use a temporary adhesive spray to lightly spritz the black rubbing plates, or your stencils, which helps to keep the fabric from moving on the plate... and REALLY helps so that your images are clear, and not 'smeared' or blurry, as can happen with the fabric moves over a slick surface.
A GRIP N GRIP mat is absolutely essential to great rubbings!  Well worth the $18.50, in my humble opinion.  And cleaning up the mat is a breeze... using a lint roller!  True story.  I just found that out recently, and took the lint roller to my very, very, dirty mat, and it took off the ALL (and I do mean all!) the old paint and every other piece ... and left it clean and shiny! Fully restored to it's former glorious sticky-grippy consistency as when I first purchased it!  The key:  "stick to it!"  with the linty roller paper.  Replace it often, and press down hard as your roll. 
I love to overlap designs!  Change out the colors and mix it up a little!  It makes for a more visually interesting pattern, in my opinion. And it's FUN to do!  This is the piece I painted for "Dancing With Bright Eyes."
Base piece for "Dancing With Bright Eyes"
My favorites are the iridescent types.  But the matte colors are fabulous too.  Great for mixing and making your own creative color combos!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling for A Vintage Jean Jacket

Leaf Fever.  Strange, but true... and I think I'm done now!
Some hand dyed green fabric.  And once I've taken off the protective skin from the paintstik, I may as well make the most of it!

This is a vintage, "cowboy girl" real jean jacket a girlfriend of mine gave me several years ago.  Finally!  I'm getting something done with it. Ain't it cool?!
I've not been able to decide what to do onto the surface... but it's time has come! It got dressed up a little for the Fall Barn Dance. And I love it!  But... am I DONE?  Not sure!
A contemporary take on the ever-usable and lovable, Cowboy Girl Jean Jacket.
I don't think I'm going to add anything more... but couching does come to mind.  Surprise, surprise.
You've perhaps read where I have said in the past... "because I can."
And that is exactly what happened to the cuffs and the collar.  Why Not?
Versatile.  Heavy duty.  Outlasts the cows!  And so it hangs, ready for the Jitterbug at the Barn Dance!


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