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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shimmer and Shine

Have you ever used Art Glitter?  Personally, it's my favorite brand as a glitter product.  It's ultra fine, incredibly reflective, gorgeous... and goes a long way.  It's also totally washable, after heat setting.  And it comes with a glue bottle that has a very fine tip.  So I'd thought I'd try it on my newly painted paintstik'd leaves.  I didn't use the glue... just the glitter dry, on top of the paint.
 It turned out just 'ok' I'd have to say.   The paintstik crayon application doesn't have quite enough painty thickness to it so the glitter didn't stick in the way I'd hoped.  It has a 'touch' of glittery goodness, is about all. But it was fun trying! 

 Below, I applied mica powders (from Jacquard) on top of freshly applied paintstiks.  LOVE this effect. 
Lots of beautiful, rich colors to play with!

 Rich and gleaming color.
All it takes is a small, dry, paintbrush.  Choose a tip on a brush based upon the size of the painted motif. For example, if you want to lay it very lightly, choose a brush with a tiny tip.  Heavier, or more of it, choose a broader tipped brush.
 I dab my brush into it, and the powder clings instantly to the brush.  Careful... a little bit goes a long way with this product, too.  I dab a little bit onto the leaf, and highlight as I play with the different colors and effects in combination with the paintstik colors, to create a depth and color change that is sometimes subtle... sometimes bold!  Fun, creative and entirely as you like! 
 I bought mine at Michaels, in a set of nine (if I remember correctly).  I've had them for a couple years now, and I no longer have the packaging.
Tap off the excess from your fabric... preferrably outside!  It is very, very fine.  Don't breathe it in... and don't SNEEZE! (But it does make your sidewalks shiny and pretty!)
Take your paintstik drawings, rubbings and stenciling  to a new artistic level!  

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