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Thursday, January 30, 2014

winter on the missouri ~

hi there ~

listening to the news forecast, it's certainly been an interesting winter season across america this year.... lots of challenges for so many. 

in montana, we get a bit of snow, then it melts, then it blows... then it starts over again! so... we've been snow-free for the past couple weeks... time for a change!  so in between the chinook winds that melt the snow {and thankfully ice, too} i get to enjoy the fresh "new snow" look and the fabulous early-morning view from my workplace window.  it's so very pretty:

be safe.  be warm.  {stay at home if you can!}  wish i could!  but we drive in anything down here, so mostly we will be working in the "big city" and the school buses out in the country will have the challenge when the wind... blows it all over again {and away!}.

be blessed~
soli deo gloria in each snowflake!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

last glances of a great falls fall ~

the last bit of fall... i had a wonderful time taking it in, and so i share with you some of my highlights from the past couple weeks.

i will always love the gorgeous knock-your-socks off colors of the grasses that filter the light each morning ~ this particular view is one i enjoy immensely, because it can be seen directly in front of my office window.

{but i went outside to take the photos}
pretty-shaped leaves from a berry type of bush in our backyard ~
i took a walk around the neighborhood ~ to see what i could see...

a very interesting texture of a tree trunk struck my eye... 

and a beautiful weeping willow so gracefully draping it's leaves softly in the fall afternoon sun...
this neighbor's yard... captivating and covered in shades of gold, green and copper.
and then back to the banks of the missouri, in front of the federal courthouse, which was built in 2009.  august of this year marks my 28th year working in the federal court system.  kinda amazing to me, and i'm grateful; not just to have made it that long!!  {true} it's a stressful job, but... to have survived! to have learned and endured, and persevere and count it all as joy. 

the view below is also from my office window; looking across the missouri river, to another historic landmark of great falls, montana ~ the tower of the import depot building. 

many mornings as i walk into the building, i am graced with a show of the sun rising in the east in one way or another across this river; sometimes with clouds as sentinels, or bright sunshine, and sometimes dramatic shadows of mystery. 

i know this.  it's by the hand of God and it's all amazing art!
also in front of my office window is a path that connects to what is known as the "rivers edge trail" of great falls.  it's at least ten miles of a gorgeous walking trail along the river, that can lead to the five falls on the missouri, which lewis and clark discovered and recorded in their journey west so many years ago.
and these delicate grasses; another variety.  just one last shot of the peaceful shadows of these lovely grasses...
and the last is a photo that is still one of my all-time faves.  i was blessed to capture a magical moment last fall.

a sweet moment, for sure.
 i hope and pray your 
season of november
is filled 
 with thanks~living.

soli deo gloria!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gifts... New Every Morning ~

As I arrive for work each morning, many times I get to see this marvelous skyview as I arrive at the Missouri River Courthouse. Granted, it is not always quite as lovely as this sunrise depicts... but many times I have not really appreciated it, either.  I'm getting a bit better at that... trying to stop for a few minutes of praise and thankfulness...
The downtown area is across the river, and the solid sentinal of the Import Depot Tower is seen in the center of the picture, with the police station tower to the far right...
The river is serene, there is no wind {yet} ~ quiet and gloriously reflective as I walk the River's Edge Trail in the dawn's early light... and take in the almost iridescent colors of the trail of smoke cloud from the recent flight of a jet across the early sky... and wish I could stay longer... and watch the sun continue it's steady rise into our Montana sky.
A sweet, sweet {short} walk to take a drink of the glory.
And look closely at the textures in the stone walk.  This happens to be the path around a fountain, which sits just outside my office desk window... I'm a lucky girl.   Sacajawea stands in the shadows, a lovely sculpture for the public {and me} to enjoy...
Later, while looking out the window at my desk, I just had to get out for a few minutes on a quick morning break, and capture some of these beautiful grasses on camera!  The SUN felt so good as it rose higher in our big, blue, clear sky.  These autumn colors started showing off in the depths of these perennial grasses... love, love those colors!
What a gift...  and just like His Mercies... they are new, each and every morning.  I'm so thankful!
 Blessings on your day! 
Hoping you'll visit  my friend Jennifer, for her special "31 Days" series {and a giveaway} at  STUDIO JRU!
Soli Deo Gloria!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Full Cup ~

It's 5:06 pm.   It's a spectacular {and grateful}  Friday evening.  Headin' home on my mind.  I turn the corner after crossing the bridge, deciding to go home via River Drive.  To see... what I could see.   I saw the sun sparkling off the river in the late afternoon light.  My heart said  "stop" and take a few; my mind said "let's get home."  The heart won, which reminded me I had my camera with me, too.  I parked, and began to meander down the river's edge path. I stopped to examine a pretty leaf on the tree, and assess the light, when I spot a young man with a little boy, holding hands, soaking in that late afternoon sun, as they walked gingerly on the rocks, wading in the low water of the river.
It's not about taking a cool picture.

It's about stopping for a couple moments. Long enough to breathe.  Long enough to well, just l o o k . 

Such a sweet, simple pleasure.  

Taking time to see.  

What a  f u l l  cup.  I'm guessing that little boy will remember that moment ~ those precious few minutes ~ for a long time ~ perhaps his lifetime. {I hope}  It put in my mind a quote I've been longing to re-read from a long time ago...

 “Life passes like a flash of lightning whose blaze barely lasts long enough to see.  While the earth and the sky stand still forever, how swiftly changing time flies across man’s face.  O you who sit over your full cup and do not drink, tell me, whom are you still waiting for?”
 — Hermann Hesse (I first heard this from Luci Swindoll)

What are you waiting for?
Take a few sweet moments ...
and...  drink in.

SAVOR your full cup.
Soli Deo Gloria!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gathering Gratitude on the Missouri ~

Hey there!

I know many of you LOVE the fall season... a time of preparation... perhaps even a 'gathering up' for the coming winter.  It's a season of beautiful changes in the color of our landscapes ~ and especially in our part of the Montana Country.  I hope it is a time of contemplation and... perhaps a time of relaxation, or should I say of 'making time' to gather in ~ to consider ~ to enjoy.  It is certainly all of those things for myself, and our family.
So we take our little mini-road trips to get out and take in the season.  All I need say to my husband is,  "Let's GO ~ it's sooo beautiful out there!"  He agrees!  "Okay - let's get goin', then!"  And I am so grateful!  So, so, blessed, to share this ~ "all of this" life with him.
He's a back roads kinda guy, and I love that too, so we meander those lesser known back roads.  He drives, while I take in the color, the light, the shadows... the beauty of God's creation... and wonder...
and consider... and say "Let's stop here!"  I say.  And we go exploring... even if just for a minute or two {or three!} and we take it all in. The spot above is known as Pelican's Point on the Missouri River, as we headed west into the Big Belt Mountains.  We breathe in the musty, damp, swampy smell of the grasses and mud.  We smell a hint of the forest fires in the air... and listen.  Soon, there is the sparkling, happy splashes of trout jumping in the water.  It's a pleasant sound, and we wait for more...
The grasses on the river bank were well over 6 feet high in this area.  I just loved the stripey colors, and the wonderful textures...

The river was certainly "showin' off" for us this autumn day, even though it was slightly overcast, and then of course, we still have the forest fires and the smoke.
Another delightful show stops us in our tracks! 
And I can see that a plentiful harvest was made in the fields here...

And I am grateful for this change in the season.  Grateful to see there is always "more" than meets the eye.  

And I understand better, that is impossible to take  in ALL the grandeur. 

I gaze ~ and stand amazed.  

Lord, you are God, alone.  

Beautiful  Isn't He?

You are!  

I stand in Awe.

And I give thanks as I gather in gratitude.  Amen.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Taking in Autumn ~

On the Banks of the Mighty Mo... at Great Falls MT.  This is part of our wonderful Gibson Park

The river is as low as I've ever seen it... Brian and Georgia are headin' for a little adventure... where Georgia jumps in!  Surprise!  It's not your 'pool' Georgia!

Happy October Fall Blessings to you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Marching Along The Missouri ~

Well, not really marching.  
Just a casual morning  saunter, before I head into the office, which is right along the river, right here...
enjoying the soft sky...
the quiet of the morning...
 as I gaze along the river.
Beautiful sky. 
Beautiful morning.

 Below is the view of the Import Depot Tower, located along the railroad tracks, now just a business office space on beautiful grounds.

 What I needed was my longer lens to get closer to the ducks...  Next time...!  And maybe there will be babies, too!  Well, maybe in a couple more months.
 Heading North along the trail.  That's Gibson Park just across the river.  Beautiful and absolutely a jewel of the City.
Must head back - time to go to work! This is the view looking towards the downtown area.  The little stack with the triangular shape is the Great Falls Police Station, just across the bridge.... 
 One more look back at that gorgeous wintery BIG SKY...
And the heavens declare
the Glory of the Lord!  
Amen and Alleluia!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whipped Cream!

It's been quite the winter this year, regardless of where you live in the USA.  Yes... it's been harsh.  Flooding due to ice jams....
  VERY cold temperatures... relentless wind...
And, it's also been frosty-pretty... with warm chinook winds... (thank you Lord!)
and a time for reflection... an opportunity for slowing... 
for contemplation...
"Be still and know that He is God."
A time of stunning beauty in white pastels, shadows... surreal color...
moments of amazement at how God paints the sky...

a time to make time... to see,  to drink in... to breathe and feast...
upon  God's magnificent creation...  
"Whipped cream" anyone?!
Snow drifts!  They are growing well  this year!  I love how they remind me of whipped cream!  Awesome, God you are!  
And... that pretty blue sky with "wisps of cotton candy" soaring in the breeze! (and I do mean soaring!)

And then... the bright sparkling colors of spring... (inside the house - not out!) and more... inspiration.  The Promise Of A Primrose... one of the first blooms we get to see in Montana in 'early' spring... yes... it's still a ways off...  no worries; no need to complain... we are cozy... and well fed. Our heating bill is paid... 
our children are safe.  
And... salvation is ours.
 I bought three of these little beauties ($1.99 each) at the grocery store (and a few oranges!).  They remind me there is JOY in  each season, to be content... and always...
BE... thankful ... in all things...
knowing that God IS in every...last...minute...detail.
He is sovereign, with wisdom and knowledge deeper than the ocean, wider than the sky...
How he uses all kinds of weather... to give us beauty in the spring and summer... water for our streams, lakes, trees, grass... cold to kill deadly, pine-killing beetles, bugs... and who knows what all else (not me!)  And... that's just it... we cannot know, but we can know the ONE who DOES! ... and... I am thankful for His inspiration in  everyday life, in being able to see 'whipped cream' in the snowdrifts... to primrose beauties. All is due to His magnificent glory... Amen.

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